CBS to Air Repeats & News Special Tonight; Originals Pushed a Week Due to Storm

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October 29th, 2012

Update: CBS will air repeats of its comedies from 8-10PM and a CBS News special on Hurricane Sandy from 10-11PM, per the network's publicity department.

CBS will air a repeat of  Hawaii Five-0 tonight due to Hurricane Sandy. The episode scheduled to air tonight will air next week. Executive Producer Peter Lenkov tweeted the news: "Halloween ep has been pushed a week. Tonight, those of u with power get to see Ed Asner sizzle in 302. Those without-God bless. "

  • George

    Apparently the CW is airing 90210 & Gossip Girl encores as well

  • Ali

    Revolution to hit series highs then!

  • Scott S

    And HIMYM?

  • Cyrax86

    Zap2It reports the whole CBS lineup is repeats.

  • daniel

    Michael Urie posted on his twitter that the intire CBS schedule tonight will be repeats

  • POI

    i want Revolution to go up which in dont think will happen.

  • Dan S

    That now only leaves Revolution as the only primetime show I’m watching tonight. I now firmly believe it’ll stay above 3.0 in the 18-49 demo.

  • Marcos

    Maybe we’ll get new episodes online anyway from Canada

  • Oliver

    Huh? Why?

    I guess this is an easy way of getting people to watch your repeats when they were expecting originals.

  • Oliver

    On second thoughts, perhaps it’s because of local news pre-emptions due to the hurricane rather than anything to do with the hurricane itself.

  • SJ

    Damn it… and on a sweeps night, no less. Looks like it’s only ABC and NBC tonight.

  • JAA

    Bill, If CBS thought bad weather equals high ratings because more people stay at home they wouldn’t have pushed back their prime time shows one week for November Sweeps. You can’t tell me Sandy is not going to have a negative effect on ratings when it’s more probable that power will go out tonight

  • Robert Seidman

    Comedy repeats, too:

    @calibadger: #cbs news doing a special on hurricane sandy tonight at 10p est/9p cst. comedy repeats 8-10.

  • Robert Seidman

    a deliberate attempt to thwart fan excuse bingo!

  • Jeff R.

    So that means that no H50 at all….

    I expect that the only reason NBC hasn’t announced Revolution is either repeat or replaced by news is that they’re still deciding whether to keep the new episode of the Voice on the schedule.

  • eridapo

    @ Robert

    LOL… The Networks bypassed you and created their own square.

  • DraicKin

    @marcos : I extremely doubt that! Canadian networks act pretty much like affiliates of American networks plus no new episodes means nothing to simsub.

  • Bill Gorman

    “a deliberate attempt to thwart Fan Excuse Bingo!”

    The cancellation bear has stolen, and tweeted that sentiment!

  • Mary

    I’ll expect NBC and ABC to do the same as they fall like dominoes. After all this involves New York City in peril (see story on crane collapse) and that always means extensive coverage. Shows will be interrupted anyways to give us all the updates. It’s not a good night for original programming.

  • JAA

    According to GMMRTV a Castle rep says the show is still scheduled to air tonight

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