'Mockingbird Lane:' Does It Have a Pulse Now? (Poll)

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October 27th, 2012

NBC decided to pass on Mockingbird Lane after seeing the pilot, but having spent so much money on the pilot, decided to air it anyway. The premise being that by airing it they at least recover some of the millions they spent on the pilot. HitFix's Alan Sepinwall refers to the airings of passed-on pilots as "Busted Pilot Theater" which used to happen more frequently.

Regardless of anyone trying to spin it as a test run, the reasonable conclusion is it was "Busted Pilot Theater" and nothing more. But the preliminary 1.5 adults 18-49 rating for Mockingbird Lane outperformed originals of Blue Bloods and CSI: NY as well as the premiere of Kitchen Nightmares (which it aired directly against) and served as a decent lead-in to Grimm (which was up 27% from last week.).

For me, the reasonable conclusion still is "Busted Pilot Theater" and that its performance last night doesn't mean NBC will be scrambling to figure out how to start the series back up. But if nothing else this will add a log on the fire of "look, people want something different see 'The Walking Dead,' 'American Horror Story' and 'Grimm!'"

  • firetech

    as a munsters fan growing up i was looking forward to see what they would do with this…..i was shocked at how BAD it was….they made the right decision to keep it at a one shot thing…i would NEVER watch it again!!!!

  • erwanfromfrance

    Come on ! If it can help GRIMM that well , NBC have to renews it !

  • s0303

    by the end of the season…it would have been around 1.1…not worth it.

  • scifi

    1.1 would be great too

  • Lisa

    I’m not interested in seeing more episodes. The pilot was pretty bad.

  • Carmen

    It MIGHT work on a Friday night paired with Grimm (which I don’t personally watch).
    I have a hard time thinking about what else to pair it with. . .other than Once Upon a Time, but that is obviously not on the same network

    It would need some retooling (read as: slight softening. . . not major softening but some)and some questions answered.

    For instance, just a thought, if the vampires can function / exist in the daytime, then why do they have to travel in coffins and be delivered at night? That is, other than to show off a couple of FXs.

    The problem would be that it would seem to be a very special effects dependent show. Could it obtain sufficient ratings to justify it?

    It’s hard to tell without seeing a few more episodes and being able to 1) eliminate the curiosity factor and 2) see what direction the show runners have in mind.
    It’s kind of a dilemma for NBC in a Catch 22 or “which came first, the chicken or the egg” type of way.
    It could work or it could be a very expensive bust.

    For this show, they would just have to take a chance.

    My view. After a retooling, I would throw the dice with it. It seems to have much better potential than the new NBC comedies this year (New Normal, Guys With Kids, Animal Practice)

  • nick

    Here’s hoping for a big LIVE+7 boost or at least a decent C3 ratings boost. Although the pilot is a little bit dark and even too “niche” for a broadcast network, I enjoy it and would like too see more installments of the proposed series.

    If the show has a positive “delayed viewers” response, I think NBC should take a chance and air like a 6-7 episodes spring “mini-series event” kind of airing around spring and with a proper promotion. And if the show tanks, NBC can pretend the show never happens

    If the show retains its audience in the spring, NBC can do a limited 13-18 episodes season to air each fall – I can picture the show having a special Halloween or a “bountiful” Thanksgiving episode or even a really dark Christmas episode.

    A 1.5 rating for a 2 week promotion and on a Friday night airing it’s actually a decent enough “pick-up”, well in my opinion.

  • Brian

    I vote for On the Fence. It might have a chance at sustaining itself like Off Their Rockers, as long as they don’t take forever to get the gang back together. Not surprised by either future episodes or a one shot deal.

  • Mike

    This Jerry O’Connell was all wrong for Herman Munster.Too boyish and normal looking/sounding.Brad Garrett wasnt available?

  • Jason

    I didn’t like it. It was all over the place and was nothing at all like the original. Jerry o Connell was not good seemed he was just walking through it compared to his previous series.

