Nikita's Ratings Are: Horrible, Terrible, Awful,B-Ba-Bad!; Not Quite as Bad as Would Have You Believe, But Still B-Ba-Bad!

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October 23rd, 2012

I'm not as confident as the Cancellation Bear that the syndication gods will save CW fan favorite (if not in the Nielsen ratings, in our comments!) Nikita no matter what. Though for the record, I'm way more confident in the syndication gods than any unaudited boasting about Nikita's international success. That said, when I saw had posted the season-to-date ratings for all broadcast shows I couldn't help but grimace (OK, maybe I smiled first!) when I saw Nikita tied for 100th -- dead last -- in its "Most popular (fall broadcast) shows so far" rankings.

To EW's credit it has made the bold step of focusing *only* on "the uber-important adults 18-49 demographic" and ignoring total viewers altogether. That is TV ratings reporting-for-the-masses change (and progress) I can believe in!  In fairness to EW -- this is not a slam against them -- they reported the season-to-date ratings that Nielsen sent out, and what they reported is definitely an accurate representation of those numbers. Update: commenter Jere correctly notes there are issues in EW's chart and commenter Michael-60 notes that's because they include any time period repeats since the official  September 24 start of the season (So "The Vampire Diaries" includes the repeat that aired the week before its actual season premiere), though that didn't impact Nikita adversely...

The problem with Nielsen numbers is often the devil is in the details (as in, "OK, exactly *what* are these ratings and what do these ratings mean?!").

In this case those were the "most-current" ratings which mean a blend of live+7 DVR ratings where available and live plus same day DVR ratings where the Live+7 numbers aren't yet available. That's  two out of four weeks of Live+7 DVR ratings  for shows that premiered during Nielsen's official premiere week, and more for shows that premiered earlier like 'Revolution.' But since Nikita just premiered just last Friday, it only has the Live+SD (same day) ratings available.

Sadly, that's not much consolation for Nikita fans, though it's reasonable to expect that Nikita will jump up to at least five spots to a tie for 95th once Live+7 DVR numbers are factored in, with a possibility of making its way into the 80s!


  • Pappy

    Ratings don’t matter for Nikita, it makes enough money to cover those losses in the ratings that’s why it’s in season 3.

  • panda22

    Yeah, i think season 4 will be a Summer show, on Mondays with The LA Complex on Tuesdays. Two scripted originals for the Summer. The *real* issue is imo is at what point does further budget cuts make it impossible for the creators/writers/producers to MAKE a show?

    I mean, would they be reduced to shooting every ep. inside Division?…or existing sets?, reduce extras, cut wages, get stingy with the bullets and stunts?

    WBtv make cut CW a better deal for syndication but in turn WBtv has to cut the budget….Craig Silverstein can’t work miracles!!! :(

  • panda22

    Another point: syndication is NOT 88 episodes….its 90!!
    By the end of season 3 Nikita will have 89 episodes, and i bet season 4 will get a 23 episode order = 90.

  • AniMatsuri

    Maybe that can be a new poll: How low will Nikita’s ratings sink before the CW is forced to toss it to the cancelation bear?


    Nikita will air, only question is where. The matching w/ LA Complex makes the most sense, but the ratings this year make no sense, so I guess it’s anyone’s guess.

  • Reward

    In Italy, Nikita is doing very well.
    Here there’s not rating but share is very important and Nikita has 15% on Friday ;)

  • JR

    Yah, this list like this can’t be fully representative, since some shows don’t have complete info as of yet (for the days-after viewing).

    I didn’t see What Would You Do? in that list- is that regarded as a special?

    Look how far down DWTS has tumbled.

  • Nikki

    If syndication is really a factor then wouldnt Parenthood get another season so it too can reach syndication? Plus Parenthood is a better show with better ratings and a loyal fan base. Just curious.

  • Tom

    “They can probably pair Nikita and LA Complex (if there is another season of either) during a summer run.”

    @ Observer That raises an interesting issue. Let’s assume that the CW runs season 3 of the LA Complex this summer. Personally, I think it’s trash, but evidently Pedowitz likes it because it’s cheap and allegedly does well online. However what’s to keep the affiliates from refusing to air it? Mr. Gorman made a comment elsewhere that affiliates pay the network to air network programming. Since the LA Complex doesn’t draw viewers, why wouldn’t an affiliate simply run something else in that timeslot? Anything has to be more lucrative.

  • Hades

    so if Nikita gets an assumed 4th season for sindication doesnt that mean that if HOD is renewed at the end of this season it’ll essentially be a renewal for a 4th season too, since he CW will want to get it to sindication?

  • Dan

    @Lyreco – Syndication is actually 88 episodes though shows have gotten away with less like Til Death or Ugly Betty. I’m convinced that Nikita will air all 22 season 4 episodes during the 2013-2014 broadcast season. The main reason is that with Gossip Girl gone, no ANTM, and 90210 likely on its way out, CW needs some holes to fill, particularly on fridays.

  • Just

    @Douglas from Brazil

    no surprises here

    they bumped Gossip Girl off their schedule after it’s second season, and you know, it was a huge success here.

    Warner channel sucks badly

  • CrimTV

    How comes TVD’s average is 1.1 when it hasn’t hit that rating this season and Fringe is a 1.5?! Many of the shows have an average that is higher than any number they’ve had this season (New Girl 3.7, 666 Park Avenue 2.3?)

  • Robert Seidman

    @CrimTV: explained (to some degree) both in the post and in the comments.

  • RJ

    Nikita will fall to a 0.2 by its series finale in May 2013.

  • Alexis

    The thing is, Nikita on Fridays at 9 is clearly a disaster. It’s up against Grimm (and until February, Fringe), more genre shows, and for all we know it could drop even lower than 0.3. So it would actually be smarter for the CW to put a female-skewing show, like Emily Owens, in that slot – one whose audience doesn’t overlap with Grimm’s, et al.

    Meanwhile, Mondays for the CW are also a disaster, with the veteran duo of 90210 and Gossip Girl – so going instead for two darker, more male-skewing shows like Nikita and Cult could be a better idea.

    If it were up to me, I’d move Nikita to Mondays in the second half of the season and premiere Cult before/after it. I’d move 90210 and one of the failing newbies (Emily Owens or Beauty, depending on which does worse) to Friday.

  • loise lane

    i dont understand why people don’t watch nikita!! it one of the best shows on CW after TVD..the writing for this show is impeccable..i think they should def move it bak to thursdays after TVD coz beauty n the beast is just a fail…

  • John A

    How come TVD dont have a syndication deal. Its about to hit syndication and it would do well obviously.


    Nikita was my favorite action show until I started watching Person of Interest on CBS,that show is incredible and Im now hooked but I still love Nikita and I hope it survives the season,plus I own season 1&2 of Nikita on blu-ray and I would love to have something to add to my collection.

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