Tribune Stations Returning to Cablevision, Including New York CW Affiliate WPIX

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October 26th, 2012

via press release:



BETHPAGE, N.Y., OCTOBER 26, 2012 – Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE: CVC) today announced that it has reached agreement with Tribune Company to return Tribune-owned stations to Cablevision, including WTIC (FOX CT) and WPIX (CW).


The company issued the following statement:


“We are pleased to have reached agreement with Tribune to return its stations to Cablevision, particularly its FOX affiliate in Connecticut, the only source of FOX programming for about 50,000 of our customers.  We sincerely appreciate the patience of our customers as we worked to reach an agreement that is consistent with our focus on minimizing the impact of rising programming costs on cable rates.”


Returning to Cablevision are:


WTIC, the exclusive source of FOX programming in about 50,000 Cablevision homes in Connecticut; WPIX (CW); WCCT (CW), carried in a small portion of Connecticut; KWGN (CW) carried in some Optimum West markets; WPHL (MyNetwork), carried in a small portion of New Jersey; and WGN, carried in a small portion of Cablevision’s Optimum West service area.


About Cablevision

Cablevision Systems Corporation is one of the nation’s leading media and telecommunications companies. In addition to delivering its Optimum-branded cable, Internet, and voice offerings throughout the New York area, the company owns and operates cable systems serving homes in four Western states. Cablevision’s local media properties include News 12 Networks, MSG Varsity and Newsday Media Group. Cablevision also owns and operates Clearview Cinemas.  Additional information about Cablevision is available on the Web at


  • Riff Rafferty

    And, theres still ANOTHER station that was whacked that we got back-AntennaTV-ever hear of it?

    Great channel! Uncut (well, the Universal shows are… now your turn, Sony), no junk graphics obscuring the screen, no smushing the closing credits into an unreadable window to run promos on top of them. Just like TV was in the good old days.

    Also nice to have a network to remind you of how much better the small screen was before the “tolerant” party of feeeeelings got their mitts all over it.

  • Riff Rafferty

    (And I don’t mean Romney.)

  • Mark Wood

    Just think of all the fun the DVR results for this week will be, Nikita improved 50% its a keeper. By getting to a huge .3…..

    A few people were asking whats the worse performance an original hour of the CW has done. People mentioned things like Hellcats and Melrose Place getting a .1. Which is not factually accurate at all.Just for the record the lowest adult 18-49 Hellcats & Melrose Place only ever received was one .4 during a preemptions.

    For fall/ Spring season the lowest performer for the CW has been…..
    CW Now with a .1 back in 02/03/08.

    Other shows to hit .2’s have been:
    CW Now Hit 4 .2’s in 2008
    Online Nation 2 .2 in 2007

    Both of those were cheap, cheap programming that aired at 7 and 7:30 on Sunday.

    Life IS Wild twice hit .2 in 2008 A SUnday 8pm show.
    LA Complex Had 4 .2 during the official season 3 of them last year in May one the first week of this season in the Fall.

    DUring Summer the only originals to sink to a .2 have been all from last year (which isn’t surprising as besides Hidden Palms. and Farmer Wants a Wife the CW really didn’t do anything original before last year.

    La Complex, The Catalina, Breaking Pointe, and the Next have all hit .2’s.

  • Mark Wood

    ^Damn wrong thread.

  • brutony

    Ok, Riff Rafferty, glad you put that disclaimer in, or else Id have to lay the smackdown on you, lol! President-elect Romney had NOTHING to do with that station disappearing, but he would have ended this standoff immediatly, not like Obama, who lets these things simmer and boil-why have all of these blackouts happened under HIS administration, HMMM?

  • Ray

    Cablevision pulling the CW off the air without any notice was the last straw. I switched over to Verizon FIOS in late August and never looked back. Screw you, Optimum!

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