TV by the Numbers On NPR's 'Morning Edition': NBC's Early Season Lead Among Adults 18-49

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October 25th, 2012

A  story on today's NPR Morning Edition featuring yours truly on NBC's lead among adults 18-49 over the broadcast competition in the first few weeks of the 2012-13 season.

A little post interview correcting: I noted that NBC hadn't been #1 for the season among adults 18-49 since 2002-3, when in fact they were also #1 in 2003-4. That's what happens when I rely on my bad memory instead of looking at the numbers!

  • Ali

    link does not work!!

  • Bill Gorman

    “link does not work!!”

    Thanks, fixed!

  • Ali

    now it does lol

  • Remote Patrolled

    Well done Bill.

    I love this site and the great work yourself and Robert do!

    The only problem – it’s so much of a distraction when I should be making TV rather than reading about it!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Dude

    Dude your site is the best.. I’ve been using it for years now.. Pretty sure the daily ratings will be out pretty soon now right :D.. I REALLY HOPE The Neighbors did well :D fingers crossed

  • Restless

    Awesome ^^

  • Oliver

    Congrats on the publicity.

    SNF is a huge boost to NBC’s average. Remove it and they’d be back in a (close) third. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up back in fourth during the second half of the season.


    WTG R&B! Keep making the “waves.”

  • Hubert R.

    oh, this was sweet.

  • battye

    I really liked it when you made those season to date graphs like the ones in – will you ever be bringing them back?

  • Bill Gorman

    “will you ever be bringing them back?”

    No, for a variety of reasons.

  • AppleStinx

    Cool. Another for my collection.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    2003-04 season was the last season of Friends…good times!

  • James C.
  • richard


  • richard

    you dont sound anything like i pictured.

    ha ha even I knew it was 2004.

  • Bill Gorman

    “you dont sound anything like i pictured.”

    If I sound worse, I blame the microphone & Skype.

    If I sound better, of course I sound better! ;)

  • Alexthegreatny

    I heard and was so excited. Doesn’t get much better than Morning Edition!


  • j

    Yeah, their final year on top was their final year with smash Friends which helped prop their whole Thursday (also, to a lesser extent, Frasier was a veteran hit which left that year).

    The very next year, they went 4th, due to both A) American Idol being the OMGSMASH it is today, and B) in one season ABC added its top 3 shows – Grey/Housewives/Lost. That was AMAZING promotion and/or programming development by ABC, to be able to pull itself back from the whole they made with Millionaire on every night. Grey’s is still going strong. Now if only NBC would be able to make 3 smashes at once – Revolution might count as half of one, given its timeslot.

  • Honey Badger

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