Additional Scripts Ordered for 'Emily Owens MD' and 'Beauty and the Beast'

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October 22nd, 2012

Hot on the heels of this morning's Arrow full season pickup, three additional scripts for Beauty and the Beast and Emily Owens MD have been ordered by The CW. As we've noted before, scripts do not equal episodes, but this news could be a good sign for both freshman shows.

  • Bizarro

    Hopefully B&TB won’t drop anymore because it got so much better in its third episode. The CW can’t drop their new shows anyway right now because they have no shows to replace them. Except they could air the rest of The Flop Complex and get a new reality show but their scripted shows would do much better. Cult will go on thursday or friday probably. They could always move Nikita to 8 to be Cult’s lead in lmao!

  • Michael

    Just because Matt Davis is going to star on Cult, doesn’t mean Vampire Diaries fans are going to sample it. TVD fans will immediately go on their social networks, discuss the episode with other fans lol.

  • Sid


    True, but it stands a much better chance at getting sampled than Beauty did. Beauty lost half its demo from TVD and CW might as well try to launch as many shows out of TVD.

  • JJA

    @Bizzarro–you saw the third episode?

    I felt the critics exagerated how bad the pilot episode was, but the second episode was rather bad. I hope you’re right.

  • Tom

    @ JJA B&B dropped 0.5 in the demo and lost 780k viewers in one week. That’s pathetic.

  • Bizarro

    I mean second, yea and I agree the first wasn’t as bad as the critics thought. I thought the second ep was kinda better but I can see how you think it got worse. Hopefully the third ep gets better and the rest of the eps it has.

  • JJA

    @Tom–yes, and that is why they didn’t renew it like they did Arrow.

    Still, B&TB managed to remain the second highest CW show in the W18-34 demo, and it is still the 4th highest rated show in the A18-49. So “pathetic” is relative.

  • Bill Gorman

    “yes, and that is why they didn’t renew it like they did Arrow.”

    To try and reduce the confusion perpetuated by some members of the TV cluelessverse.

    Arrow HAS NOT BEEN RENEWED. It has been given a a full season order.

  • Jordan

    OMG THE CW IS WASTEING THEIR TIME AND THEIR MONEY! Beauty and The Beast will get a season pick up for sure but Emily Owens? I bet that will be cancelled by the start of Janurary! And if it does, why doesn’t Pedowitz bring back Ringer for that 13 episode he had talked about earlier on in the summer? Seems like a smart idea to me and they would have lots more viewers on their network. They need to get smarter with their shows and fast before their whole network goes down the drain.

  • CrimTV


    I would hardly call dropping 5 tenths ‘pathetic’, okay yes 0.5 for The CW is bad but on any other network that would be okay after a premiere!

  • Brandy

    Jordan,SmG had a baby and isn’t working now-she & Freddie take turns so one will be around for the kids.Also, Ringers ratings were lower than EO MD ,no one watched it the first season.Also,SMG and Ringer are too exspensive for CW-SMG got paid $90-125,000 a episode plus I heard it didn’t do well online or internationally or something.

  • david

    I think of the two Beauty and the Beast will get a full season. and that makes sence that they will move it to Friday’s with Nikita to have Coalt with TVD. Emily Owens started off bad only a .5 so it will probably stay there around a .4 to .6 all season. They probably like others have said wnat to make a decission after seeing what the shows creators have in store first.

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    CW better start begging the actors of RInger to come back after this disaster #AnotherPissedRingerFan

  • a p garcia


  • r0ckmypants

    “plus I heard it didn’t do well online or internationally or something.”

    Well then clearly that solves it.

    First episode of Ringer in the Tuesday at 9:00 slot: 1.2
    First episode of Emily Owens in the same slot one year later: 0.5

    Yes, Ringer fell tremendously, and its ratings did not warrant a second season. But Emily Owens has aired ONE episode, and it’s right around Ringer’s season average. So let’s lay off the hyperbole.

  • Nick

    Both will get a full season. There’s just nothing else to put on the schedule.

  • Tom

    @ JJA “So “pathetic” is relative.” @ CrimTV “okay yes 0.5 for The CW is bad but on any other network…”

    You guys are really desperate, aren’t you? JJA: Murdering our mother tongue isn’t going to alter reality. B&B suffered a precipitous drop in ratings attributable to a combination of bad acting and a ridiculous storyline. CrimTV: Did it ever occur to you that no other network would have been foolish enough to air anything this preposterous?

    Face it guys, B&B represents everything that’s gone wrong with the CW in recent years. So, PLEASE stop quibbling about train wrecks like B&B, EO and HOD.

  • RS

    I think Arrow is the new VD (at lower ratings adjusted to today’s reality). Finally! Whether it is too little-too late remains to be seen. I think Beauty and the Male Model will go the way of the Secret Circle.

    My little play:
    Walking Dead Watcher: OK, I’m here to see your beast. Bring it on.
    CW Viewer: There he is.
    WDW: Where? Really, where? Is he hiding behind the male model?
    CWV: No. Look. He has a (gasp) scar. On his face.
    WDW: Where? I don’t see anything. That? I thought that was acne.
    CWV: What’s acne?
    WDW: A pimple.
    CWV: A pimple? On someone on the CW? (Faints in horror)
    WDW: Wow, you people have a strange take on what is a physical disfigurement, and what you call a monster. Ever visit a burn unit? Methinks you are being less than respectful to people who actually have a physical disfigurement. Whatever. I’m going back to watching “make-up artists gone wild” creating zombies. You can keep the pretty boy beast.

  • Mike

    I’ll definitely be following yummy Matt to the Cult, but if it ins’t good, I’ll give him up. I’m really enjoying B&TB so I hope it stays around, but I’ll be really disappointed if it gets cancelled after this season.

  • Dan

    @CrimTV – I posted that exact same schedule in the “Raising Hope and New Girl get more episodes” thread and thats most likely to happen. I agree thats the most likely scenario, BATB paired with Nikita and Cult airing post Vampire Diaries likely by Feburary when new episodes of all CW shows resume after their December-January break. If Emily Owens is yanked then mayb BATB could move there but I doubt thats gonna happens. While CW always axes their lowest rated fall drama, it makes scheduling sense to just give Emily Owens a full year paired with HOD on Tuesdays. My guess is Arrow will get a second year and Emily & BATB will be one and done.

    @Oliver – A decision will be made on Whitney likely by December when more episodes have aired, my guess is it will get a full season and GWK will likely get more eps. Community needs to premiere first before a decision is made but who knows when that will happen and NBC will likely announce in December that UAN is axed when their midseason sched is announced and all 13 UAN episodes have aired.

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