Anderson Cooper Talk Show Canceled

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October 29th, 2012


Anderson Cooper's talk show Anderson will cease production after its current season. The New York Times media decoder blog reports that Warner Brothers syndication has opted not to produce a season three.

The Warner Brothers syndication unit, Telepictures,  issued a statement on Monday:

“We are extremely proud of Anderson and the show that he and the entire production team have produced. While we made significant changes to the format, set and produced it live in its second season, the series will not be coming back for a third season in a marketplace that has become increasingly difficult to break through. We will continue to deliver top-quality shows throughout next summer.”

Added Cooper, “I am very proud of the work that our terrific staff has put into launching and sustaining our show for two seasons. I am also grateful to Telepictures for giving me the opportunity, and indebted to viewers, who have responded so positively. I look forward to doing more great shows this season, and though I’m sorry we won’t be continuing, I have truly enjoyed it.”


  • Rick

    I find it funny that soap fans hold it against networks for wanting to make money. Without money the networks can’t survive and they can’t promote the shows the way they need to.

    I love the comment that the soaps were making decent money for them and they only wanted more money.

    I just wonder how many soap fans would apply that principle to their life and give up a chance to make more money just because they make decent money. Even many of the soap stars and folks behind them leave their jobs over money. They are already making decent money but just like the networks they want more money. They do the same every year they go into contract negotiations to get more out of the shows and the networks. And many of them if they don’t get it — they walk.

    And I wonder how many would apply the same principle if their boss decided not to give any more raises. They could easily say well you already make decent money in my opinion so I’m not going to give you more money.


    Anyway I like Anderson’s show. Wasn’t the best, wasn’t the worst. Can’t say that I will really miss it.

  • psychic

    Perhaps if it was actually entertaining and pandered to a wider audience than middle-aged women with a thing for Anderson Cooper, and reality show fans who enjoy hearing about the lastest exploits of Honey Boo Boo.

  • psychic

    Can’t wait until Snooki and Carrie Ann Inaba get their own talk shows.
    Honestly. There’s only one good talk show any more, and, strangely enough, it’s Ellen.

  • Max

    I didn’t see this cancellation coming. I hope Jeff Probst is safe.

  • RyanCanada

    i liked it.

  • Rick

    Unless Probst picks up numbers from they have been being, I wouldn’t say he is safe in the long run.

    Probst is just in my opinion hurt by promotion. Except for fans mentioning his program and threads like this, I hardly ever see anything on his show whether it be online or on TV. I don’t think I have seen even one online ad for his show.

    I see commercials and promos online and on TV for many of the shows except his. Or maybe I am just not on the right sites or watching at the right time.

  • angelis


  • Jon

    @Jerry…..Soaps have gone the way of the Dinosaur. The networks want to get rid of the ones they have now. If I’m not mistaken I think Children’s Hospital was supposed to be cancelled already but it got saved at the last minute

  • Linda

    I love Anderson and LOVED the format of his talk show. Very genuine and sweet. (even when he wasn’t he was) It amazes me the pure cr*p shows that remain in daytime talk. All Maury is is paternity test results. WE KNOW PEOPLE LIE TO GET ON THAT SHOW! UGGGHHHH! Same thing different day.
    I Love you Anderson!

  • SPJava

    I love Anderson and his 360 on CNN but this daytime talk show just came off as so facile. He can do the occasional celebrity interview on 60 minutes. He tried and that’s reasonable but his strong suit is elsewhere.

  • Mike Wolfe

    I tried watching his show and he is sooooo boring. He makes Al Gore look like Robin Williams.

  • Jenny

    I really thought he’d be the next Queen of Talk….

  • Henry

    Seems Glenn Beck is the only one winning a larger audience. Maybe people are finally waking up?

  • Lisa

    I’m disapointed and WILL NOT WATCH ANYTHING ON THIS STATION AGAIN. He is SO relaitable. I’m serious. BIG, BIG, MISTAKE! GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Joseph

    Does the Cancellation Bear go after syndicated shows??

    Maybe he should.

    It would be fun to see him confront Cooper and say “You may have ‘360’, but I’m taking away your daytime show! Grrrrrr!”.

  • jae

    well im upset. i love him and his show, hes honest, funny, and down to earth, better than the gossipy The Talk … “show” who rushes off their guests just when youre getting into the convo,… sorry Anderson, youll be missed !!

  • Simon

    How does doing a talk show sully his reputation. The guy is a TV news commentator. That’s not the same as a journalist. I used to see him reading the news on the ABC News overnight. Reading from a teleprompter what other people wrote. Does he say all original stuff that only he wrote on Anderson Cooper 360?

  • Mike Sisnek

    Good riddance to a greasy old bottom from a no longer relevant old family

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