Additional Scripts Ordered for 'Emily Owens MD' and 'Beauty and the Beast'

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October 22nd, 2012

Hot on the heels of this morning's Arrow full season pickup, three additional scripts for Beauty and the Beast and Emily Owens MD have been ordered by The CW. As we've noted before, scripts do not equal episodes, but this news could be a good sign for both freshman shows.

  • Alan

    Really strange for Emily Owens M.D. considering the premiere numbers, but I like it! So it’s good anyway.

  • Pappy

    BatB is actually decent it’s a CBS procedural mixed with Vampire Diaries.

    Emily Owens lead is way too ugly to watch.

  • POI

    Cancel M.D. if its ratings go down this week, but if it didn’t and it actually went up keep it for a while then decide to give it a full season or not just wait and dont give any decision about these 2 shows until u get a good idea of how their ratings will be.

  • enes

    They did a mistake not renewing The Secret Circle and Ringer , they would have axed Nikita and not pick up Emily Owens M.D

    P.s for the people that said that Ringer didn’t do good internationally, think againg i have satellite tv and in Italy aired in Rai2 and it’s ratings were awesome , so were in canada , spain ,france !

  • psychic

    Should have kept Ringer, man. Seriously.

  • Nikki

    Why?? They both flopped, silly CW.

  • Clare

    Actually Ringer did very well internationally airing in more than 40 countries and after it was cancelled networks picked it up internationally. It also did well on iTunes too as after it was cancelled it became the CW’s 3rd most downloaded show during the summer. Pedowitz said it did bad online but that may not be true. He also said that Ringer did not do well with social media with the LA Complex doing better. But Ringer trended mutiple times during and after its run. Especially as other countries found out it was cancelled months after the CW cancelled it. Also it was nominated for 16 award before, during, and after its run. The writers were told by the CW that it was doing great online. So someone lied but that is probably the CW, they just had to make up a good excuse as to why they cancelled Ringer. They cancelled Ringer because they could not afford it plain and simple with the ratings it was getting just like the Secret Circle. The CW had to high expectations for these shows and Hart was the cheapest and the most stable out of them in the end. I wonder if they even asked the actors for a pay cut or it could of got the Body of Proof renewal. Ringer was still after it tumbled the CW’s fifth highest rated show and we probably won’t know if it would of did better since its competition moved to 8. It was also the only show since One Tree Hill to not go under a million (if M.D. continues we will see if it does good too). I hope Hart will continue to do good and I don’t want the CW to cancel Hart because of Nikita which is doing worse than all the shows and might go up to a 0.4 the most. The only show the CW should be thinking about cancelling right now is Nikita because their new shows are doing much better and if international viewership was a say in the matter, Ringer would still be on because they were making and still are making money from Ringer. They care about syndication thats why Nikita is still on, if Nikita was on any network they would of cancelled it or wrapped up filming in its second season and gave it a satisfying end and called it a day like Fox did with Dollhouse.

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