'Hell on Wheels' Renewed by AMC for Season 3

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October 29th, 2012

AMC has renewed  Hell on Wheels for a 10 episode third season, Deadline reports. We will publish more details as they become available.

  • Alexa

    Good,I like the show. Didn’t think it would be renewed, though, so it’s a pleasant surprise.

  • Nope


  • John

    So they cancel The Killing but renew this? Boo, ratings were pretty similar. HOW’s will probably be gone after season 3, the ratings totally plummeted after the first season.

  • scifi

    AMC can renew at least 5 more shows with 0.0 rating, and TWD will compensate them all.

  • dendu

    Wow! Good news, I love this show! Thank you AMC!

  • Joe

    I have to say the last night episode of TWD was outstanding cant wait to see the ratings

  • Rod

    I miss The Killing already. :(

  • JFC

    I’m not normally big on westerns, but somehow this show really works for me. Can’t wait to see return of the Swede!

  • Sel

    So, no more sexy hunk Joel Kinnaman and more crap.
    God bless AMC!

  • Brent

    I really enjoyed the first seasom but this one was slow moving and just didn’t grab my attention.

    By the way when will we see some Walking Dead numbers?

  • Colin

    Great show. Better than TWD. Wonderful news.

  • Guardian Owl

    Not sure where they are going to go from here considering they either killed or neutralized quite a few of their main characters in the finale.

  • Mike

    Great news I love this show.

    Agree about too many of the main characters having been killed off though.Atleast Cullen Bohannon survived.Will miss Lily and the Swede.

  • POI

    arent the ratings bad for this show why would they renew it if the ratings were bad.

  • Mike

    John-it is worth mentioning that HOW is a bigger global hit then the Killing was(I have friends in Australia and the UK that love it!)

  • Dan S

    I guess AMC is giving a pass to HOW not being available on DISH & no Walking Dead to be paired with. Looking forward to a 3rd season & wonder if the Swede might have survived that fall from the bridge ?

  • brian

    For decades AMC will be paying dividends based on this 5 year golden age they are in.

    Breaking Bad. Mad Men. Walking Dead. These shows will be syndicated for the rest of history. All their shows are niche in markets that people are willing to pay for dvds and to watch good products. Great business strategy they can just milk these shows and mail it in for a century collecting pay checks.

  • PB

    Greatness. Good little show that should continue on….Let’s go Bohannon!!! It’s ratings were fairly solid considering when it was aired.

  • SueP

    Good news! Since it’s finally back on Dish — even tho that happened a week too late for me to see the second season — I’m glad I’ll get the chance to slide it back into my TV schedule. Anyone know if AMC will repeat season 2 at all?

  • Ram510

    Why? They must not have anything enter to do with their time

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