Additional Scripts Ordered for 'Chicago Fire'

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October 25th, 2012


NBC has ordered five additional scripts for Chicago Fire, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Again, scripts are not episodes, so if you were looking for a full season pickup announcement, this isn't it. But still good news if you are a fan of firefighters.

  • TimsDale4ever

    While they’re at it, order some more hunks too!

  • John A

    Is that all this show has men with his shirt off?

  • ethan

    good…i like this show so far…they shud do a crossover with svu…grow the dick wolf universe like with conviction…mabe have an arsonist on svu, and then carry the case over to CF

  • scifi

    Additional scripts = series canceled.

  • Steve

    This show looks good, but the writing is horrible. They’re giving the characters issues way to fast and the fire calls are ridiculous. Hopefully NBC ordered five new writers for those scripts.

  • Oliver

    Not at all. Happy Endings got 6 additional scripts last season and is still on the schedule.

    Additional scripts means the network is buying additional time before making the decision to extend the order or not.

  • The End

    @John A

    Are you worried? Does it make you uncomfortable seeing another man with his shirt off on TV? Lol

  • Matt

    Chicago Fire has turned out to be a great pleasure for me to watch. I like the characters and how the storylines are progressing so far. But, I also felt that way about L&O:L.A. (reboot version) last year. And, we know how that turned out.

    I really hope CF can last past this season.

    And, I agree with Ethan that a crossover with SVU would be a great idea.

  • John A

    @The End Not at all im Gay but all ive ever seen of this show is Firemen with no shirt on.

  • thedemonhog

    All things considered, ‘Chicago Fire’ is doing pretty well for NBC; a full-season pickup should not be far off.

  • The End

    @John A

    Ah, come on though. It’s not what the entirety of every episode is about. The shirtless thing appeals greatly to female viewers too. If you want to keep the females interested, you add some decent looking guys, and now and then make them go shirtless.

  • Ram510

    So pretty much this show will probably get 18 episodes and will be cancelled in May

  • Freddy Arrow

    @ The End

    “If you want to keep the females interested, you add some decent looking guys, and now and then make them go shirtless.”

    And here I am thinking that good writing and acting would keep females interested in a show.

  • shawn

    Chicago Fire is actually a very well written show I think and has some interesting storylines…it doesnt even have that many scenes with men with their shirts off…

  • Tom

    5 more episodes would get them through roughly February sweeps, so it sounds like they don’t have high hopes for the timeslot inheritor (Infamous?) and want to keep it out of sweeps numbers.

    So at this point, it’s just a hedge, but with the sheer number of NBC dramas in play, I wouldn’t call it dead yet.

  • richard

    well, maybe in theory it will get 4 or 5 seasons, thus dick wolfs power wont die as soon as we thought. i loved law and order (especially the first few seasons). idk, i watched the pilot to this, and it didnt really do it for me. but i’ll probably give it another chance.

  • The End

    @Freddy Arrow

    That too.

    Granted I guess I didn’t phrase that in the best of ways, but that also factors into people watching some shows. One example being how a lot of females seem to want Josh Dallas to go shirtless on Once Upon a Time. The ladies seem to love the ‘hot’ guys in shows like these.

  • Oliver

    6 additional scripts doesn’t mean that there will only be a backorder of 6 episodes. They just want to keep the writers room in place before making a final decision on a backorder.

    For example, Harry’s Law had six additional scripts ordered last season and that ultimately translated into a full back 9.

  • Oliver

    Correction: 5 additional scripts doesn’t mean that there will only be a backorder of 5 episodes.

  • Sid

    I see more episodes getting ordered(not a full season order) just until Hannibal or Infamous is ready.

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