'The Walking Dead' Slips (To Still Amazing Numbers) in Second Episode of Season Three

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October 22nd, 2012

Dish Network subscribers once again had access to AMC last night, but the numbers for the second episode of The Walking Dead's third season dropped from the premiere to a 9.5 million viewers and a still wallop-packing 5.1 adults 18-49 rating. That's down 13% with total viewers and 12% in adults 18-49 but especially for a non-premiere/finale, those are darn impressive numbers.

via AMC:

The Walking Dead Episode 302 (9P):
- 6.8 HH RTG
- 9.5 million total viewers
- 6,489,000 adults 18-49
- 5,513,000 adults 25-54

- AMC's The Walking Dead remains the #1 program of the fall season among Adults 18-49, excluding sports

- Last night's episode of The Walking Dead is the #1 show of the week to date (10/15-10/18/12) on television among Adults 18-49 excluding Sports. In A18-49, it out-delivered this week's The Voice (6.1M), Big Bang Theory (6.1M) and Modern Family (6M).

- For the night (9P, 10P and 12A) Season 3 Episode 2 delivered 14 million total viewers and 9.5 million Adults 18-49.

- Compared to Season 2, The Walking Dead Season 3 to date is up 54% in HH RTG; up 45% in total viewers; up 47% in Adults 18-49; and up 41% in Adults 25 to 54.

  • leonard

    flop. Grey’s Anatomy dava mais.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Well it had a good run. AMC is best to just not air the remaining episodes. :)

  • The End

    Expected as much.

    Being as non spoilerific as possible here. I was surprised that man got an axe/hatchet to his head from Rick in that one scene. Though did think this episode was weaker than the first anyway. Decent start to the show thus far.

  • johnt

    All sorts of amazing;) I actually like the 2nd eppy better than the 1st. Lot of jaw-dropping scenes.

  • SarahL

    Great ratings! TWD rocks! It was excellent last night; lots of jaw dropping moments like Rick chopping that guy in the head with the machete and waiting to see if Hershel would turn. I love the Rick-tatorship!

  • SueSylvester

    Why hasnt AMC renewed TWD yet? If this was on any of the big 4, a renewal wouldve been announced 48hrs after the first episode!!

  • The End

    @like Rick chopping that guy in the head with the machete

    Ah it was a knife? Guess I was half asleep watching that scene lol

  • Meanie

    Still good numbers. Mark my words I believe by the season 3 season finale atleast 15million people will have watched the S3 finale. With atleast at 6.0demographic. This show is a beast.

  • Dan S

    Huh, I’m a little surprised it dropped at all since getting back Dish customers. Still those numbers 5.1 are very impressive that any of the broadcast networks would kill to get.

  • Oliver

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it increases next week as Dish subscribers become aware of AMC’s return.

  • The End


    Unless those Dish subscribers have a Nielsen box, they won’t be tracked and included in the numbers for The Walking Dead. I still find it pretty incredible that some people aren’t aware that these aren’t individual viewers being reported by Nielsen lol.

  • chris

    I love the way its like “oh no! The Walking Dead’s slipped.” And then you realise it’s still miles above the rest :p

  • Gustavo

    Dá um tempo Leonard.
    TWD bombando como sempre. Melhor série de todos os tempos!!!! :)

  • BigBopperInPinkLoafers78

    It must be nice to slip to a 5.1! Amazing!

  • DKD

    I bet half the drop was merely people slipping from “same day” bucket to watching another night.

  • Jere

    So how are the raitings right? 10 to 15 million more people have Amc but the raitings drop and the raitings systems not broke ?

  • DenverDean

    The 10-15 million DISH customers that wanted to see TWD likely went to a friend’s house. Kind of like those who didn’t have NFL network.

  • Ray

    The Walking Dead lost about 440,000 more viewers this week than Nikita had viewers. I’m not sure what that means but it’s funny somehow.

  • The End


    That would be because Nielsen only has boxes in 20,000 households. So unless you’re a part of said household your viewing won’t count for any broadcast on any network, be it cable or satelite.

    Each Nielsen box is worth far more than 1 viewer. So if you’re one of the lucky few to be tracked by Nielsen, your viewing really does count. Infact you would be considered a VIP viewer to networks because you are helping to keep their show alive.

  • john

    It does make you wonder how many nielsen familes have dish. It is still miles above its performance in the second episode last season.

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