2nd Annual 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween-Themed Episode is the #1 “13 Nights of Halloween” Telecast Ever Across 18-34, 18-49 and 12-34 Demos

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October 24th, 2012

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2nd Annual “Pretty Little Liars’” Halloween-Themed Episode Tricks and Treats Viewers on TV and Across Social Media Platforms, Becoming the #1 “13 Nights of Halloween” Telecast Ever Across 18-34, 18-49 and 12-34 Demos


“A” Masses 2nd-Most Social Media Buzz Ever of Any TV Series Telecast, with Nearly 433,000 Unique Tweeters, Behind Only the Series’ Summer Finale, Giving ABC Family the Top 2 ‘Most Social’ Scripted TV Telecasts in TV History


TweetReach Reports 610,000 Tweets During the Hour, with Peak Rate of

31,000 per Minute; All-Day Total Is an Impressive 1.5 Million Tweets; Tuesday’s

#1 ‘Most Social’ Program, with 31 Share of All TV-Related Social Activity


Powers 14th Annual “13 Nights of Halloween” Event to Best-Start-Ever, Driving ABC Family to Rank as Cable TV’s #1 Network in the Daypart in Target Females


“Pretty Little Liars” (8:00-9:00 p.m.)


In its 2nd annual Halloween-themed special, social media darling and critically-acclaimed “Pretty Little Liarsranked as ABC Family’s #1 “13 Nights of Halloween” telecast in the event’s 14-year history in Adults 18-34 (1.2 million/1.7 rating), Women 18-34 (956,000/2.8 rating), Adults 18-49 (1.5 million/1.2 rating), Women 18-49 (1.2 million/1.9 rating), Viewers 12-34 (2.1 million/2.2 rating) and Females 12-34 (1.8 million/3.9 rating), ranking as Tuesday’s #1 cable TV telecast across the key female demos, out-performing all its summer 2012 telecasts in Women 18-34 and spiking by double-digits over last year’s special. In addition, “Pretty Little Liars” powered ABC Family to rank as Tuesday’s #1 cable TV network in Prime in Adults 18-34, Women 18-34, Women 18-49, Viewers 12-34 and Females 12-34.


The episode, in which Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer look forward to some good old Halloween fun only to be derailed by “A’s” tricks and treats, was the #1 most social program of the day with a 31 share of all TV-related social activity, generating 610,898 tweets, peaking at over 31,000 tweets per minute, and “A” massing an impressive 1.5 million tweets throughout the day. Jenn Deering Davis, Founder of TweetReach, said: “’Pretty Little Liars’ consistently has one of the most engaged and active audiences in social media. Few shows see these levels of activity during their broadcasts, and almost none can compare to the sustained conversation ‘Pretty Little Liars’ drives on Twitter. The fact that fans were posting more than 25K tweets per minute in the middle of the show speaks to just how engaged viewers are throughout the hour-long episode.”


Moreover, according to SocialGuide, “Pretty Little Liars” became the #2 “most social” TV series episode on record in terms of total unique tweeters (432,948), behind only the series’ Summer finale in August 2012 (612,459), giving ABC Family the Top 2 ‘most social’ TV telecasts ever. Additionally, this year’s special grew by a staggering 758% in ‘Tweets’ (610,898 vs. 70,083) and by 440% in ‘Uniques’ (432,948 vs. 80,129) over last year’s episode.


  • Powered by last night’s special, and strong movie performances over the event’s launch weekend, ABC Family’s 14th annual “13 Nights of Halloween” event is off its best start in the network’s history in Total Viewers (1.9 million), Adults 18-34 (578,000), Women 18-34 (426,000), Adults 18-49 (940,000), Women 18-49 (654,000), Viewers 12-34 (852,000) and Females 12-34 (656,000), standing as the #1 cable TV network in the daypart in the core female demos.


  • Versus last year’s special (10/9/11), Pretty Little Liarssurged by double-digit percentages across the board, including by 12% in Total Viewers (2.8 million vs. 2.5 million), by 26% in Adults 18-34 (1.2 million vs. 954,000), by 25% in Adults 18-49 (1.5 million vs. 1.2 million) and by 17% in Viewers 12-34 (2.1 million vs. 1.8 million).



Source: NTI, 10/23/12, Live + Same Day; “PLL Summer telecasts: 6/5/12-8/28/12, Live + Same Day, excludes repeat telecast on 7/3. “13 Night of Halloween”: 10/19/12-10/23/12, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Social Media Sources: TweetReach,  SocialGuide.

  • Brandy

    Great for PLL!

  • Sara

    Great for PLL

  • david

    It was a great episode. Good to see it was up from last year.

  • Jennifer

    One of the best episodes! And Adam Lambert appearing on it made it that more special. I love him.

  • Kari

    I agree, it was a great episode! To be honest, I only tuned in because I heard Adam Lambert was performing on the show – and Pretty Little Liars has a new fan now! I loved the whole show, it was creative and just the right amount of creepy/suspense – I’ll be tuning in next week for sure!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Oh, man, those girls were hot last night! All of them! :-) I couldn’t decide who had the hottest costume – except maybe Aria since I don’t like “flapper” outfits. Troian was slinky, Shay was Barbarella, and Amber was Marilyn. It all worked! Except Paige, who went “butch”! :-)

    I’m amazed at how easy it is for Mona to get in and out of the sanitarium any time she wants, not to mention making a costume for herself. Convenient! :-)

  • Mal

    I would think the appearance of Adam Lambert had something to do with it-especially with women viewers.

  • Lynda

    I only watched because of adam lambert!! Adam is a ratings magnet and needs to be on as much T.V. as possible.

  • Cubic

    I have been a fan of Adam’s ever since he didn’t win American Idol. He’s so darn fascinating and such a genuine and loving human being. I love him with a PASSION and I’ll watch anything that he’s on!

  • Summer

    Adam LAmbert Was so Sexxxxy hot and Fierce..Best Singer and Performer on the planet and he should be on the radio all day..They play “JUNK” non stop on radio and never play Adams awesome music..He is better then anyone out today. Elated everyone was able to see a climpse of his Fierceness…see him LIVE to really understand his Phenomenal VOICE and performing!

  • Ovation impact

    Watched only because Adam Lambert was announced to be performing on the PLL special episode. They should bring him on as a reappearing character… Leave it to the creative peeps to figure out how to place him into the plot.

  • kiddio

    I thought the PLL episode was very exciting especially since Adam Lambert was on and played two of his songs. He should be brought back for future episodes.

  • fean

    I have seen every episode of PPL and love the show. I also love Adam Lambert’s music so the Halloween episode was the best of all for me. I hope they have him back for Prom.

  • Vicky F

    Wow – I wonder if guest appearance by Adam Lambert had anything to do with these numbers?
    LOL – of.course it did(IMHO anyway….)!

  • Sandy

    I watched because Adam Lambert was on the show. It was great. I now watch several different shows because he guest appeared on them. I sure hope PPL will bring Adam back for more episodes. It would be great. Thank you.

  • LoveMEhw

    That was an awesome ep.
    I love this show because every episode is so unique and interesting to watch.

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