Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Vampire Diaries' Adjusted Up; 'Parks & Rec', 'Up All Night', 'Rock Center', 'The Office', '30 Rock', 'Person of Interest' & 'Beauty & the Beast' Adjusted Down

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October 26th, 2012

The Big Bang Theory,was adjusted up two tenths, Grey's Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries were adjusted up a single tenth while Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, The Office and Rock Center were each adjusted down two tenths and 30 Rock, Person of Interest and Beauty and the Beast were adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. Plus, find the final ratings for game 2 of the World Series below.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, October 24, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.0 15 15.82
FOX World Series 3.5 10 12.34
ABC Last Resort 1.3 4 6.53
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.3 4 2.87
NBC 30 Rock 1.2 4 3.13
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 3.7 11 12.94
NBC Up All Night 1.4 4 3.21
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.0 8 8.76
CBS Person of Interest 2.9 8 14.03
NBC The Office 1.9 5 4.00
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.6 2 1.88
9:30 NBC Parks and Recreation 1.7 4 3.34
10:00 CBS Elementary 2.2 6 10.31
ABC Scandal 2.0 6 6.11
NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams 1.1 3 3.72

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  • Ultima

    Nikita is on tonight, so we’ll see.


  • Babygate

    Grey’s beats POI! Order is restored!

  • rob60990

    “POI skews older than anything on CBS?”

    Blue Bloods definitely skews older.

  • eridapo

    A25-54 Demos

    Time Program (Network) A25-54
    8:00 Big Bang Theory (CBS) ……….. 6.4/17
    Last Resort (ABC) …………… 1.9/ 5
    The Vampire Diaries (CW) …….. 1.3/ 3
    World Series Pregame (Fox) …… 1.4/ 5
    30 Rock (NBC) ………………. 1.4/ 4
    8:05 World Series Game 2: DET/SF (Fox) 4.2/10
    8:30 Up All Night (NBC) ………….. 1.6/ 4
    8:31 Two and a Half Men (CBS) …….. 5.2/13
    9:00 Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) ………… 3.8/ 9
    The Office (NBC) ……………. 2.2/ 5
    Beauty and the Beast (CW) ……. 0.7/ 2
    9:01 Person of Interest (CBS) …….. 4.2/10
    9:31 Parks and Recreation (NBC) …… 1.8/ 4
    10:01 Elementary (CBS) ……………. 3.0/ 7
    Rock Center B. Williams (NBC) … 1.4/ 3
    10:02 Scandal (ABC) ………………. 2.6/ 6

  • PV

    Just as I predicted. B&B and Emily Owens are going down and 90210 and Hart Of Dixie are both on their way to renewal. People were too hard on these shows before, but now ratings are all the same. The only Freshman that will survive is Arrow (just like HoD last year) also, I think they may save one out of Cult and Carrie.

  • rob60990

    “1) Vampire Diaries- 1.3

    2) Arrow- 1.1

    Supernatural- 0.7

    Nikita is on tonight, so we’ll see.”

    If Nikita beats any of these shows, I will run around naked.

  • eridapo

    POI beat Greys by 4/10s on A25-54 ;)

  • Katie Hart

    I so wanted Beauty and the Beast to be good, and even I’m hating it. I would have probably given up last night after the third episode, but the preview for next week seems to delve into the secret military organization, so I’ll probably watch one more episode. But man, does this show need new writers!

  • Babygate

    Wait, Scandal was not adjusted down? Sweet! Yikes for Up All Night! Parks and Rec needs to go up! Happy that Greys was adjusted but those ratings are bad, especially this early in the season. 3.0 is a Spring rating…But as long as it wins the hour I guess GA is safe.

  • LT


    Posted October 26, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    “KS, nope.

    1) Vampire Diaries- 1.3

    2) Arrow- 1.1

    Supernatural- 0.7

    Nikita is on tonight, so we’ll see.”

    You don’t have to wait. Nikita will get a 0.2 or 0.3.

  • DaxJackson

    Didn’t ABC order additional scripts for LR? Maybe it’s to resolve it? One can hope.

  • SJ

    Yes! Grey’s > Person of Interest! :D All is right with the world again.

    With Nashville and Scandal stabilizing at 2.0 and Castle doing slightly better, ABC’s drama situation suddenly doesn’t seem so bad – they have three high rated dramas: Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and Revenge, three middling performers: Nashville, Scandal and Castle and three failures: the already cancelled Private Practice, Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. I still think there’s a chance they’ll be #3 by the end of the season. A slight chance, but a chance nonetheless.

    I am officially jumping ship on Up All Night. Wow. What a bore! I really hope it’s gone after it finishes airing its current episode order.

  • Wright

    So the 3 best shows on the CW have the highest ratings…shocking. I swear Catherine on B&tB is a stalker. I hope Nikita does well tonight. Looking forward to Cult when it premieres.

  • PV

    Also BaTB lost exactly half of it’s premiere audience in only 3 episodes. Isn’t it obvious that viewers are not sticking around until the end of the season? It should be canceled after the 13 episodes order.

  • PV

    are not going to**

  • eridapo

    Season to date (ABC 18-49 versus 25-54)

    Show A18-49 avg A25-54 avg Difference
    666 Park Avenue 1.750 2.125 0.375
    Castle 2.050 2.850 0.800
    Don’t Trust the B— 1.700 1.900 0.200
    Grey’s Anatomy 3.625 4.425 0.800
    Happy Endings 1.800 2.300 0.500
    Last Resort 1.740 2.320 0.580
    Modern Family 4.960 5.880 0.920
    Nashville 2.267 2.800 0.533
    Once Upon A Time 3.400 3.825 0.425
    Private Practice 1.625 2.150 0.525
    Revenge 2.825 3.300 0.475
    Scandal 2.025 2.575 0.550
    Suburgatory 2.750 3.350 0.600
    The Middle 2.520 3.180 0.660
    The Neighbors 2.200 2.800 0.600

  • silvit


    Do you want other examples? I have it if you want.
    Shonda Rimes is -or at least was, not sure now- the only and sole showrunner of GA and PP. And she happened to be a female. What difference it makes if she was the only one instead of three if she was the ONLY showrunner of the show, like they are the sole and only showrunners of tBtB?
    If critics slam a show based on a gender factor,which is what you were hinting at with your “male run industry” it doesn’t matter how many women are involved, just that women are involved.

    The same can be said for 30 Rock. 30 Rock is practically Tina Fey.

  • SPM

    LOL Floppity & the Beast at 0.6 already :D

  • Brandy

    Darn, Beauty adjusted down,i really like it.

  • One

    GODDAMN YOU, AMERICA! That was one on the best episodes of television I’ve seen this year, and yet you STILL REJECT IT FURTHER! HOW F_CKING DARE YOU! We will ALL burn such that the infidels who won’t allow this supreme slab of drama the light of day it deserves might burn with us! YOUR DOOM IS UPON YOU ALL!

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