Tuesday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'NCIS:LA', 'DWTS' & 'Vegas' Adjusted Up, 'Go On' 'Happy Endings', 'X Factor' & 'The New Normal' Adjusted Down

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October 24th, 2012


The Voice was adjusted up two tenths, NCIS: LA, Dancing With the Stars and Vegas were adjusted up a single tenth while Go On, Happy Endings, The X Factor and The New Normal were adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.


Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice 4.3 12 11.22
CBS NCIS 3.2 9 17.78
ABC Dancing With the Stars: All Stars 2.3 7 12.90
FOX Raising Hope 1.7 5 4.10
CW Hart of Dixie 0.5 2 1.32
8:30PM FOX Ben and Kate 1.4 4 2.99
9:00PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 2.8 7 16.53
FOX New Girl 2.7 7 5.16
NBC Go On 2.4 6 6.12
ABC Happy Ending -P 1.8 5 5.57
CW Emily Owens MD 0.3 1 1.11
9:30PM FOX The X Factor (9:30-10:30) 2.3 6 5.71
NBC The New Normal 1.7 4 4.33
ABC Don't Trust the B 1.7 4 4.20
10:00PM NBC Parenthood 1.9 5 4.85
CBS Vegas 1.6 4 10.80
ABC Private Practice 1.4 4 4.58


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  • Oliver


    Go On is NBC’s top-rated comedy and provides NBC’s second highest comedy lead-in (after Revolution for TNN itself). It’s hard to argue TNN hasn’t been given a decent shot. It hasn’t been left to die on Wednesday or Thursday like the rest of NBC’s comedy lineup.

    Since its premiere, TNN has always struck me as a bubble show, leaning towards cancellation, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

  • Katherine

    @SpM I don’t feel like Matthew Perry belongs on network TV. He would do better on a cable comedy.

  • Oliver

    Correction: I meant “(after Revolution for Go On itself)”

  • Bee

    i CANNOT believe these are fall ratings. what a disaster. the 10PM hour topped by a 1.9? only one scripted program cracks a 3.0? and series/season lows all over tonight? what’s gonna happen in the spring? new girl gets a 2.0 and tops the night? sheesh. can we fast-forward to next TV season already?

    HE and apt. 23 did exactly what i feared they would do :( the bad promos (the amount of promos means nothing if the promos themselves aren’t funny), competition, and lack of a lead-in did them in. there’s nothing really to do now except hope they grow. they are loved comedies, esp. HE, but the ratings aren’t working out. if ABC cuts any episode orders.. they will be emily thorne’s next target.

  • Guy


    I don’t remember who said advertisers pay more for women, but I don’t think that’s completely true. In fact, men are coveted a lot more, since it’s such a rarity to have a high male demographic; plenty of shows have survived for having a large male audience. I would agree with the projected ratings theory and also might add that the audiences could be completely different. That is to say, that people who watch one show may spend more than those who watch Supernatural, and so on. And my last theory would be that Supernatural *just* began garnering these ratings. These figures might match with ratings it was getting on Friday.

  • Wendy

    Not to bring the political into this, as this is not the place, but The New Normal’s concept in itself risked alienating a portion of the audience, right or wrong, so the ratings the show is getting is not a complete surprise.

    So, would it perform better on another night? Maybe. Or maybe that portion won’t ever try it.

  • Wendy


    Tuesdays are packed these days. But in terms of Happy Endings, I’m not sure if a better lead in would have helped. I just say that because the show is now in its third season. It stands to reason that if its fans wanted to see it, they would.

    Or maybe they watch by DVR (likely!) or other means. Just too bad that these alternatives aren’t counted, which is kind of ridiculous, but what can you do.

  • jay

    The Voice spanked Xfactor.

  • MikeE

    Saying Advertisers pay more for women is pretty much saying women are easier to manipulate. Sorry to say but there’s a lot of truth to that. Guys just don’t fall for advertisers BS.

  • Oliver

    I remember reading about an NBC exec who said they deliberately tried to create distinctive divisive shows (e.g. Whitney, Chelsea, Save Me, Animal Practice, The New Normal, The Playboy Club). I believe their logic was that if a show hit the zeitgeist, then it would become super-successful even if a lot of people didn’t like it. Even the most successful network shows only appeal to relatively niche audiences these days

    On the other hand, the same network created Guys With Kids, Go On and Up All Night, which are the among the most bland and inoffensive shows on television, so who knows?

  • Oliver


    Actually, advertisers pay more for men, especially young men, which is the hardest demographic to reach since they watch fewer hours of television.

  • American

    At least Go On and New normal didn’t lose to ABC. Still.
    So right, Barkins gave the other side of the issues, very equal (like All in the Family).

  • Kavyn

    It’s hard to take the CW posts on here seriously when each CW show is referred to a “flop”

    I’m expecting someone to call Arrow “Floppow” tomorrow.

  • Samuel

    Sad that X Factor went down. Especially because of all the NBC zombies going around saying how much better The Voice did. Obviously it was going to! Considering how badly Fox screwed up last Wednesday and how little this episode was promoted, this isn’t that bad. The real test will be on November 1st when they have the first live show and NBC moves The Voice on purpose to try to lure idiotic viewers who aren’t interested in real talent.

  • Alex

    New girl nearly winnig its time period :)

  • Wendy


    If that was indeed NBC’s strategy, it hurt them. For a long time. And they still aren’t recovered from Wednesday on. Maybe NBC should go back to broad offerings.

    Then again, the TV landscape is forever different than it was in, say, 1994, when NBC had ER and Friends, or in the 1980s when it had Cheers and The Cosby Show.

    I’d bet if these shows premiered today, even they would not be the hits they were. Too many choices, more stations, the internet.

    What is now appealing or considered a hit is much different from then.

    Cable seems to be leading the demo brigade, though, now anyway. Which is also very different from the ’80s and ’90s. No turning back.

  • FV

    The X factor wasn’t competing with the Voice. X factor was at a different time.

  • ICBBsFuture

    Again…The Voice is killing it! I’m kinda new here but can’t wait til Idol starts to see what everyone is talking about (rating wise)!

  • Just Looking

    Ha, The New Normal got the same ratings as B!tch. It just proves that it doen;t matter when they premiered. Ratings are down across the board. I wonder what Mindy will get after 2 weeks of absence. I guess B!tch will win that timeslot a week from now.

    Both B!tch and Happy Endings are on the bubble but have a huge chance of getting renewed at the end of this season because all new ABC shows (sans The Neighbors :)) are flops and HE is on its way to syndication.

  • Kavyn

    Well, Comparing the CW shows(all of them) to other networks than yes all their shows are flops. The network is a flop.

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