Will Anyone Watch 'Mockingbird Lane' Tonight? (Poll)

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October 26th, 2012

Update: The special notched a 1.5, which isn't too bad, but it looks like your predictions were too optimistic.

A Munsters reboot sounds like an odd sell at first, but when you consider the popularity of genre television on cable (I'm looking at you American Horror Story & The Walking Dead), bringing something a bit darker to broadcast sounds like it could be an interesting gamble. Unfortunately, after the pilot for Mockingbird Lane was filmed, NBC stopped production, reportedly due to the series' too-dark tone.

Viewers will have the chance to decide for themselves tonight if this was a wise decision, as the pilot is airing as a one-off special before Grimm, presumably to help NBC recoup some of their reported $10 Million investment. For those that cling to hope, there have even been whisperings that the possibility may exist for Mockingbird Lane to still become a series if enough people tune in. But will they? Especially on a Friday? Cast your vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  • Marc

    I have not seen 1 commercial for it, if it wasn’t for this website. I would never have known.

    For that reason, I think it will fail bad!

  • PB

    Ironically enough, considering it’s a busted pilot, it’s been received pretty well by critics. Izzard, in particular, is supposed to be very good….It may get near a 2.0. I’ll say 1.9.

  • s0303

    2.0 on a friday…seriously? more like 1.1…

  • Jason50

    Darker tone? Grimm looks darker than the trailer for this.

  • mike

    .9 I did not know this was coming on until I read it here. I’m definitely watching now though.

  • Oliver


    2.0 on a friday…seriously? more like 1.1…

    I remember when people said that about Grimm, when it was premiering against Game 7 of the World Series… and then got a 2.1 rating and was NBC’s highest-rated drama premiere of the year.

  • Jinjeon

    I want it to have at least 2.0 and being picked up but I’m reasonable person, always was, so I’m gonna guess 1.0 or 1.1.

  • Samuel


  • Bjm

    I’ll probably watch it just to see how bad it really is.

  • Nick

    Shark Tank: 1.9
    Katie Couric All Access Nashville: 1.1
    20/20: 1.2

    NCIS (R): 1.0
    CSI: New York: 1.2
    Blue Bloods: 1.3

    America’s Next Top Model: 0.5
    Nikita: 0.3

    Kitchen Nightmares: 1.9
    Fringe: 1.2

    Mockingbird Lane: 0.9
    Grimm: 1.7
    Dateline: 1.3

    1. Fox: 1.6
    2. ABC: 1.4
    3. NBC: 1.3
    4. CBS: 1.2
    5. CW: 0.4

  • Nick

    Was there ever a time when Fox came in first on a night with Fringe as part of the lineup? Yikes.

  • iMember

    I can’t wait to see this, and I hope it does well enough for NBC to consider giving it a series pick up for next season.

    I’ve been anticipating this since it was announced awhile back and I’m glad we’ll at least get to see the Pilot episode.

    I’ve been seeing promos for it, so NBC has been promoting it. And from what I see it looks good!

  • psychic

    Looks interesting as hell. I know I’ll be watching.

  • richierich

    @ Nick

    Yes. When it was on after American Idol.

  • Greg

    Why didn’t they just call it THE MUNSTERS???!!!! People don’t know what the heck MOCKINGBIRD LANE is! Crazy if you ask me. People would tune in to see THE MUNSTERS reboot…but if they don’t know its the Munster Family and they just go by the new title of the show most people won’t care to tune in. Sigh.

  • DW

    not going to watch it. if they didn’t pick it up for series its not going to be good.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I won’t. Comedy horror does nothing for me.

    NIKITA! Unfortunately up against both Fringe and Grimm, so it will probably continue to get clobbered.

  • Ricky

    It better do well, because while Bryan Fuller certainly won’t be out of a job if it fails, this is the one I’ve been hoping to see more than Hannibal. It’s a better match to Fuller’s style, and if it’s too dark for the network (which shouldn’t be possible, it can’t be any more dark and scary than Grimm), then they should put it on Syfy or Chiller because Fuller needs the success, desperately.

  • Samunto

    Am saying >2.0 given the curiosity factor and those colours. It could do very big. How big was the premiere of Pushing Daisies anyway?

    Dare i say 2.6?!

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    1.6….mainly cuz people will see it for interest purposes…wouldnt be surprised if Cw suddenly picks it up if it does past a 2 lol.

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