Renew/Cancel Recap: The Syndication Gods Must Be Crazy...About Nikita!?!?

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October 28th, 2012

This week there were no renewals or cancellations announced for any of the broadcast network's scripted shows (but Showtime announced a third season renewal of Homeland if you just can't stand not having any renewal news). While not renewals, CBS gave full season “back nine” orders for Elementary and Vegas.

In last week's Renew/Cancel Index for ABC on Tuesday, Nashville fell to a toss-up, but the good news for Nashville fans is rating stabilized for its third episode.

Woefully Rated 'Nikita' Is Likely To Be Renewed; Wait, WHAT??!! (Redux)

Bill appropriately titled last Tuesday's Renew/Cancel post for CW with the bold text above. The conventional wisdom is that once Nikita was picked up for a third season it would be shepherded along to at least a fourth to get to 88 episodes for syndication purposes. Granted, conventional wisdom doesn't usually involve shows as low-rated as Nikita, but it's not like Nikita's ratings were any good last year either and while CW execs probably hoped for the best with the changes to the Friday night lineup, it surely knew that there was a good possibility the ratings would get worse than last year.

But then the preliminary ratings for Friday came out -- a 0.2 adults 18-49 rating (yes, that could be adjusted up to a 0.3 in the finals -- woot!) prompting questions like:

"is woefuller a word?"

It also begs the question of "just how crazy are the syndication gods that they would demand -- d-e-m-a-n-d -- more episodes of Nikita?" There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that when it comes to ratings the syndication gods make some demands that to mere mortals like me seem pretty crazy. But Nikita ratings style  C-R-A-Z-Y?!

That's a reasonable question and one that I'm pretty curious to learn the answer to myself. While I'm not as comfortable as Bill,  because of syndication I wouldn't have Nikita as likely or certain to be canceled  either. I definitely wouldn't bet any money Nikita will be canceled, but I'm not sure I'd bet $5 it will be renewed either! I'd have it on the bubble.

I hope Nikita fans won't hate me, but I'm kind of rooting for a 0.1 A18-49 rating just to see @TheCancelBear squirm...or perhaps go crazy and ride a tricycle!

Show Network Renewal Status
Private Practice ABC Cancelled/Final Season
666 Park Avenue ABC
Last Resort ABC
Scandal ABC
Castle ABC
Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23 ABC
Happy Endings ABC
Neighbors, The ABC
Nashville ABC
Middle, The ABC
Suburgatory ABC
Revenge ABC
Grey's Anatomy ABC
Once Upon a Time ABC
Modern Family ABC
Made in Jersey CBS Cancelled
Partners CBS
Good Wife, The CBS
Mentalist, The CBS
Vegas CBS
Elementary CBS
Criminal Minds CBS
How I Met Your Mother CBS
Two and a Half Men CBS
Hawaii Five-0 CBS
Blue Bloods CBS
Person of Interest CBS
Mike & Molly CBS
2 Broke Girls CBS
Big Bang Theory, The CBS Renewed
Gossip Girl CW Final Season
Hart of Dixie CW
90210 CW
Emily Owens, M.D. CW
Nikita CW
Beauty and the Beast CW
Arrow CW
Supernatural CW
The Vampire Diaries CW
Fringe FOX Final Season
Mob Doctor, The FOX
Ben & Kate FOX
Mindy Project, The FOX
Bones FOX
Raising Hope FOX
Cleveland Show, The FOX
Glee FOX
New Girl FOX
Bob's Burgers FOX Renewed
American Dad FOX Renewed
Family Guy FOX Renewed
Simpsons, The FOX Renewed
30 Rock NBC Final Season
The Office NBC Final Season
Next Caller NBC Cancelled
Animal Practice NBC Cancelled
Up All Night NBC
Guys with Kids NBC
New Normal, The NBC
Chicago Fire NBC
Law & Order: SVU NBC
Parks & Recreation NBC
Revolution NBC
Parenthood NBC
Grimm NBC
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  • Ultima

    WB has a unique position of being the content provider and part owner of the network.

    How is that a unique position? ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC all have production studios and broadcast networks as well.

  • David

    Yea, the unique position part was dumb because I forgot they even owned their own network before. But, they are still into owning a ton of content moreso than most networks. In this case they have a direct influence rather that giving the show away for free to another network and hoping they air it.

