'Mockingbird Lane:' Does It Have a Pulse Now? (Poll)

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October 27th, 2012

NBC decided to pass on Mockingbird Lane after seeing the pilot, but having spent so much money on the pilot, decided to air it anyway. The premise being that by airing it they at least recover some of the millions they spent on the pilot. HitFix's Alan Sepinwall refers to the airings of passed-on pilots as "Busted Pilot Theater" which used to happen more frequently.

Regardless of anyone trying to spin it as a test run, the reasonable conclusion is it was "Busted Pilot Theater" and nothing more. But the preliminary 1.5 adults 18-49 rating for Mockingbird Lane outperformed originals of Blue Bloods and CSI: NY as well as the premiere of Kitchen Nightmares (which it aired directly against) and served as a decent lead-in to Grimm (which was up 27% from last week.).

For me, the reasonable conclusion still is "Busted Pilot Theater" and that its performance last night doesn't mean NBC will be scrambling to figure out how to start the series back up. But if nothing else this will add a log on the fire of "look, people want something different see 'The Walking Dead,' 'American Horror Story' and 'Grimm!'"

  • iMember

    I thoroughly enjoyed it last night, so I’d say YES!

    I was surprised by how good it actually was, and how perfect of a pair it made with Grimm. Seriously, NBC had a fantastic line up last night. And they executed it perfectly in my opinion.

    With the two promotion the show has gotten, I’d say the ratings were pretty good considering. I’d hope they pick it up for a short season at least. 6 episodes perhaps.

    Network needs to take some risks or else they are going to keep falling while cable continues to rise. Apparently the only reason why NBC didn’t pick it up (besides the pilot costing $10 Million) was because it was darker than they had originally thought, but I loved it!

  • iMember

    *two week promotion

    Gah, We really need to get an edit button here, please!

  • were123

    I think it would pair good with Grimm, so I’m going with yes, while not being shocked if it doesn’t get more episodes

  • Fynn

    I doubt NBC will pick up the series, but it would have made such a nice compliment to Grimm, and the whole horrish theme seems to be really in right now. Plus I bet the should would have held those sort of numbers too.

    Though I wonder if NBC will schedule their Mid-Season drama “Dracula” in that timeslot, it would go nicely with Grimm thematically.

  • James

    A 6 episode pick-up for April/May might be a good idea but I doubt it will see any more episodes.

  • Simon Jester

    I thought it was pretty good, but uneven. I can’t see it surviving as anything other than a one-off.

  • Farewell

    I think NBC has some faith in the show, it’s not just busted pilot. They actually promoted it for a couple of weeks and put it on a decent night instead of just dumping it with repeats or something like that. That said, 1.5 is not that good(it might adjust in the final ratings though), especially since budget is really big for a friday show.

  • senor chang

    A 1.5 is not great on paper, but if it helps build the entire night (as it did tonight), it should be taken into consideration. The marketing writes itself, and if there’s a time to capitalize on this opportunity, it’s now. Why not take a shot?

  • Leeroy

    I thought it was awful and that not going forward with a series order was one of only a few smart decisions NBC has made in recent memory.

  • John A

    If it got a 2.0 then it be made but 1.5 not good enough.

  • cheryl

    It wasn’t great but maybe as a holiday special or a summer run.

  • NBC is awesome

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they order 4 or 5 more episode to air in the spring.

  • CrimTV

    Dont understand what everyone is talking about! A 1.5 is great for a Friday, last week Grimm was the no.1 scripted show with a 1.5! It even boosted Grimm 4 tenths and ML and Grimm might even adjust up!

  • Tom

    This series is so offbeat that I’d need to see a few more episodes before making up my mind about it. The cast was terrific, particularly Eddie Izzard.

  • a p garcia

    Mockingbird Lane does have a pulse, but it is more up to NBC and the producers if it goes anywhere beyond a pilot. In my opinion if they make it a comedy with the comedy duet of Herman & Grandpa, it will be a HIT! It was a brillant move on NBC to air it during Holloween.

  • Kenny

    I really enjoyed this very much. This would be a great compliment to Grimm and with CBS slumping on Fridays this really could give NBC a win on Fridays.

  • matt

    I think it would do great on Friday with Grimm! Both mystery/fantasy realted.

  • Honey Badger

    Very Low 1.5 18 – 49 ratings for a premiere of Mockingbird Lane, and NBC did heavy Promotion for it, and the stars of the shows did the talk show tour all week.
    Most shows drop after their premieres.
    Plus this show is terrible and most people who watched it do not like it.

    NBC will distance themselves from this dog, it is DOA.
    Bye Bye Mockingbird Lane, you are as dead as your haunted house.

    Mockingbird Lane and Grimm are going to be adjusted down in final ratings

  • Honey Badger

    Also I agree with SuzyQ

    Posted October 27, 2012 at 10:22 AM
    A few points to make about ratings…A+B does not always equal C. Just because GRIMM’s ratings were up does not mean MOCKINGBIRD LANE was responsible. Ratings alone don’t take into account that GRIMM increased their marketing on Spanish-language channels the previous week. Why? Because last night’s special Halloween episode was about the Hispanic legend of La Llorona, and a lot of the dialogue was in Spanish. Maybe ML benefited from GRIMM’s advertising because people were just waiting for the main event, and used ML as a warm-up act. It’s hard to tell unless you survey the households directly what is the cause for a ratings bump.

    Also, ML is made for Halloween. It was perfect as a holiday special. High ratings for holiday specials don’t translate into guaranteed success as a long-term series. Would YOU want to watch Rudolf, Santa and Hermie the Elf every week for 22 episodes? Doubt it…

  • JC

    I am not sure if a “monster-type” show doing well on October 26th is an indication that it has a pulse. Air another one in February and see how it does. If it does well then then maybe you have a chance.

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