Will Anyone Watch 'Mockingbird Lane' Tonight? (Poll)

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October 26th, 2012

Update: The special notched a 1.5, which isn't too bad, but it looks like your predictions were too optimistic.

A Munsters reboot sounds like an odd sell at first, but when you consider the popularity of genre television on cable (I'm looking at you American Horror Story & The Walking Dead), bringing something a bit darker to broadcast sounds like it could be an interesting gamble. Unfortunately, after the pilot for Mockingbird Lane was filmed, NBC stopped production, reportedly due to the series' too-dark tone.

Viewers will have the chance to decide for themselves tonight if this was a wise decision, as the pilot is airing as a one-off special before Grimm, presumably to help NBC recoup some of their reported $10 Million investment. For those that cling to hope, there have even been whisperings that the possibility may exist for Mockingbird Lane to still become a series if enough people tune in. But will they? Especially on a Friday? Cast your vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  • Robin

    Won’t be watching 30 seconds worth. This ship sailed in the 60’s.

  • Tom M

    I’ll watch, maybe Live, probably on DVR. I’m always banging on networks for not airing the pilots they’ve already paid for to at least see what they’ve got in terms of audience interest, so I’d be a hypocrite NOT to watch. In principle, a “Munsters” reboot does nothing for me, but I’ve liked Jerry O’Connell since “Sliders”, so I’m comfortable with actor loyalty and the avoidance of hypocrisy as my main motivations for tuning in. I voted in the 1.2-1.5 range. :)

  • Paulo PT


  • Anthony

    I think anything between a 1.0 and 1.8 is reasonable. I have seen them actually advertising it, so it might stand a chance. I was kind of excited for it so hopefully it does gangbusters and NBC decides to pick it up, although I know that is a major long shot.

  • and me

    I’ve been watching reruns of Monk on MyTV at 7 on Fridays because the other networks weren’t showing anything I wanted to watch. I’ll tune in to Mockingbird Lane.

  • tv#1

    I am definitely going to watch. I am really excited for it. But I have no idea how it will rate. It is kind of hard to tell on this one. It could go either way. Hopefully, it does well, because I think this show will be really good. And I would like to see it become a real series.

  • Paulo PT

    Only with a 2% or higher NBC will think again… Below that i don’t see how.

  • SherLOCKED

    working…..so no.

  • Oliver

    1.6-1.9, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised

    @John A

    Did it get any promotion? I assume not so a 1.0

    Yep, NBC has been airing promos semi-frequently and the stars have been appearing on chat shows (Portia de Rossi was on her wife’s show, Eddie Izzard was on Craig Ferguson, Jerry O’Connell was on The Talk).

  • Tony JJ

    my affiliate is not airing it tonight. Instead it will air Saturday Night at 11 on some high cable channel I’ve never heard of. Consider me disappointed. But at least I’ll be able to DVR it on Saturday, but I am definitely disappointed I won’t be able to watch it Friday night.

  • John A

    Well it might do ok with the promotion.

  • Austin

    I am super excited for this show! I really hope it does well tonight like at or above a 2.0 rating because it is such a good concept! We as viewers have to think would we rather watch a visually greatly done and new vision of an old tv show about “munsters” disguising themselves as humans or the other crap on tv like a community of neighbors that are green aliens (cliche) disuguised as humans? I would much rather watch mockingbird lane! GO MOCKINGBIRD LANE!

  • Oliver

    I actually think/hope it might surprise.

    There’s a lot of selling points: a familiar brand in The Munsters, high profile cast and crew (Eddie Izzard, Portia de Rossi, Bryan Fuller, Bryan Singer), distinctive look and tone, and it casts a surprisingly wide net in terms of demographics (older people who remember the original, families, young people who like goth/Tim Burton stuff, TV nerds who liked Pushing Daisies). It’s also got a surprising amount of press.

    The downside is limited promotion and a crappy timeslot.

    If nothing else, I hope it does well enough to encourage other networks to follow in their footsteps and let their better pilots see the light of day.

  • Carmen

    What ratings will it draw?

    Hard to predict. It may get an unusually high ‘curiosity factor’ viewing.

    But to tell how well it might do as a series would take 3-4 episodes.

    This would wash out the curiosity about how it would match up against the original Munsters series and determine how such a series could do on its own merits.

  • Jay


  • Oliver

    Apparently they announced it to late for the paper TV listings to include it, which is certainly not a point in its favour.

  • bluelp85

    I hope it does high but know it’ll do low. Working tonight so DVRing it with Grimm.

  • SQ

    I am hoping it does well it sounds and from the few clips I’ve seen looks good/ok. But NBC didn’t seems to promote it much. I saw maybe one or two ads but not much. I almost forgot about it, I am guessing at least a 1.6.

  • matt

    1.7 and 5M

  • richierich

    @ Oliver

    I believe they announced it over a week ago. I saw a promo for it last Friday between the rerun and the first run episode of Grimm. I’ll watch out of curiosity. I loved the original. I also thought Grandpa and Herman were one of the best comedy duos on tv in the ’60’s along with Andy & Barney, Rob & Laura Petrie just to name a few. They all had great chemistry.

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