Guess the Ratings: 'Happy Endings' & 'Don't Trust The B in Apartment 23' Premieres

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October 23rd, 2012

Update: Happy Endings premiered to a 1.9 and Don't Trust the B premiered to a 1.7 last night.  Your predictions were too optimistic!

Tonight sees the premieres of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 and Happy Endings on ABC. Both sitcoms are moving to Tuesdays from their former Wednesday timeslots, which could be an issue as Dancing With the Stars isn't exactly the lead-in it used to be. Still, both series have loyal fanbases, so maybe that won't matter. Cast your vote for how you think these comedies will premiere tonight and tell us why in the comments!

Handicapping Info: Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 premiered to a 2.9 last year and its finale earned a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating.  Happy Endings earned a 3.1 for its second season premiere last year but fell to a 1.7 for its finale.



  • Diana

    Apt 23 2.4
    Happy Endings 2.0

  • Paulo PT

    HE 1,8
    A23 1,6

  • omabin

    I think it will be Go On > New Girl > Happy Endings. Out of the three, I think Go On is the one that shares the least audience with the remaining two, which will give it an edge. If there is no happy endings on, new girl wins as we have been seeing, but I expect a crazy amount of crossed audience between New Girl and Happy Endings, so unfortunately i see new girl falling a lot today

  • Skylar

    @jake: Apt23 is up against X-factor not Mindy Project

  • Birdsht

    That was the worst episode of Apt 23 so far. If thats the direction its going this will be the last season for sure. I liked that show but that first one of season two was god awful.

  • omabin

    top 25markets:
    happy endings: 2.2
    apartment 23: 2.0

    If this holds, my previsions were spot on.

    Also, still top25markets only:
    go on: 2.6
    the new normal: 2.0

    Nothing yet on the new girl but i expect a 2.5.

  • JP

    I want Apt23 to succeed as I thought it was the funniest new show last season. However, the late premiere date and night change lead me to believe people will forget about it.

    HE: 2.4
    Apt23: 1.8


    I like this shows! HE & DTBA13!!!!

    HE 2.7
    DTBA13 2.4

  • JP


    I agree. Every episode last season was better than this, but it still had its moments. Hopefully it will improve, though. I also think the loss of Liza Lapira was huge.

  • silvit


    Where did you find the top 25 markets’ ratings?

  • omabin

    Sitcoms online on twitter occasionally posts them.

  • silvit



  • CBSviewer

    2.0 for Happy Endings and 2.2 for Appartement 23

  • forg

    Ratings are in 1.9 for H.E and 1.7 for Apartment 23. I was off a tenth each. Sad these shows got low ratings

  • RyanCanada

    they have a crappy lead it, Go on is lucky to have the voice,

  • FoulScat

    @JP had to google who that was. Yeah the asian girl down the hall was a big part of the show. If she is gone, its toast. That show had a certain dynamic and its gone. One more episode that drones on about Dawson’s Creek and I am out of there.

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