NHL Announces Cancellation of 2012-13 Regular-Season Schedule Through November 30

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October 26th, 2012

via press release:

NHL announces cancellation of 2012-13 regular-season schedule through November 30

NEW YORK – The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through November 30 because of the absence of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players' Association and the NHL.

A total of 326 regular-season games – 26.5 percent of the season -- were scheduled for Oct. 11 through Nov. 30.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    So they basically have one month of negeotations left before they cancel the Winter Classic. That’s all people really care about at this point. If that gets cancelled, a LOT of businesses/companies will lose money.

  • Mark

    Does anybody south of Canada and west of Boston really care??? I know I don’t…lol

  • don juan

    @Mark yes,people do.

  • Anna Clarkwood

    First it NHL a few years back cutting their whole season out. Then it was NFL, who thankfully were able to last minute not cut any actual games. Then it was NBA that did cut 26 games out of 82, right? Then it was NFL Umpires contracts. Now, it’s NHL already cutting 1/4 of their games after so recently cutting out the whole season.

    MLB also had their contracts up last winter and were able to take care of it.

    With the economy the way it is and with ticket/concession/merchandise prices the way they are, it just seems like both the Billionaire and the Millionaires are just being too greedy.

    Yes, I know that only about 6 NBA teams are/were making a profit and the NHL is possibly even worse off. But come on they are all rich or at least well off that if they gave up their luxuries and lived modestly on say 100K a year they wouldn’t have to work again for their life. Yes, I know that they are celebs so they needs a whole team bodyguards/PR etc but still.

    I really don’t know all the details to all sides of each sports stories so I won’t go further. But even if they are in debt and all sides (save the regular local folk) loose money just by playing the games they really should be able to figure out something during the offseason or behind closed doors while letting the regular workers work, the fans watch, the not well known players play. B/c no matter what, they can’t make money or have the sport grow to make money for those teams losing just by playing, by not giving the fans a reason to buy tickets/concessions/merch/watch the commercials.

  • Fed

    I hope there is a lockout. The NHL seasons have been very long. From October to mid June! The hockey season ends in the SUMMER. Why do you need 82 games regular season. The league has to do big changes so that the NHL becomes once again a top league. In the near future it will be passed by the MLS as the fourt most popular league. They should reduce the teams. No one cares about hockey in the southern states. Make the regular season from November to the end of February and the playoffs in March. Hockey should end when spring comes. No wonder the NFL is such a machine. Each team plays only 16-20 matches so the season is very special and long-waited.

  • jessica

    Fire Bettman.

    And don’t hire Fred here to take his place. Let Fred enjoy his NFL.

    Bring the NHL back to Canada where it isn’t a throw-away league in a who-cares sport.

  • mort

    more to follow. both are stubborn.

  • Tyson

    The Winter Classic is the biggest roadblock on the road to another canceled season. If the Classic is scrapped, I don’t see much that could cause the NHL and the NHLPA to forge a deal before September 2013.

  • jay

    Nobody cares.

  • Nick

    And we have a surprise fourth cancellation of the season! ;-)

  • William Haney

    What will NBC do to fill in the programming the day after Thanksgiving and should they need to on New Year’s Day???

  • Sheamus

    Donald Fehr and Gary Betteman are scum, the league was going good after the previous lockout and now they want to ruin it. IDIOTS!

    Shut up Mark, you obsessed NHL troll.

  • Michael H.

    Gary Betteman is clearly the worst leader of his kind ever. If you can’t run the business without taking it away every contract renewal please get out of the way and turn it over to someone who isn’t an ego driven “Napoleon Complex”
    incompetent. Whenever hockey comes back I will take the year off and if I see any hockey related advertising I will take the time to let the companies know I am not buying from them in response to my anger at the whole lock-out mess.

  • Kangarookeeper

    I live in Canada and I don’t care either.

  • Brian

    Bettman is a moron! Resign and the game will be fine again. We Canadians care very much for our sport.

  • colt13

    Third stoppage in 17 years. Worst marketed sport besides the WNBA, and they have the same problem of stopping their season for the Olympics. Makes them look weak. Vs, now NBC Sports, would be marketing them for the first time under that name and would have had more viewers.

    To those who say get out of warm weather cities, that is a mistake. I am biased because I live in Phoenix, but stoppages have been after Tampa Bay and Los Angeles(also the Rangers)won titles so they lost promotion. But the NHL needs to promote the warm weather teams in the winter classic. Only teams that play are the original 6, Crosby and Ovechkin. Also need to promote #1 picks like the NBA does. Time to get Tavares, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins some US coverage.

  • Nikita is the BEST

    I agree Colt13 NHL could be doing even better as a league I feel like the commissioner is the main reason why the NHL isn’t marketed too well nationally in the States.

    The NHL should market superstars like the NBA does and it would give the sport a chance to prosper in those regions out South and out West where they tend to struggle at.

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