  • Michael

    I wish the CW had the sense to pair it with Arrow, because they’re the most male-skewed shows on the network. It seems like a waste to give the Arrow lead-in to an eight year old show, especially considering the Nikita premiere was a complete reboot.

  • C4mp

    If WB give Nikita out for free, sure, the CW will air it, it’s not like they are bursting at the seams with shows and no slots in which to air them. The question is whether the economics can be made to work for WB, ie can the budget go low enough to warrant producing another season with almost zero first run income, hoping to recover in syndication.

  • Robert Seidman

    @Dude: credit where credit is due: Sara & Amanda do almost all of the production work and Bill & I do almost none of it! Bill could offload the R/C if he wanted to, he doesn’t want to!

  • Nick

    My thoughts-

    Private Practice ABC : Cancelled/Final Season
    666 Park Avenue ABC : Likely Cancellation
    Last Resort ABC : Likely Cancellation
    Scandal ABC : Likely Cancellation
    Castle ABC : Likely Renewal
    Don’t Trust The B—- in Apt 23 ABC : Likely Cancellation
    Happy Endings ABC : Bubble
    Neighbors, The ABC : Bubble
    Nashville ABC : Likely Renewal
    Middle, The ABC : Certain Renewal
    Suburgatory ABC : Certain Renewal
    Revenge ABC : Certain Renewal
    Grey’s Anatomy ABC : Certain Renewal
    Once Upon A Time ABC : Certain Renewal
    Modern Family ABC : Certain Renewal
    Made In Jersey CBS: Cancelled
    Partners CBS : Certain Cancellation
    CSI: NY CBS : Bubble
    Good Wife, The CBS : Likely Cancellation
    Mentalist, The CBS : Bubble
    Vegas CBS : Likely Cancellation
    Elementary CBS : Likely Renewal
    CSI CBS : Likely Renewal
    Criminal Minds CBS : Certain Renewal
    How I Met Your Mother CBS : Dependent on other factors
    Two and a Half Men CBS : Likely Renewal
    NCIS CBS : Certain Renewal
    Hawaii Five-0 CBS : Certain Renewal
    Blue Bloods CBS : Certain Renewal
    Person Of Interest CBS : Certain Renewal
    Mike & Molly CBS : Certain Renewal
    NCIS: LA CBS : Certain Renewal
    2 Broke Girls CBS : Certain Renewal
    Big Bang Theory, The CBS : Renewed
    Gossip Girl CW : Final Season
    Hart Of Dixie CW : Bubble
    90210 CW : Bubble
    Emily Owens, M.D. CW : Certain Cancellation
    Nikita CW : Bubble
    Beauty And The Beast CW : Bubble
    Arrow CW : Certain Renewal
    Supernatural CW : Certain Renewal
    The Vampire Diaries CW : Certain Renewal
    Fringe FOX : Final Season
    Mob Doctor, The FOX : Certain Cancellation
    Ben & Kate FOX : Likely Cancellation
    Mindy Project, The FOX : Bubble
    Bones FOX : Likely Renewal
    Raising Hope FOX : Certain Renewal
    Cleveland Show, The FOX : Bubble
    Glee FOX : Likely Renewal
    New Girl FOX : Certain Renewal
    Bob’s Burgers FOX : Renewed
    American Dad FOX : Renewed
    Family Guy FOX: Renewed
    Simpsons, The FOX : Renewed
    30 Rock NBC: Final Season
    The Office NBC: Final Season
    Next Caller NBC: Cancelled
    Animal Practice NBC: Cancelled
    Up All Night NBC : Certain Cancellation
    Guys With Kids NBC : Likely Cancellation
    New Normal, The NBC : Likely Renewal
    Chicago Fire NBC : Bubble
    Go On NBC : Likely Renewal
    Law & Order: SVU NBC : Likely Renewal
    Parks & Recreation NBC : Likely Renewal
    Revolution NBC : Certain Renewal
    Parenthood NBC : Likely Renewal
    Grimm NBC : Certain Renewal

  • buddhaboi

    That 8 year old show that arrow’s lead is being wasted on just happens to be the BEST show on tv. it survived friday nights. it earned it’s spot.
    I’ve watched Nakita and I find it..cold..uninvolving. that’s why i don’t watch it.
    Give me a show about family that stands together. it’s awesome.

