'Attack of the Show' and 'X-Play' Canceled by G4

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October 26th, 2012

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Both Long-Running Series Helped Define, as Well as Expand,
The Pop Culture and Gaming TV Experience for a Generation

Los Angeles, CA, October 26, 2012 – Attack of the Show! and X-Play are the longest-running and defining series for G4 through its first decade. With the shows ending production at the end of 2012, G4 is getting set to showcase the landmark series as they wind down their long runs on the network.

With upwards of 1,700 and 1,300 episodes, respectively, Attack of the Show! and X-Play defined the gamer culture for a generation of young men, and served as the launch pad for prominent personalities including Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Chris Hardwick and Adam Sessler. Guests James Cameron, Ryan Reynolds, Jimmy Fallon, William Shatner, Sasha Baron Cohen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are among the notables who got their geek on. The shows also pioneered live-from-the-floor coverage of the two most important conventions in the game culture universe: San Diego Comic-Con and E3.

Leading up to their final episodes, Attack of the Show! and X-Play will look back at their most memorable moments, important scoops, entertaining programming and appealing hosts. A rotating lineup of guest co-hosts like John Barrowman, Michael Ian Black, Josh Myers, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel and Horatio Sanz will join AOTS hosts Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood, and X-Play hosts Morgan Webb and Blair Herter as part of the farewell shows.

Attack of the Show! and X-Play have been important for G4, and we want to acknowledge the creative people who have helped inspire and showcase the phenomenon of gamer culture,” G4 Media General Manager Adam Stotsky said. “With more than 3,000 episodes aired between them, we have more than enough great material to honor these innovators and their amazing contributions as we bring both shows to a close.”

Attack of the Show! debuted March 28, 2005 and from the start was the ultimate male guide to everything cool and new in the world of technology, web culture, gaming and pop culture. For the next few months, AOTS will mix new segments with audience favorites, such as the iPhone extravaganza on June 29, 2007, on the eve of the debut of the first generation of Apple’s market-changing smartphone. The July 2006 premiere of the first live-from-the-floor coverage from San Diego Comic-Con will be celebrated as well. Old friends will return to join the celebration, and the show’s signature cheeky attitude and feel-for-the zeitgeist will be very much in evidence.

X-Play made its debut almost two years earlier, on April 28, 2003 (on G4’s previous incarnation: TechTV), and immediately became the go-to destination for young men seeking the latest video game news, honest reviews, hands-on demos and exclusive video game trailers and footage. The year-end celebration will take viewers back through highlights of this landmark show’s history, including its exclusive live-from-the-floor coverage of the E3 convention in Los Angeles, the most important annual gathering for the gaming community. X-Play has also established a franchise of doing an annual year-end round-up of the best in a wide range of video games, and you can be sure those will be revisited before the show signs-off for good. As with AOTS, expect old friends to return too.

Attack of the Show! and X-Play will air original episodes through the end of the year.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Honestly at this point I’m expecting G4 to just cancel G4 and call it a day.

  • Mr. me


  • Oliver

    NBC are canceling/rebranding G4 next year.

  • Lockemonster

    Sad day.

  • Rufus

    Those shows were just taking time away from Cops & Cheaters reruns. Who needs them? Bring on the makeover to be just like every other station on television!

  • kyle

    Sad because I really enjoyed Attack Of The Show

  • DougF

    ATOS has sucked since Olivia Munn left and they decided to make Candace Bailey a host instead of Alison Haislip.

  • Bart

    Luckily I am not a gamer – never watched this channel before in my life

  • Jason50

    I’m going to miss Sara Underwood….so sad.

  • Luke

    I’ll be sad to see both go. Yes, I think AOTS was better before Olivia and Kevin left but what else can they do? I kinda expected it since they were planning on relaunching G4 anyway.

  • slider121

    G4 died for me when they “revamped” The Screen Savers and fired most of the old TechTV hosts. If there is any justice in this world Comcast will put G4 out of it’s misery and thankfully TechTV sort of lives on thanks to Twit.tv and Revision3.

  • Leoben Conoy

    Ditto on missing Sarah Jean Underwood.

    Hopefully she gets work again soon.

    She is lovely, hot and hilarious.

  • Tom

    G4’s been dead to me, outside of E3 coverage, for years now.

    Not too surprising, as rumors are everywhere of a reboot to a more upscale version of Spike. How you fill 24 hours a day (or even with what) to those goals is beyond me.

  • Ted

    G4 was dead since Neal Tiles took over the channel in 2005 and got rid of all the video game stuff on it. Other than E3 coverage and Cops reruns, Attack of the Show and X-Play were the only things I watched and I am glad to see the network itself finally going.

  • Sam

    Amazing how Comcast took a great channel (Tech TV) and a good channel (G4 in the very early days, when they had shows like Judgment Day and Icons and showed Starcade reruns) and smashed them together to make one horrible station. The channel is worthless, except for Campus PD, which seems to be cancelled as well. Bring back the old Tech TV.

  • ThundaPC

    G4 is supposed to be rebranding to provide more upscale and more sophisticated content. This move effectively kills off what little video game content they have left.

    G4 seemed to be a debacle from start to finish so whatever. Spike TV has essentially picked up the slack in the gaming department anyway.

  • Kenny

    G4 was dead to me when they took off The Screen Savers and Call for Help. They really could have done something with that network but that AOTS was awful and the host were all smartasses and you didn`t learn nothing from them, at least when Patrick and Leo LaPorte were on I learned something. I`m going to miss the Comic-Con coverage and E-3 coverage everyday too. and as for x-play i missed it when Kate Botello was on, and remember Erica Hill on Tech Tv too..What a shame what could have been.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’ve downloaded a number of clips of interview with my favorite babes from Attack of the Show, so I’ll miss Kevin and his stupid jokes. :-) But I’m sure there will be a replacement or other options.

  • Sheamus

    I agree guys this channel has sucked for years now, when it was just about the videogames before 2005 or 2006 it was awesome.

    I never did like Attack of the Show but X-Play was alright because of Morgan Webb and retarded blonde dude. Then there’s Kristin Holt who got downgraded, bad move.

    Just bad moves, I’m glad their closing shop. They should just turn it into a throwback station full of Knight Rider reruns.

  • Jasterisk

    I only knew g4 for attack of the show. What now. LOL

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