Tribune Stations Returning to Cablevision, Including New York CW Affiliate WPIX

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October 26th, 2012

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BETHPAGE, N.Y., OCTOBER 26, 2012 – Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE: CVC) today announced that it has reached agreement with Tribune Company to return Tribune-owned stations to Cablevision, including WTIC (FOX CT) and WPIX (CW).


The company issued the following statement:


“We are pleased to have reached agreement with Tribune to return its stations to Cablevision, particularly its FOX affiliate in Connecticut, the only source of FOX programming for about 50,000 of our customers.  We sincerely appreciate the patience of our customers as we worked to reach an agreement that is consistent with our focus on minimizing the impact of rising programming costs on cable rates.”


Returning to Cablevision are:


WTIC, the exclusive source of FOX programming in about 50,000 Cablevision homes in Connecticut; WPIX (CW); WCCT (CW), carried in a small portion of Connecticut; KWGN (CW) carried in some Optimum West markets; WPHL (MyNetwork), carried in a small portion of New Jersey; and WGN, carried in a small portion of Cablevision’s Optimum West service area.


About Cablevision

Cablevision Systems Corporation is one of the nation’s leading media and telecommunications companies. In addition to delivering its Optimum-branded cable, Internet, and voice offerings throughout the New York area, the company owns and operates cable systems serving homes in four Western states. Cablevision’s local media properties include News 12 Networks, MSG Varsity and Newsday Media Group. Cablevision also owns and operates Clearview Cinemas.  Additional information about Cablevision is available on the Web at


  • bluejoni

    Yeh !!! now I can watch ANTM again !! that’s all I watch on CW

  • Brittney

    Great, now people will stop saying the low ratings are due to Cablevision.

  • ChuckieChk

    I wonder if Arrow will see a ratings increase?

  • Travis

    I’ve always wondered, doesn’t the CW have far fewer affiliates hence the drastically lower ratings? If that’s the case, shouldn’t the network be held to a different standard? I know it doesn’t matter when it comes to comparing CW shows to one another, but maybe a .4 is actually decent for one of their shows.

  • Luke

    As Dean it says: – Awesome! :-)

  • Robert Seidman

    @Travis: fewer, yes, but not FAR fewer that would result in DRASTICALLY lower ratings. The latest coverage estimates I saw (as of data for this past Monday night) ABC, CBS and NBC had 99% coverage, Fox had 98% coverage and CW had 95% coverage (and I’m guessing this announcement gets CW back to ~97%).

    Univision — which is not a fair comparison for a variety of reasons — had more than 4x CW’s A18-49 rating on Monday night, but only 82% coverage.

  • CrimTV

    @Travis and Robert

    Case it’s just the fact of a smaller number of viewers wanting to watch the shows on the network, which is crazy since I see The CW shows as my favourite (GG, 90210, Arrow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, ANTM currently are shows I watch)

  • Hillbilly

    @Bill Gorman

    A tad off the subject, but my local CW is now in HD. I give you the credit. :)

  • T.L.

    @Travis: Keep in mind that The CW’s affiliates are a mix of over-the-air TV stations, digital multicast outlets and cable-only channels. So the over-the-air availability isn’t as high as the other networks. Although there has been a gradual transition of these cable-only channels to gain broadcast carriage as subchannels of network-affiliated stations. However the network’s cable-only channels are generally in small markets, so it’s likelier that the lower ratings have more to do with competition from other networks such as the “Big Four” (ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox), PBS and cable channels.

  • brutony

    Its about fracking TIME! Of course, its been off over 2 months, I missed all my Mets games on it since Aug, didnt see the first few episodes of Arrow and Beauty and the Beast (and since thats the only network they dont carry On Demand, I cant catch up with them), and at this stage, whats the use? At least the annual traditional Honeymooners marathons on New Years Day will be back!

    BTW, theres also ANOTHER CW channel Cablevision carried, and that was Channel 57, WPSG-even though they STILL dont show it in HD, it had been off too, and I assume its back on, also!

  • T.L.

    @brutony: It’ll be a while before Cablevision subs get The CW’s programming on-demand, the network just launched its VOD service only to Comcast customers earlier today.

  • T.L.

    @brutony: Oh, and WPSG wasn’t affected by this dispute, that’s not a Tribune station, CBS owns ‘PSG. WPHL is owned by Tribune and was affected by the dispute, that station has returned to Cablevision.

  • bill

    Wait…We haven’t had the CW for two months on Cablevision? Well I’ll be…

  • Oliver

    Aw, I guess that means no more comments blaming a ridiculously tiny carriage dispute for The CW’s woeful ratings.

  • Anon

    The CW is disadvantaged in other ways. WNAB broadcasts its primary channel in 16:9 720p. But I know that in the Nashville market, dish Network carries the station in 4:3 aspect. I doubt this is the only market where that is happening.

    also ref:

  • Chis

    Finally.. Ive had to stream the episodesnonline from third party websites to watch the cw

  • Nathan (NR2012)


  • eridapo

    Now prepare to see the ratings spike for CW. Yes folks a whole one hundredth of a ratings point.

  • brutony

    Sorry I have a correction-its Channel 17 in Philadelphia we werent getting, WPHL-just wanted to go on the record to clarify that. Tells you how much Ive missed it, and ever watch it, lol!

  • brutony

    @ TL-Sorry again, I didnt see your correction of my error-I was just so giddy and excited to get CW back Ive lost all control, lol! I didnt even mention I can still see the conclusion of the Gossip Girl series-SWEET! Any more lesbo eps?

    And, theres still ANOTHER station that was whacked that we got back-AntennaTV-ever hear of it? They show all old reruns of classic comedies-not in HD, of course, but still…At least, as opposed to TVLand, they dont have their own lame attempts at sitcoms, and DONT show no friggin reality shows on it-OY!

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