Nikita's Ratings Are: Horrible, Terrible, Awful,B-Ba-Bad!; Not Quite as Bad as Would Have You Believe, But Still B-Ba-Bad!

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October 23rd, 2012

I'm not as confident as the Cancellation Bear that the syndication gods will save CW fan favorite (if not in the Nielsen ratings, in our comments!) Nikita no matter what. Though for the record, I'm way more confident in the syndication gods than any unaudited boasting about Nikita's international success. That said, when I saw had posted the season-to-date ratings for all broadcast shows I couldn't help but grimace (OK, maybe I smiled first!) when I saw Nikita tied for 100th -- dead last -- in its "Most popular (fall broadcast) shows so far" rankings.

To EW's credit it has made the bold step of focusing *only* on "the uber-important adults 18-49 demographic" and ignoring total viewers altogether. That is TV ratings reporting-for-the-masses change (and progress) I can believe in!  In fairness to EW -- this is not a slam against them -- they reported the season-to-date ratings that Nielsen sent out, and what they reported is definitely an accurate representation of those numbers. Update: commenter Jere correctly notes there are issues in EW's chart and commenter Michael-60 notes that's because they include any time period repeats since the official  September 24 start of the season (So "The Vampire Diaries" includes the repeat that aired the week before its actual season premiere), though that didn't impact Nikita adversely...

The problem with Nielsen numbers is often the devil is in the details (as in, "OK, exactly *what* are these ratings and what do these ratings mean?!").

In this case those were the "most-current" ratings which mean a blend of live+7 DVR ratings where available and live plus same day DVR ratings where the Live+7 numbers aren't yet available. That's  two out of four weeks of Live+7 DVR ratings  for shows that premiered during Nielsen's official premiere week, and more for shows that premiered earlier like 'Revolution.' But since Nikita just premiered just last Friday, it only has the Live+SD (same day) ratings available.

Sadly, that's not much consolation for Nikita fans, though it's reasonable to expect that Nikita will jump up to at least five spots to a tie for 95th once Live+7 DVR numbers are factored in, with a possibility of making its way into the 80s!


  • Auu

    I don’t get it. Nikita will be back or not?

  • Jere

    Umm yeah that chats not right anyways. Vd has only had 2 episodes a 1.6 and a 1.2 but its avg is 1.1 ??? Prob more but first one I noticed

  • Dan

    It doesnt matter how bad the numbers are, Nikita will get a fourth season and my bet is that it will still air on Fridays next year and that it will not air outside the regular year. Since ANTM is not airing next fall and Gossip Girl is gone, CW will likely hold Nikita on Fridays rather than put new shows on Fridays.

  • Kavyn

    You guys are really milking the Nikita stuff huh?

  • Robert Seidman

    @Jere: truth! you have keener eyes than I do! — indeed Vampire Diaries has a 1.5 with adults 18-49 in the chart I saw, and there are many other differences/errors as well — I’m not sure the cause, and they weren’t wrong about Nikita…but I’ll update the post.

  • Michael-60

    this includes in time slot repeats so The Vampire Diaries repeat (0.3) that aired the week before its season premiere is included.

  • Pierce

    I have never understood this. Nikita is an amazingly awesome show. I just don’t get why no one is watching.

  • Robert Seidman

    @Michael: Yep, you are correct!

  • Robert Seidman

    @Kavyn: for now, more of a “how much milk is there?” experiment.

  • Michael

    OMG, at the title lol!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    So what else is new?

    The show is on the CW. EVERYTHING on the CW except Vampire Diaries (and Arrow, for now at least) has “horrible, terrible, awful, b-ba-bad” ratings… Nikita was on the bottom last year – until Ringer, which was a vastly worse show, ended up below it.

    The problem is Nikita shouldn’t have been renewed last year based on ratings. So there’s no reason to believe this year will be any different. And next year, the syndication gods may rule.

    Let’s try to learn our lesson here, Robert. We were wrong about Nikita last year. It’s not worth the embarrassment to be wrong again this year. So let’s just ignore Nikita (or in my case, enjoy the new season of the best action show on the air.)

  • Precious

    who cares?

  • T

    According to them Mob Doctor is cancelled. What gives? Wishful thinking?

  • Bob

    Like a couple of others, I don’t understand why Nikita doesn’t get watched by more viewers. It is one of the better action shows on any network. I’ve seen every episode.

  • Austin

    Nikita is my favorite show on tv! I think the reason why the ratings tanked is because CW doesn’t promote it enough and they move the second season to fridays, if you look at the ratings from the first season that was aired on thursdays than it just shows why people dont watch it.

  • Carl


    That’s not just one, but two spots on the Fan Excuse Bingo card!

  • Douglas from Brazil

    “Nikita international success”?Where?

    In Brazil Warnel Channel bumped Nikita from its schedule after its first season run.I don’t think Nikita will be renewed.

  • Adrian

    Nikita finds itself in the same place as last year: last dead on the CW (and everywhere else too).

    Exactly like last year, its ratings are only 0.1 less than GG and 90210 and who knows how low will HOD, Owens and Beauty go this week. There are chances one or more of those might fall to 0.3 too.

    And since Nikita is esentially a filler, I am sure CW was expecting 0.3s and 0.2s when they renewed it after 6 straight weeks at 0.4 they could just let it ride until it gets to 88 episodes (probably in summertime, who knows).

  • Observer

    They can probably pair Nikita and LA Complex (if there is another season of either) during a summer run.

  • David

    It’s funny that people think they will not push it to 88 episodes when they are one season away. Why, because they are losing money? They are already losing money and knew they would lose money! Shows also usually do worse in their next season and they had to know Nikita would not increase.

    The ratings are horrible and they were horrible last year so I doubt the CW is that shocked over this. WB will get it to syndication and it may run in the out it episodes in the summer, but doubt that would even happen because Friday is where you move shows, not premiere them.

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