How Will Real Life Blackout Impact 'Revolution'? - Poll

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October 29th, 2012

Revolution returns after last week's pre-emption just as a real-life natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy, is scheduled to hit much of the East Coast, including America's largest media market, New York City. The odds are high that the power will go out, temporarily giving people in affected areas a chance to experience the unfortunate living conditions of the characters on the show (well, except that batteries, cellphones, and combustion engines will still be working just fine). We hope that all of our readers who live on the East Coast will be safe and be able to watch television throughout the storm.

The question is, how will all of this impact the ratings? If the power stays on, almost everyone will be watching TV both because it will be unsafe to venture outside and because television news will be the best source of information about the storm. Local stations may interrupt regular programming for updates about the weather. If the entire East Coast goes dark, Nielsen will have to make the same sort of ratings adjustments it does for local pre-emptions on a giant scale. Make your predictions in this special Hurricane Sandy edition of our weekly Revolution poll.

  • Max Vrany

    If power goes out for much of the East Coast, which I don’t think it will on a large scale, the ratings for all shows will be negatively impacted.

    If power doesn’t go out on a large scale, ratings will be up significantly across the board, as they usually do when weather is bad for much of the country.

  • Bob

    Regardless of how low shows go tonight, they should NOT affect the overall ratings. That would be VERY unfair and I am not even a fan of Revolution but I still think that NBC needs to take into consideration the US situations when they decide a shows future. For example, I am sure that after 9/11/01, those new shows went down a ton….that is very understandable.

  • Angel

    It’s not just going to be Revolution that will go down in ratings tonight, its going to be all the other networks’ shows too. I expect pre-empties all day expect CBS programming because they switched over to the CW.

  • senor chang

    My sarcasm detector isn’t on, but is this a serious guess (in theory, the power outages could be this bad) or just wishful thinking?

  • senor chang

    And by this I mean guessing a 1.5 rating for Revolution.

  • Dan S

    I hope RVN doesn’t go below 3.0 but I’m guessing 2.8-2.9. Not only are there potential power outages in the cards but preemptions of the show itself to cover the major storm bearing down on the east coast. As mentioned before the networks overall will be down because of the storm. For those impacted by Sandy stay safe.

  • Nick

    Blackouts will have every show down .1-.2. However, people will be stuck in their homes, so shows that have easy-to-follow plots, namely procedurals and realities, will get a few more viewers. For them, it’s balanced out.

    Dancing With the Stars: All Stars: 2.3
    Castle: 2.4 [season high]

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.2
    Partners: 2.0
    2 Broke Girls: 3.4
    Mike & Molly: 2.8
    Hawai’i 5-0: 1.7

    90210: 0.4
    Gossip Girl: 0.3 [series low]

    The X Factor (R): 0.9

    The Voice: 4.8 [season high]
    Revolution: 3.1

    1. NBC: 4.2
    2. CBS: 2.5
    3. ABC: 2.3
    4. Fox: 0.9
    5. CW: 0.4

  • MDM

    After a week off I felt it might be down a bit, but with the storms even more, so about 2.7-2.8? I hope it really does well just to shut the naysayers up again.

  • Chris

    You not only have to consider these blackouts in the northeast, but ALSO that stations in several big markets (New York, Philadelphia, Washington) are likely going to be showing wall-to-wall coverage of Sandy, potentially preempting primetime programming in those markets. The fact of the matter is, at least most of the rest of the country won’t be impacted, by the hurricane or preemptions (though the CBS O&O in the Bay Area will air the 49ers MNF game at Arizona, with the first hour of primetime shoved to late night after Craig Ferguson). I’m not going to make any predictions, but odds are, any significant ratings drops to any programs tonight will be blamed on Sandy. I’ll end this comment by praying for the people living in or near Sandy’s projected path. Please stay safe. Do not go outside.

  • danny94

    I think revolution will fall beneath a 3,0 to night but it really depends on how The Voice rates!!

  • Jeff R.

    I’m going to stake out the “0.0; NBC will be on 24/7 news mode by the time it airs” position.

  • Pepper

    Revolution 2.8


    Under 2.8

    I’m personally prepared to be able to cook & stay warm by my fireplace & will be well lit due to flameless candles, UV lanterns & craclin-wick jarred candles

    Bring on Sandy, I say. I’m ready!

  • KJ Styles

    I say 2.8 or lower. Between Hurricane Sandy and Monday Night Football, the rating will go down. I’m not a fan of the show so it doesn’t matter to me anyway, but I hope my power doesn’t go out.

  • rob60990

    @senor change, just wishful thinking. My real guess is a 2.8.

    “Between Hurricane Sandy and Monday Night Football, the rating will go down”

    MNF has been on for weeks.

  • Mary

    Even here in the midwest they’re predicting problems tonight. I think the states with impact will just have storm coverage and won’t bother even showing prime time shows. In other states, I expect they’ll interrupt some programming especially if the damage is catastrophic as predicted. All shows will be affected. The networks are better off just scheduling repeat shows instead.

  • RG-X

    I think between black-outs, news interuptions & early voting craziness – this could be the first below 3.0 Revolution gets –

    NBC might want to re-air the episode before next Monday for those viewers.

  • Kourt

    Ratings for all shows are like a joke this week. Networks ABC, CBS, NBC should be prepared for ratings to drop. Low ratings will be due to Hurricane Sandy and nothing else. The renewal/Cancel chart should just be ignored this week

  • Professor Doctor Count Victor Von FakeMeOut


    …cook & stay warm by my fireplace & will be well lit due to flameless candles, UV lanterns & craclin-wick jarred candles

    Bring on Sandy, I say. I’m ready!

    Yes, tempting fate is always a good idea because she never turns around and bites you in the ass … wonder how many of the dozens already killed were thinking “bring on Sandy”?


  • KJ Styles

    @rob60990- MNF has been on for weeks.

    Yeah I know, but the 49ers get big ratings in the West Coast. With Sandy affecting the East and parts of the Midwest, and MNF dominating the West, Revolution will definitely have a season low tonight. I predict a 2.5.

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