FOX Announces Premiere Dates for 'American Idol', 'The Following' and 'Touch'

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October 24th, 2012

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FOX is announcing the winter season and series premiere dates for new and returning series, including the returns of AMERICAN IDOL and TOUCH, and the debut of new thriller THE FOLLOWING.


Featuring host Ryan Seacrest and new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, along with returning judge Randy Jackson, the 12th season of AMERICAN IDOL begins with the exciting two-night premiere Wednesday, Jan. 16 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursday, Jan. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).


THE FOLLOWING, a psychological thriller created by Kevin Williamson (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Dawson’s Creek,” “Scream” franchise) and starring Golden Globe Award-winning actor Kevin Bacon (“X-Men: The Last Stand,” “Frost/Nixon”) and James Purefoy (“Rome”), launches Monday, Jan. 21 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). The intense, spellbinding drama follows RYAN HARDY (Bacon), an ex-FBI agent called out of retirement to track down JOE CARROLL (Purefoy), a devious and diabolical serial killer, and the mastermind behind an ever-growing web of killers.


Season Two of TOUCH, starring Emmy Award winner Kiefer Sutherland (“24”), kicks into gear Friday, Feb. 1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). As the action shifts dramatically from New York to Los Angeles, single father MARTIN BOHM (Sutherland) and his gifted son, JAKE (David Mazouz), find themselves at the center of a global conspiracy involving a mother in search of her missing teenage daughter, a mathematical genius and a religious zealot assassinating others with abilities like Jake’s. Joining the cast this season are Maria Bello (“ER”), Lukas Haas (“24”), Said Taghmaoui (“G.I. Joe: The Rise of The Cobra”) and newcomer Saxon Sharbino.



(Times for All-New Episodes are ET/PT Except as Noted)


Wednesday, Jan. 16:

8:00-10:00 PM            AMERICAN IDOL (Season Premiere, Part One)


Thursday, Jan. 17:

8:00-9:00 PM              AMERICAN IDOL (Season Premiere, Part Two)


Monday, Jan. 21:

9:00-10:00 PM            THE FOLLOWING (Series Premiere)


Friday, Feb. 1:

9:00-10:00 PM            TOUCH (Season Premiere)



  • Joseph

    I’m surprised “Touch” would be put on Fridays.

    I expected that Fox would have eventually gone all-reality/reruns on Fridays.

    Hopefully, it will do well, but the truth is the major competition for “Touch”, “Fringe”, “Grimm” and other first-run scripted shows on Friday nights isn’t other shows, but activities outside the home.

  • John A

    Kind of surprised Touch wasnt moved to a better day not that it deserved it.

  • ToXiX

    The Mob Doctor isn’t a bad show, I watched the first 2 episodes before giving up on it due to its inevitable cancellation lurking.
    The Following will be renewed just because. So I’m glad MD flopped to save Following

  • Sammo

    Someone calculated that the series finale of Fringe will air on 2/1.

    But since the Touch premiere is announced for that day, maybe a 2-hour finale of Fringe on 1/25?

  • Ultima

    maybe a 2-hour finale of Fringe on 1/25?

    Either that or an episode on 21 December.

  • Ultima

    I’m surprised “Touch” would be put on Fridays.

    Where else would they put it?

  • Ultima

    The Following will likely get renewed to save face.

    Why do you assume that it won’t do well?

  • Dan S

    1st I think The Following will premiere very well for Fox. I mean it has Kevin Bacon after all & maybe he can get his wife Kyra Sedgewick to guest star. Assuming it doesn’t reek it will likely be around for awhile. I assume it’ll be in the same vein as Criminal Minds which some people either love or hate. That leaves Touch to replace Fringe on Fri which will be sorely missed. With that being said its ratings will be down the drain & gone after May.

  • CrimTV


    Just look at the comments here, obviously there has only been a few but everyone says they will watch The Following and think it sounds interesting. I’m hoping the show is good so it can hold the viewers and 18-49 ratings.

  • SpenB

    The Fringe finale is not officially scheduled for February 1st, that was just Joel’s estimate. Fox originally said at the TCAs that it would air sometime in January.

  • Luke

    Kevin Bacon wasn’t in X-Men: The Last Stand. He was in X-Men: First Class. Press release fail.

  • Tyson

    If American Idol debuts Jan. 16, I expect an episode of The Voice that night also. I think NBC will pressure Idol the same way it has pressured X Factor.

  • Networkman

    I am really excited about The Following. Instead of switching over to CBS comedies when DWTS is off, I will now be watching FOX. Also it is a great decision to debut Touch in Fringe’s timeslot.

  • PB

    Count me in with the folks that are very interested in The Following. Hope it doesn’t disappoint like Alcatraz. Kevin Bacon is a very affable star who should have no problem taking his star status to TV. I think it will do well but it does have tough place in the lineup up against The Voice.

  • Tyler

    It’s crazy that not a single new shows is premiering after Idol this year. I don’t think it’s wrong, I just think it’s crazy. I’ve come to realize that shows that premiere after powerhouses never find legs of their own and get cancelled as soon as they’re moved away. Obviously not every time, but most.

  • CrimTV

    Revolution, The New Normal and Go On will probably stay on a break until The Voice returns

  • DSC

    what’s the point of this season 2 of touch? it seems even more pointless now. It’s gonna premiere on a friday, past the middle of the season, when most people already picked their viewing choices for the year. I am a fan of the show, and I’m not bad mouthing it just for the sake of it. What I’m saying is, if it was to be given this treatment, I’d rather the mercy renewal had not hapened last year, so the people involved could move on to something that was worth their time. With 2 half seasons under its belt, it’s still a far cry from any possible future syndication deal, so there’s no real upside to think that it’ll be here past May 2013.

  • Nick

    Yes! Fox made the right decision to air Touch Fri@9.
    It’ll get much better ratings behind Kitchen Nightmares than by itself.

    I’m not interested at all in the Following. However, with the amount of buzz it’s getting, I wouldn’t be surprised if it premiered bigger than Alcatraz and Terra Nova. The question is, will it be like them and fall to cancelable (is that even a word?) ratings?

  • pete5125

    The Touch did good internationaly, not as well in America, they didn’t want Keither Sutherland to go to another network, plus I think he had some sort of agreement to do 16 episodes a year.

  • Nick

    Touch following Kitchen Nightmares on Friday isn’t that bad. Last year, KN’s winter ratings (the only time it was on) beat/virtually tied the winter ratings of Bones, The Finder, Touch, Raising Hope, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, House, Alcatraz, Fringe, and Breaking In. So KN got better ratings than every show on Fox except New Girl and American Idol. ON FRIDAY! Touch is following a hit. It’s not that dead.

    * Note to the annoying critics on this site: I said “beat/virtually tied”. Some of these shows may have beaten KN overall, but had ratings in roughly the same 2.0-2.3 range (like Bones or House) as KN during the winter/spring when it was on.

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