How Will Real Life Blackout Impact 'Revolution'? - Poll

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October 29th, 2012

Revolution returns after last week's pre-emption just as a real-life natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy, is scheduled to hit much of the East Coast, including America's largest media market, New York City. The odds are high that the power will go out, temporarily giving people in affected areas a chance to experience the unfortunate living conditions of the characters on the show (well, except that batteries, cellphones, and combustion engines will still be working just fine). We hope that all of our readers who live on the East Coast will be safe and be able to watch television throughout the storm.

The question is, how will all of this impact the ratings? If the power stays on, almost everyone will be watching TV both because it will be unsafe to venture outside and because television news will be the best source of information about the storm. Local stations may interrupt regular programming for updates about the weather. If the entire East Coast goes dark, Nielsen will have to make the same sort of ratings adjustments it does for local pre-emptions on a giant scale. Make your predictions in this special Hurricane Sandy edition of our weekly Revolution poll.

  • Michael

    I have a feeling it wont be high. So, I’m going to say less than 3.4

  • Jeff (Canada)

    The people forced to stay inside with power (and therefore more people watching TV) will cancel out the people without power (and there more people not watching TV). So around a 3.0 probably.

  • eridapo

    If the light go outs, Revolution, as well as the rest Monday’s shows, will go down by 5/10s of a point. Everything will be impacted, not just one show.

    This brings an interesting point…..

    How will the Renew/ Cancel Index be impacted? Since a blackout on the E. Coast will affect all shows on Monday, will the Renew / CI exclude the results for this night from the calculation?

  • DW


  • eridapo

    @ Jeff (Canada)

    It depends… If the power goes out on an area where there is an abnormally high number of Nielsen boxes, ratings will tank.

    Per press reports, Millions could lose power and 100s of thousands have been evacuated. More than likely, many shows will be pre-empted by local news.

  • taylor

    ill say 2.9

  • Adrian

    Below 2.8

    This storm is going to kill electricity in many of America’s biggest TV markets.

  • Dude

    i sense series lows for a couple of shows actually.

  • Joseph

    revolution and the voice will have low ratings this week due to sandy.

  • CBSviewer

    2.8 ! Hawaii Five-0 will bounce back :)

  • Cory

    I’m going 2.8, maybe even 2.7. The storm, plus last week’s pre-emption, will cause it to go down (fellow newcomer Vegas dropped 20% last week after being pre-empted the week prior). That said, I’ll still be watching (sometime in the next couple days anyway)

  • ugh

    please stop with these revolution polls…it’s starting to get sad

  • AMB

    well, pretty much the entire east coast is going to lose power. combine that with last week’s preemption, and i can’t imagine a rating higher than a 2.7 for revolution, and i can’t imagine castle or h50 manage over a 1.5.

  • senor chang

    Wow, if we keep getting weather news like this, cable will be the least of broadcast television’s problems.

    I doubt the effect will be horrible, though.

    Revolution: 3.0

  • Tabitha

    If the lights go out then, all the shows will be impacted. Not just Revolution. Unless the lights only go out for an hour tonight. LOL! :D

  • Christine

    If I’ve got power, I’m watching Castle.

  • Survivor Fan

    I am in Philadelphia, where we still have power. However, the worst of Sandy is not supposed to hit until 2 PM today to 8 AM tomorrow.

  • Survivor Fan

    All shows should be down tonight. As to how much, I am unsure.

  • erwanfromfrance

    I hope for a solid 3.2 after The Voice at 4.5

  • rob60990


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