Will Anyone Watch 'Mockingbird Lane' Tonight? (Poll)

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October 26th, 2012

Update: The special notched a 1.5, which isn't too bad, but it looks like your predictions were too optimistic.

A Munsters reboot sounds like an odd sell at first, but when you consider the popularity of genre television on cable (I'm looking at you American Horror Story & The Walking Dead), bringing something a bit darker to broadcast sounds like it could be an interesting gamble. Unfortunately, after the pilot for Mockingbird Lane was filmed, NBC stopped production, reportedly due to the series' too-dark tone.

Viewers will have the chance to decide for themselves tonight if this was a wise decision, as the pilot is airing as a one-off special before Grimm, presumably to help NBC recoup some of their reported $10 Million investment. For those that cling to hope, there have even been whisperings that the possibility may exist for Mockingbird Lane to still become a series if enough people tune in. But will they? Especially on a Friday? Cast your vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  • JulieDawn

    I am going to be pessimistic and say a 1.2. Hope it’s higher though.

    I’ll actually be DVR-ing it and watching later tonight or tomorrow – but since I’m in Canada and therefore obviously NOT a Nielsen household I won’t be contributing to the ratings anyway.

  • david

    I think it will get around a 1.5 but i hope for better. I will check it out.

  • Ashley

    Wow… These guesses seem way too high to me. Maybe a 0.8?

    Tired concept and the Jerry O’Connell factor. Worst actor of our time?

  • Oliver

    Pushing Daisies premiered at 4.3 in 18-49 in 2007.

  • Travis

    I doubt it will do well enough to warrant production of more episodes (although I don’t know what NBC would consider “well enough”) but it’ll probably do fine for a Friday show. I’m guessing 1.4, which isn’t much worse than most of NBC’s ratings.

  • Greg

    I have no idea how this will rate. It has a lot more chances of being a flop than being a hit, though. I’ll assume it will rate decently for a Friday show and go with a 1.2.

  • ABC hater

    1.2-1.5, but hoping for more. This could be a great TV show.

  • Bearkg

    I’m guessing between 1.6 and 1.9. I hope its better and well enough to warrant a series pick up, as it looks interesting. We shall see

  • Craig

    I will. Ive been impatiently waiting for today just to watch it. Excited I am.

  • brian I

    I watched 5 minutes and could care less about it.

  • John A

    Did someone seriously suggest Fringe and Grimm is clobbering Nikita? LMAO

  • k:Alex

    I like it for so fare, a little bit creepy, little bit funny and a little bit mystery.
    Perfect :D

  • bsp

    Bad. Bad. Bad. Click.

  • Melanie

    Just watched it — thought it was fun.

  • Josh

    I watched it and was very impressed with the acting and special effects. I hope it is picked up for a full season but if not it didn’t leave off with any cliff hangers. Hope it sticks around for a while would be a great addition as a lead in or follow up to Grimm

  • Anthony

    I just watched it. I enjoyed it. Hopefully it rates well enough that NBC decides to pick it up.

  • iMember

    I just watched it was LOVED it! I was thoroughly impressed with it. The visuals, the characters, the nice balance between drama, heart, and comedy plus the darker tones of the show was very entertaining.

    I’d want NBC to give this a series pick up! I think it’d do great as 13 episode seasons like they do on cable networks. This can work.

  • iMember

    Also, it’s definitely the BEST Halloween special of all the networks. I think it’d be pretty cool if this becomes sort of like a regular thing for networks. They create up stand alone episodes to air near Halloween or perhaps another coming holiday, because this really worked.

    I love how NBC handled their line up tonight for Halloween. Definitely great and a lot of fun! Grimm was also fantastic tonight.

  • Latoya

    I LOVED IT !!!!!! I SO HOPE THEY MAKE iT A SERIS if they dot it will be very disappointing But not suppressing. All people like now days is stupid children’s stuff. Children’s stuff is fine for children but come on adults should want something more adult oriented.

  • Colin

    Lol, dark tone? This is no where near dark or graphics as American Horror Story this is terrible..

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