'The Walking Dead' Slips (To Still Amazing Numbers) in Second Episode of Season Three

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October 22nd, 2012

Dish Network subscribers once again had access to AMC last night, but the numbers for the second episode of The Walking Dead's third season dropped from the premiere to a 9.5 million viewers and a still wallop-packing 5.1 adults 18-49 rating. That's down 13% with total viewers and 12% in adults 18-49 but especially for a non-premiere/finale, those are darn impressive numbers.

via AMC:

The Walking Dead Episode 302 (9P):
- 6.8 HH RTG
- 9.5 million total viewers
- 6,489,000 adults 18-49
- 5,513,000 adults 25-54

- AMC's The Walking Dead remains the #1 program of the fall season among Adults 18-49, excluding sports

- Last night's episode of The Walking Dead is the #1 show of the week to date (10/15-10/18/12) on television among Adults 18-49 excluding Sports. In A18-49, it out-delivered this week's The Voice (6.1M), Big Bang Theory (6.1M) and Modern Family (6M).

- For the night (9P, 10P and 12A) Season 3 Episode 2 delivered 14 million total viewers and 9.5 million Adults 18-49.

- Compared to Season 2, The Walking Dead Season 3 to date is up 54% in HH RTG; up 45% in total viewers; up 47% in Adults 18-49; and up 41% in Adults 25 to 54.

  • john

    I wish AMC were like TNT for Falling Skies and released the info for all the subsequent showings/on demand numbers and dvr stats. Just curious to see how many dont necessarily wattch the first night.

  • gigi

    @Nicole…thanks! Makes sense (as much sense as zombies make…) lol

  • Feedback

    Everyone knows where this is going to lead to:

    FOX will start production on a TV version of “Zombieland”,
    TheCW will start production on “The Zombie Diaries”,
    ABC will adapt “Zombies ate my Neighbors”,
    And CBS will create a new procedural entitled “The Zombie Detective”,
    And NBC will start production on “28 Days Later: the Musical Series”.

  • omabin

    sooo glad for this. i love this show so much, love that it kicks almost as much ass in the ratings as rick kicks ass during the episodes. Also, I agree with the irony of the previous commenter, I think next season there will be some zombie themed pilots at broadcast. I was already surprised we had none this season. It will most likely flop (unless it’s on the cw, i could see it having a sustainable audience there), but hell, any broadcast would kill for half of this audience at this point, that’s how things are!


    CW had a pilot in development about 2 teenage girls who were human/zombie hybrids or some such crap a couple yrs back. Thankfully they passed.

  • The Admiral

    How long until someone comes up with another zombie show? I wonder what’s taking them so long.

  • CrazyCurtPhilly

    I think the reason the 2nd ep dropped ( although still awesome ratings) is because now people will fall into their routines of watching when they can via on-demand or DVR, The first ep was an event bc fan have been without it all summer. AMC smartly used Netflix & made all 19 prev eps available for streaming. So many kore peep were able to catch up & get on board.

  • Joe


    LOL :D nice one

  • Joe

    CW had a pilot in development about 2 teenage girls who were human/zombie hybrids or some such crap a couple yrs back. Thankfully they passed.

    Sound like Disney Chanel show My nanny is a zombie xD

  • Glue



  • Tom

    Whew, thank God so many people are watching; now when then real infections start and real zombies roam the earth, more survivors will know how the put them down! Hey, do they carry this show in Europe and Asia?

  • Valerie

    @ Feedback LMAO Zombie Diaries is the best. I would even watch such a show.¨

    @Tom not sure about Asia, but in Europe TWD is aired, at least in my country, we have season 2 now.

  • Feedback

    Fox is actually developing a Zombieland TV Show….

    Either I’m a psychic genius or I had read that article and it was stuck in my subconscience.

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