FOX Orders 'Stars in Danger: High Diving' Special

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October 25th, 2012

Those who can't dance...dive, apparently. FOX has ordered a two hour special, Stars in Danger: High Diving, which will air this winter, according to Deadline. The special will feature eight celebrities (TBA) competing to earn high marks from a judging panel as they attempt Olympic-style dives. What D-List celebrity would you like to see jump from perilously tall heights in this special?

Fun Fact: This idea originally came from a show that is very popular in in the Netherlands named Sterren Springen. This same show also inspired the new ABC series Celebrity Splash, announced two weeks ago. The show is actually based on the long-running German format Stars in Danger: High Diving, which has been airing annually as TV TOTAL Turmspringen on Germany’s ProSieben since 2004.

So much diving!

Update: Here is the official press release!





Two-Hour Unscripted Special,

Based on Original German Celebrity High Diving Format,

to Air in Winter 2013


October 25, 2012 – FOX today announced it has ordered the Banijay International format STARS IN DANGER:  HIGH DIVING (working title) from Bunim/Murray Productions, a Banijay Group company. Based on the long-running German format Stars in Danger: High Diving, the two-hour special event airing on FOX in Winter 2013 will feature stars from music, TV, film and pop culture plunging into a whole new discipline...diving!


Eight celebrities will complete a crash-course in diving techniques, trained and coached by some of America’s greatest divers, before competing in a series of Olympic-style dives, such as solo high diving and synchronized diving, from a variety of heights ranging from 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters. An expert judging panel will award points and eventually narrow down the men, women and teams until the finalists battle it out dive-for-dive to determine the ultimate champ and winner.  Viewers will get a poolside look at the courage and perseverance, as well as the twists, turns and flips that go into turning a celebrity into a diver who is ready to step to the edge to take a flying leap or momentous belly flop into diving history.


“Americans love reality competition shows, especially when celebrities are involved, and STARS IN DANGER: HIGH DIVING takes things to an entirely new level, truly raising the stakes higher than ever. This is the original celebrity high diving format—built on years of production knowledge in Germany—and FOX is the perfect home for it,” said Jonathan Murray, Chairman of Bunim/Murray Productions, who previously executive-produced “The Simple Life” and “The Rebel Billionaire” for FOX.


Francois de Brugada, EVP Banijay Group said, “STARS IN DANGER: HIGH DIVING is the original celebrity diving show. So, with the strength of the Group behind our talented U.S. subsidiary, along with the reach of Fox, this venture has all the hallmarks of success. STARS IN DANGER: HIGH DIVING is a long-running, thrilling and engaging format which continues to prove its popularity throughout the world.”


The original German format, STARS IN DANGER: HIGH DIVING, was created by Banijay Group’s Brainpool, a sister company of Bunim/Murray Productions, and has been airing annually as TV TOTAL Turmspringen on Germany’s ProSieben since 2004. The eighth installment will air in November. Banijay International has also recently sold the format to TV2 Norway and TV3 in Sweden.


STARS IN DANGER: HIGH DIVING is from Bunim/Murray Productions. Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein and Scott Freeman are executive producers.  STARS IN DANGER: HIGH DIVING is based on the German format “TV Total Turmspringen,” a format created and owned by RAAB TV/BRAINPOOL TV and distributed by Banijay International.




  • JJ

    The dutch version was just stupid. It was really a crapfest.

    Please USA, don’t make the same mistake

  • The End

    If you could choose anyone, I would pick Kathy Bates. DIVEEE BOOOOMBB!

    But honestly I’m not overly hyped for this.

  • Paulo PT


  • Neil

    The show sounds like Fox’s plunging ratings, I hope the pool is deep.

  • Kurt

    Funny, I was hoping it was shallow.


    Thought I was experiencing Deja Vu (not that hard at my age), but thanks Amanda for the Celebrity Splash reminder (I’m not crazy!)


    I’d say the cast from Revolution in unison, but baby Bieber comes to mind.

    I’m sure the Jersey Shore cast would fit the bill as well.

  • The End


    If it was shallow, they’d have to rename the show ‘The Cancellation Pool’ as some people are suggesting the cast of random shows jump from it.

  • AppleStinx

    Pamela Anderson. Back 2 1/2 somersaults in the straight position.

  • MrBlueEyes

    It was a fun show here in The Netherlands. They sold it too a lot of country’s including the usa. (its produced by Eyeworks)

    But it’s really a show for b-artists.

  • RP1991

    There is a German show called TV total Turmspringen that aired as a yearly event asince 2004 except 2006. About 10 people compete including the creator of the show Stefan Raab (who is a comedian who hosts a late night show and created a bunch of competition/game shows that are very successful in Germany). They go through a semi final and then a final round in both the sports single dives and synchronized diving and in the end the winners receive medals. It is designed after the olympics just as this new fox show and the dutch show.

    The only real differenence I see is that the Dutch show aired over a 4 episode season while the German show is a yearly special (approx 4 hours long)

    So if anybody wants to see what the German show looks like just search for it on youtube.

    btw the guy who created the German version also created these (celebrity) specials (doesn’t mean he was the first one internationally):
    boxing, something like luge or bobsleigh with a wok, (Ice) speed skating, (horse) show jumping, stock car, slalom skiing, car soccer, ice soccer, quizboxing and more.

    And yeah many of them air yearly on German tv which is pretty ridiculous.

  • cas127

    Unless some “celebrities” don’t actually end up dead, it just isn’t worth it.

  • Samunto

    @Amanda Kondolojy
    Please try to get your facts right or formulate your sentences better.

    The German version is actually the original and the dutch one is a rip-off which is just a revamped version of the german one.

    so when you say “Fun Fact: This idea originally came from a show that is very popular in in the Netherlands named Sterren Springen. This same show also inspired the new ABC series Celebrity Splash, announced two weeks ago.”
    then please try to find the meaning of the words ‘this idea originally…’ as even as the ABC show was announced, there was a ‘tag’ to the german original that aired first in 2004.

  • Sarah

    lol, Fox.

    It’s doesn’t even sound interesting.

  • Tyson

    When is the Stars in Danger: Cancellation Bear special?

  • Von

    Sounds interesting especially for a special.

    The real question is why not just bring Battle of the Network Stars back?

  • BOTR

    This show just has Gary Busey written all over it (or maybe Stephen Baldwin).

  • cb

    Jon Hamm… Especially if they have the same uniform as pro divers.

    I’d also like to see a Battle of the Network Stars and/or Circus of the Stars relaunch.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Sounds hilarious! And yes cb, those battle of the network stars were awesome back in the 80’s. Stars from KNOTS LANDING, SIMON & SIMON, COSBY, HILL STREET BLUES, etc. So much fun — remember Simon Says?

  • BG

    @BOTR Gary Busey and Stephen Baldwin are perfect choices!

  • Joseph

    This will no doubt air during the February “sweeps”.

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