  • Paul 80

    Neigbors gets a pick up Monday or Tuesday. Not sure how many or even if it stays on Wedensday nights. @Robert. This is where I landed,at the Disney lot.

  • PV

    NO. Nikita is not the most male skewing. It’s Supernatural! Arrow is paired with the right show. It’s really getting boring. You Nikita fans should be happy that it was renewed last season, now it’s time to stop with the delusional crap, Nikita doesn’t deserve Arrow’s lead in, it should be canceled right now. The ratings would still be a crap even paired arrow, it would get a .5 at best.

  • Vance

    Ignore Michael, who is Bondoel’s sockpuppet.

  • KS


    I don’t think many people are interested in Renewals and cancellations at this point of time.

    I have been regular visitor on this website for the past one year and from what I have seen, people get more interested about Renewals and Cancellations at around March.

  • PV

    Even Supernatural, clearly stronger than Nikita got a .7 after Arrow. Nikita would do as bad as Gossip Girl. The show is dead. CW shouldn’t keep it. But I think they may keep until the end of season 4.

  • panda22

    lol….the sockpupet army lives on!
    re; nikita….if this woeful 0.2 trend continues into say episode 4 or 5 then action must be taken by the cw.

    move it to the summer, like 17 episodes of season 3….on fridays have arrow repeats which would pull in a 0.4 for them.

  • Andy

    Nikita being that low is unbearable even for syndication purposes. The only way they could have the show running for at least another year is removing the show from Fridays and giving the show a comfy timeslot (Wednesdays or Thurdays at 9pm). They could even move it back to 8pm.

  • davie

    I got into Nikita over the summer, and I really do like the show. That said, these ratings are just very poor. Premiering to a 0.3 a new series low, then the following week dipped to a .2 is just…unreal. Now with THAT said, it has to be renewed for a 4th Final Season because of all the reasons that have been stated. The previous 66 episodes will just be a waste if it can’t be sold into stripped syndication later after it finishes its run. The CW has gone on record saying they lose money in first run episodes but make it back with a bit of profit in the future once they sell them into syndication and with DVD/BLU RAY releases. Although it wouldn’t completely SHOCK me if the show were to be canceled, I just don’t see how Warner Bros. could’ve possibly thought that another 22 episodes for Season 3 would be the right choice, given the ratings it was getting last season on Fridays.

    On a marketing note (not making excuses) but it was really odd for The CW to make ANTM the lead in to Nikita. They couldn’t be more dissimilar

  • Nikki

    Those are terrible ratings for this show.. it was a mistake renewing it last year. id put money that it gets cancelled this year. If it doesnt pull up in ratings in a few weeks they might even pull it mid season. Or at least think about it.. this is pathetic.

  • Elena

    It’s a pity to see Nikita doing so poorly, it’s one of the best shows on TV right now. Normally I’d be worried but The CW in general is doing so poorly I think they’d give some other shows the ax before Nikita. At least they know Nikita can perform decently (or better than most of their shows now) when it’s paired with the right show. And seriously, with 90210 and GG pulling .4’s, HoD with .5’s, B&tB with a .6 in it’s third week and with the best lead in on the network, and Emily Owens with a .3 on one of the easier nights of the week there’s a whole lot of mess to clean up. I think it would have been smarter for them to keep the Supernatural/Nikita pairing (because honestly, Supernatural has one of the most loyal fanbases on TV and could pull decent ratings on every night, it naturally makes a better lead in) and move it to Monday or Tuesday, at the very least you could guarantee it’d outperform the shows in those slots now. Pairing it with ANTM and putting it on Friday at 9 makes no sense whatsoever, so I’m hoping they at least give it a chance and move it to a different slot (and let’s face it, there’s going to be more than a few available by mid-season).

  • Nikki

    Either way.. if it gets renewed its cause it was close to syndication. Not because its a good show, its terrible. Example the ratings. For a show to premier at a 0.3 is pathetic. Its all about the money nowadays.. that needs to change not just in tv land but in general.

  • Robert Seidman

    @Paul 80: congrats and good luck!

  • Nikki

    Ive watched an episode from each season.. and the acting gets worse and worse. The original Nikita show was way better then this. The writing is awful, i couldnt wait for the episodes i watched to be over. As for reviews, a lot of reviewers are for the network. Their not going to trash a show on the network they get money from. That would be silly. If reviews mattered at all then shows like Gilmore Girls and OTH would still be on the air.

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