Guess the Ratings: 'Happy Endings' & 'Don't Trust The B in Apartment 23' Premieres

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October 23rd, 2012

Update: Happy Endings premiered to a 1.9 and Don't Trust the B premiered to a 1.7 last night.  Your predictions were too optimistic!

Tonight sees the premieres of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 and Happy Endings on ABC. Both sitcoms are moving to Tuesdays from their former Wednesday timeslots, which could be an issue as Dancing With the Stars isn't exactly the lead-in it used to be. Still, both series have loyal fanbases, so maybe that won't matter. Cast your vote for how you think these comedies will premiere tonight and tell us why in the comments!

Handicapping Info: Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 premiered to a 2.9 last year and its finale earned a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating.  Happy Endings earned a 3.1 for its second season premiere last year but fell to a 1.7 for its finale.



  • Dan

    2.6 for He 2.0 for Apartment 23

  • BigBrotherFan

    hate that they are having DANCING WITH THE STARS as a lead in agh
    HE- 1.9
    Apt 23- 1.7

  • rob60990

    2.1 for HE, 1.8 for Apt 23 and I think I’m being generous.

    “look at the ratings power shows at other networks they are going against:

    NCIS: Los Angeles , Go On , The New Normal, New Girl, and The X Factor”

    Wow we sure are using the term ratings power shows very loosely here.

  • Oliver

    I like both shows, but I am a huge fan of Happy Endings. HE is the funniest show on television.

    Sadly, I expect both shows to do badly. Below 2.0 for both. I will be surprised if Apt 23 outrates HE. Having Goon/HE/NG against each other in the exact same timeslot is insanity and won’t do any of the shows any favours.

    Sony will ensure Happy Endings will reach syndication, even if it gets cancelled and ends up on cable. TBS is most likely, as it would be a nice partner for Cougar Town.

  • Brandon

    Apt 23: 1.9
    Happy Endings: 2.0

  • Nick

    Dancing With The Stars: 2.2
    Happy Endings: 1.6
    Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23: 1.8
    Private Practice: 1.5

    NCIS: 3.6
    NCIS: Los Angeles: 3.3
    Vegas: 1.9

    Hart of Dixie: 0.6
    Emily Owens, MD: 0.4

    Raising Hope: 1.8
    Ben & Kate: 1.4
    New Girl: 2.5
    The X Factor: 2.2

    The Voice: 4.4
    Go On: 2.6
    The New Normal: 1.9
    Parenthood: 1.8

    1. CBS: 2.9
    2. NBC: 2.8
    3. Fox: 2.0
    4. ABC: 1.8 (back to fourth place again. Sigh)
    5. CW: 0.5

    I don’t know why people are thinking Happy Endings will be UP from last year’s finale. It had a slightly better lead-in and no comedy competition AT ALL. And that’s not even factoring in season-to-season decline, which has been big this year.
    Apartment 23 will get a small boost from all the guest stars, but will soon be down to HE’s levels.

  • Wendy

    Since HE seems liked by the desired demo age group, even with a weakened DWTS, I think it is not unrealistic to say HE could get around a 2.5. If anything, I think the show that will suffer tonight is Go On, even with its Voice lead in, since both NG and HE seem like the “cult hits”. Apt 23, I think, will MAYBE reach 2.0.

  • Hugh

    B 2.5
    HE 2.6

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Why people are too optimistic about ABC comedies ratings?
    Even FOX comedies are low.NBC comedies aren’t low yet because of The Voice as lead-in.The 9pm timeslot on Tuesday are bad for networks but CBS.
    I’m seeing 1.4-1.7 for both comedies tonight.And will face cancellation bear until December.

  • Terry

    I am a huge fan of both Happy Endings and Apt 23, but they are up against some tough competition, so my predictions are as follows:

    HE 1.8
    APT23 1.5

  • TeeVeeViewer

    Horribly unfunny and poorly written shows that cater to the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator). Hope they’re cancelled ASAP.

  • Joe

    Hoping for better, what…

    Happy Endings – 1.7
    Apartment 23 – 1.6

    I think both will be low but steady, which should be at least enough for a Happy Endings renewal and hopefully Apt 23 too…

  • Rick

    I do love me some Happy Endings!

  • iggy

    Has anyone else noticed that this year NBC, ABC, and Fox all expanded their comedy blocks this year


  • SoCal

    1.9 for both

  • jake

    I’m a little optimistic about APT 23, I mean, its competition is Mindy and The New Normal, neither of them are strong shows, and have you seen the fans on Facebook? it went from less than 200k likes to almost 250k in 2 weeks, thats remarkable for a show that only had 7 episodes so far…
    I would love to have Katie Holmes in the show, that would make a lot of buzz (Dawson&Joey reunion).

  • Sel

    Oh, god HE is going to kill my bitch ;(


    Took the pessimist route here & think neither show will reach 2.0, too late to come on board & there are just too many comedies on air at the same time

  • Ultima

    My favorite part of this scheduling is that FOX is airing a comedy produced by NBC against two of its own comedies airing on ABC and NBC. ;)

  • Ultima

    Has anyone else noticed that this year NBC, ABC, and Fox all expanded their comedy blocks this year, some by 2 whole hours, when a lot of the talk last year was about whether or not CBS would expand their comedy.

    There was a lot of talk about CBS expanding their comedies only because of a certain segment of fans (Person of Interest can’t move!!!1!).

    By late winter, it was generally accepted that FOX, NBC and ABC would be expanding their comedy hours.

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