'The Mob Doctor's' Timeslot Taken By 'The Following' In January-- Does That Mean It's Finally Canceled? (Poll)

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October 24th, 2012

As you may have noticed, The Mob Doctor's timeslot is currently occupied by The Following in FOX's winter premiere announcement. So does that mean that the show has been canceled? The release doesn't say it outright, but considering The Mob Doctor has been on death watch for quite some time, could this be the announcement we've all been waiting for? Or is The Mob Doctor determined to stay on life support, despite its flagging vital signs? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!


  • Nick

    It’ll just run straight through Mondays until 12/17 with a 2-hr series finale. Tada done.

  • Michael

    A lot of shows are never “cancelled” they are just “not back” ;)

    This happened a couple of times in the past few years.

  • Hattie

    Kinda hoping FOX will keep it on the schedule just to see how far it can fall. Would be cool to see it getting a .3 :)

  • craigcuk

    Can anyone find out if production has been ‘paused’?

    Does anyone on the show tweet? (I seem to remember that Pan Am was announced cancelled by a Tweet of one of the cast saying production had been stopped?).

  • Jcc

    Looks like micheal Madsen will be shooting some episodes on mob dr !! Jennifer beals was on last week and so was mike Starr – those are facts !! – that should let you naysayers worry a little bit about the show they hate ! The show might not be renewed but it wont be cancelled as you’ll predicted !

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Maybe Bill or Ultima or holly or someone can answer this for me?

    Can anyone think of two or three shows in the last 5 years that have started in the fall, filmed and shown their entire 13 episode order but does not get a back 9 order, but then in May found themselves announced as returning in September?

    I can’t but that means nothing.

    I can certainly think of many shows that premiered in the winter or early spring, that aired their initial limited order (anywhere from 6-13 episodes) and found themselves announced in May as returning in September.

    But again, shows from the fall stopping at 13 and returning the next year….not so much.

  • Pako

    Yeah, it’s canceled, just not getting slapped in the face and brutally cut off like the “MIJ”, but rather being cowardly burned off till end of `12. Hell, they may even have a Christmas episode!

    Besides, I think Fox has obligation to CTV to give the series a proper ending.

  • BRT

    Again, JCC…not being renewed IS “cancelled”. That’s how it works. I’m sorry your definitions don’t match the industry, but that doesn’t change reality.

  • Percysowner

    I went with who knows, mostly because I can’t figure out why Fox would run episodes of this during sweeps instead of, well just about anything. Frankly I can’t see it NOT being canceled, but maybe Joseph, the Nostril, Gamboni, son of Joey, The Nose, Gamboni wrote the prospectus and Fox Executives are being told they will sleep with the fishes unless Joseph’s show continues. NOTE, although based on certain stereotypes, no actual people are being referenced.

  • Patrick Gillease

    “The Mob Doctor” is most definitely canceled as a result of this scheduling news. Was there really ever any doubt? If FOX can cancel “Terra Nova” and “Alcatraz,” both of which had far better ratings than TMD, it certainly won’t be hanging onto this utter failure. I just think FOX is embarrassed that it keeps flopping with its dramas and doesn’t want to officially announce a cancelation here to save some face. They will just quietly let it die.

  • tomko44

    Ignore it and it will go away!

  • hmyers

    I really think that time slot is going to be rough for any new show. There is just so many other things on Monday night; Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, CBS comedy line up, Monday Night Football. I guess only time will tell, but if I had to guess, unless the other networks drastically change their Monday night line up I think The Following may have very similar numbers in January.

  • Chris Parker

    I actually like the show.. it’s interesting..

  • Ian

    “You mean, was the plan to air 13-ish episodes of The Mob Doctor and then forget it ever existed?

    Of course not.”

    I meant the plan to air The Following in the timeslot currently occupied by The Mob Doctor, which I could swear I read about back at upfronts. The article was arguing that this was the evidence of The Mob Doctor’s cancellation, and not Fox’s silence about The Mob Doctor.

  • sue

    Reading through these comments….do you folks really care what happens to a show called “Mob Doctor” that looks dumb, has aired only a few episodes and has bad ratings? Even if you like it, trust me, they’ll make more shows.

  • peter

    maybe they ll keep mob doctor to replace fringe on fridays . and cancel after this season ends.

  • BRT

    “Reading through these comments….do you folks really care what happens to a show called “Mob Doctor” that looks dumb, has aired only a few episodes and has bad ratings?”

    Welcome to tvbythenumbers! You must be new here!

  • tscchope

    Fox has an obligation to give a proper ending to Mob Doctor? Really? That’ll be a first. Show the episodes of Mob Doctor and then it never sees the light of day again. CAncelled without having to officially announce it.

  • One

    Even if you’re trending down, you still reject that which is at the head of that downward trend. Mob Doctor is the lowest-rated show on Fox. Ere go, it is dead. This is unofficial confirmation. That said, the cost has to be low because the production values seem to be quite poor based on the promos subsequent to the pilot. It’ll probably air until The Following takes its place…

  • Pako

    “Fox has an obligation to give a proper ending to Mob Doctor? Really? That’ll be a first.”

    Well, the idea is, if you sell 13 episodes to a foreign network, you have the obligation to deliver 13 episodes, even if the show is crappy. It’s called “a contract”.

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