    I will stick with the original munsters

  • cimmer

    From what I read, NBC and the creators of Mockingbird Lane had a falling out as well so unless the ratings were high enough to cause a kiss and make up scenario (and even though 1.5 wasn’t bad and I liked the pilot) I don’t think we’ll be seeing it again. Now if the ratings had been in the 2’s? Well, maybe but not for 1.5.

    That being said, it’s a shame because I actually liked it; I liked the almost uncomfortable blend of dark humor and horror and I thought Eddie Izzard was a hoot as well as the actress playing Marilyn. I wish there was still a Movie of the Week for NBC because I would love to see Mockingbird Lane as a couple of two hour movies.

  • Patrick Gillease

    I definitely think NBC made a mistake passing on the MOCKINGBIRD LANE series. I watched and really enjoyed the pilot. The cast is intriguing, and the special FX were quite good for TV. Yes, the story was dark and “not your Father’s MUNSTERS,” but after watching it, that was clearly the intent of the producers! Just as SyFy’s “reimagined” BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was far darker and very adult compared to its original namesake, so was this. It also means it could be equally sucessful for NBC as a weekly series, and I think they should reconsider. The ending was a bit gruesome, though, and this “remake” is clearly a drama as opposed to the original’s comedy. If NBC doesn’t like that, they can always direct the show-runners to revamp the premise. I’m also dubious about the show’s name and think it should have once again been called THE MUNSTERS, but any series order could always change the name. Come on NBC. Give me a staggering THIRD show to watch on your slowly rescussitating network!!;)

  • Mitchell

    Horrible retooling of a classic and hilarious tv show from the 60’s.

    I am no prude at all Im a huge horror movie fan but this show stretched the limits with the graphic details and the fact that not one single character excluding Eddie who had an actual conscience had any redeeming qualities.

    This special or whatever you want to call it was horribly done from start to finish and the ending? Dont even get me started that was beyond stupid.

    The fact that they also made Marilyn just as sadistic as the family was also a slap in the face to the original Marilyn.

    Sure she had a moment of redemption trying to save the scout leader but too little too late.I hope they dont pick this up as a series its a true slap in the face to the original Munsters in every way possible.

  • TVBold

    $10 million pilot budget + troubled production + 1.5 18-49 overnights = not worth picking up to series

  • a p garcia

    A 1.5 aren’t great numbers for continued production, but then it is NBC. It would make a great duo of Mockingbird Lane and Grimm. Their numbers together will be greater than if they stood alone. I think more comedy is needed. Who knows maybe TMD will be bought from FOX by NBC.

  • The Watcher

    Watched the whole thing and we thought it sucked.
    Bad writing, very disjointed, and the tone kept veering from “semi-scary” to “attempted humor” to “just confused”.

    NBC made the right decision on this one. Cut your losses.

  • CKD

    The Detroit NBC affiliate southeast michigan) did not air the progrom. Which means all of Southest Michigan did not watch. The affiliate did not even advertise a replay time or have one. WDIV has a history of screwing us over.

  • Observer

    I didn’t like the dark tone, The Munsters were a fun family. Hated Grampa and wanted to stake the jerk.

  • Observer

    I did like Jerry O’Connel as Herman though.

  • Schmoker

    Without the lead time and promo campaign of a fall debut, or at the very least a big time mid season debut, Mockingbird Lane would crash and burn as a full time series. At least, that’s what I imagine when I read about people’s hopes that they will produce six eps to air in the spring. I cannot think of a worse idea, although at least I’d get to watch six more episodes of what, based on the pilot, looked like it would have been a fun series.

    But when was the last time something got a rushed, poorly promoted six episode spring tryout and succeeded? Maybe by pairing it with Grim, it would help, but can they even get six episodes done now before Grimm’s season is finished? And if they could, then that would mean rushing it to air with little promotion, which is the other side of the Catch-22.

    If they are serious about it, they should pick it up for next season, then give it the blitz it would need to get some serious sampling. It just looks too expensive for a 1.2-1.5 Friday at 8 series.

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