How Will Real Life Blackout Impact 'Revolution'? - Poll

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October 29th, 2012

Revolution returns after last week's pre-emption just as a real-life natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy, is scheduled to hit much of the East Coast, including America's largest media market, New York City. The odds are high that the power will go out, temporarily giving people in affected areas a chance to experience the unfortunate living conditions of the characters on the show (well, except that batteries, cellphones, and combustion engines will still be working just fine). We hope that all of our readers who live on the East Coast will be safe and be able to watch television throughout the storm.

The question is, how will all of this impact the ratings? If the power stays on, almost everyone will be watching TV both because it will be unsafe to venture outside and because television news will be the best source of information about the storm. Local stations may interrupt regular programming for updates about the weather. If the entire East Coast goes dark, Nielsen will have to make the same sort of ratings adjustments it does for local pre-emptions on a giant scale. Make your predictions in this special Hurricane Sandy edition of our weekly Revolution poll.

  • Johnny

    Guys… they’re predicting massive power outages on the east coast — pretty much everyone on the east coast IS going to lose power. A lot of people in my area (Cape Cod) already have — and the worst of the storm hasn’t even hit yet.

    Even if some areas DON’T lose power, I’m sure the local stations will pre-empt regular programming in favor of storm coverage. Last night Channel 5 Boston cut into the first 30 seconds or so of ABC’s programming at the top of every hour, just to tell us to “get ready” for the storm.

    Ratings will be down across the board tonight.


    @ ProfessorDVCCFMO

    I’ve done nothing but prep since last Fri (ie) topping trees, cleaning gutters & following every bit of advise that was given for storm prep & have more than enough essentials to (hopefully) get me through the crisis

    I’m as prepared as I can possibly be & just trying to remain calm before the crisis hits

    Since you sound like an utter a-hole, if anyone’s ass needs bitten it’s yours–ass meaning head to toe & all membranes located in between

  • Jeff R.

    I still say the networks are going to go to pure news mode this evening. Fox will go first, since they’re already showing a repeat in the World Series Game 5 hole. NBC and ABC will follow close after; CBS may hold out for a full hour of prime time. And after losing the entire Eastern and Central timezones, it’s not going to make any sense to put the fresh shows on the West Coast Feed when they can just shift the whole lineup a week.

  • Brian

    2.9 A bit of a drop. If it does air that is. NBC might pre-empt this show for breaking hurricane coverage.

  • Holly

    It looks like CBS is pushing back the new episode of 5-0. I wonder if NBC will follow suit

    From Peter Lenkov’s twitter (Hawaii 5-0 showrunner):
    #CBS #H50 – Halloween ep has been pushed a week. Tonight, those of u with power get to see Ed Asner sizzle in 302. Those without-God bless.

  • Bill Gorman

    Thanks, Holly, we’ll do a post with that.

  • iggy

    please stop with these revolution polls…it’s starting to get sad

    More ABC press releases!

  • Ultima

    More ABC press releases!

    They’re like a Tilt-a-Whirl for ratings junkies! ;)

  • Bill Gorman

    “well, pretty much the entire east coast is going to lose power.”

    The entire East Coast is not going to lose power during primetime tonight, but the zone from Baltimore and Philly to the Atlantic Coast is probably in significant power outage danger for primetime. Over the next 48 hours lots of people could lose power, and who knows how long it will take to restore it.

    “please stop with these revolution polls…it’s starting to get sad”

    And yet you both read and commented. At least 2 pageviews. Win!

  • Ellen in NYC

    I dread that moment when I lose power. Not as much as I worry about debris flying through the big windows in my living room. It’s going to be a very long night.

  • a p garcia

    It will nosedive if you can’t see it.

  • rob60990

    @KJ Styles, the game will already be over when Revolution comes on.

  • alexjones

    ugh, It was doing so well after the ratings 2 weeks ago but the ratings will come crashing down tonight now doubt, I hope it can recover next week.

  • alexjones

    the only thing it might have going for it is the lack of competition since some other networks are just showing repeats.

  • Kyle

    Sandy is so annoying to listen about. It now just lost hurricane status so it won’t effect it at all. Also I don’t care about the East Coast as much as the media does.

  • Morgan Wick

    People may be watching TV, but they won’t be watching entertainment shows.

  • Ultima

    Sandy is so annoying to listen about. It now just lost hurricane status so it won’t effect it at all.


    Dumb kids.

  • Johnny

    Ugh. WCVB pre-empted Dancing with the Stars and aired it on one of their sister stations for the first hour. Then they switched back to regular programming for the second hour at 9:00. Then at 10:00, they cut into the first minute of Castle to tell us that the storm is still out there. So in the Boston area, Castle started at 10:02, in the middle of a scene.

  • Fake Me Out


    …Since you sound like an utter a-hole, if anyone’s ass needs bitten it’s yours–ass meaning head to toe & all membranes located in between

    Nice how your reply completely ignores the thrust of my point and ends with a kinda sad, childlike attempt at an insult perhaps you should alter your nom to THE SENILE OLD MAN. Given your callus, cold hearted disregard for the danger and deaths of others while stating “Bring on Sandy, I say. I’m ready!” I’m done with you and any of your replies.

    I hope everyone in the path stays safe. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of those that have already perished or been injured.

  • Simon

    I guess last night’s ratings will mean nothing in the long run, Revolution did air as planned. Not in the states myself but it is on every download site today.

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