'Treme' to Get 5-Episode Final Season

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October 26th, 2012

Treme's final season will consist of five episodes, it was announced via the show's Facebook page. Production begins November 5th. No air date has been announced yet.

  • John A

    A final season announcement of episodes and this is the only comment. This show has no fanbase.

  • Tyson

    The Facebook page has about 300 comments. Mostly people whining that they aren’t getting enough episodes, that HBO sucks for not continuing to waste money producing a show that has a smaller fan base than many YouTube channels and that Americans are stupid for not embracing the same thing they enjoy.

  • forg

    Sepinwall from Hitfix constantly covers this show but barely gets any comments unlike other “prestige” cable dramas he covers that gets 200-400 comments

  • Hugh

    Come on HBO, at least give it a UK style 6 episodes.
    But they did a good thing giving Simon a chance to try and finish the story.

    I’ve never watched it, but I may someday.

  • Simon Jester

    @John A – Sorry, didn’t realize I don’t count as a fan unless I commented in this forum. Foolishly, I thought that watching the show is what made me a fan.

    We already knew there would be an abbreviated season; we just didn’t know how many eps. As a result, the actual announcement doesn’t seem to require much additional comment.

  • richard

    well, david simon said in the past that he felt the show had 4 seasons, so thank you HBO for sticking with it til the end. yeah, he probably wanted 8-10 episodes for the season, but at the end of the day,the fact thbat the show even got to its last season is a miracle. the ratings certainly never justified it, so thanks guys for seeing it through til the end :)

  • catocony

    Treme is a great show, but it does have narrow appeal. If you don’t like the music or the politics of it, then you won’t watch it.

    But the final season announcement was made before Season 3 started last month, and it was stated that it would be four episodes or so. An announcement of five episodes and that they start shooting in two weeks isn’t a major announcement.

  • mayorofsmpleton

    HBO is about more than ratings. This is one of the best shows on TV.

  • Tom

    That gives Steve Zahn five more episodes in which to unearth even more obscure fossils from New Orleans’ too distant R&B past. I cannot imagine why anyone but the most obsessive R&B couch potato would be remotely interested in a bunch of hitherto unheard of musicians whose careers never took off in the first place. Steve: Get over yourself. Living in New Orleans and having once cut a 78 RPM record doesn’t qualify anyone as a musical legend.

  • cas127

    “HBO is about more than ratings”

    Yeah, it is all about subscriber fees and the t*t shots that support them.

    Stay classy, HBO.

    (Btw, Treme sucked from the start).

  • mayorofsmpleton

    Well, that’s one incorrect opinion. ;)

    THE WIRE also lasted 5 seasons despite ‘ratings’ not justifying it. HBO is about establishing brand recognition. They don’t need to appease advertisers.

  • Tom

    The Wire was an iconic narrative that featured an assemblage of unforgettable characters. This show had a real gritty urban feel that hooked its viewers from the first episode. I haven’t ever seen a large ensemble cast work that well. In contrast, it’s hard to care much about the characters of Treme. Particularly Steve Zahn who seems to have little to do but indulge a fetish for justifiably forgotten R&B musicians. The characters are not up to anything special and the whole Katrina related scenario really doesn’t resonate anymore. When HBO is on target such as in the Wire or True Blood, it’s virtually unbeatable. But, shows like Treme and Luck just drag down its brand.

  • catocony

    It’s not R&B; it’s jazz. Distinctly different music types. That could be one reason you don’t like the show – you don’t like the music.

  • groove365

    I like Treme’ just as much as the Wire.
    It’s more of a slice of life show than a standard plot driven drama, that’s why a lot of people don’t like it much, we don’t get much of that type of show in the US and people aren’t used to it.

    The point isn’t to show special events or high points in their lives but to show their lives as they live them everyday because they are interesting enough without showing handpicked high and low points.

    The Wire’s story was told the same way and characters portrayed the same way but the police drama masked the everydayness of it so that most didn’t notice.

  • jim

    Treme is not for everyone. But if you love the music of NOLA, and the fact that much of music we listen to today was birthed there, (not to mention the beating they took after Katrina), and like character driven (not action driven) shows, you will enjoy.

  • CCV

    Brilliant show. Simon will be able to bring another great and under appreciated show to a satisfying close. For all the fools saying Treme is bad because it’s about katrina…you probably thought The Wire was a great “cop” show. Completely missing the point. These are stories about PEOPLE and America and the world we live in. Boiling it all down to “it’s about jazz so it’s dumb” only proves how much you DON’T know.

  • Tom

    @ catocony FYI. Steve Zahn has referred to his obscure musical heroes as R&B artists several times during this season. Plus, if you actually listened to the music (such as it is), you’d know it isn’t jazz.

    Since you’re such an expert, consider this excerpt from observatoryroom.org: “Davis Rogan is a New Orleans songwriter, bandleader, DJ and raconteur who is the inspiration for the Treme character Davis McAlary, played by actor Steve Zahn. Rogan combines influences as varied as the history of New Orleans rhythm & blues, an encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop and an affinity for classic rock into his wide-ranging musical palette.”

    So, thanks for the erroneous information.

  • MockingbirdGirl

    @Tom – “Obscure”? Tonight’s episode featured Fats Domino and Irma Thomas. If you don’t know who they are, it’s says more about your musical ignorance than anything else. But gosh, we’re all impressed by your ability to Google.

  • catocony


    Wow, a lot of bitterness. I’m just saying that you don’t like the music, thus, you don’t like the show. Nothing more.

  • Icon

    Kudos to HBO for sticking with even a half season. It’s so nice to see a different show and not the same diet of procedural crap. I know I will be an HBO subscriber for life due to shows like Treme, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Rome, Deadwood etal.

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