Live+7 Ratings for 'Arrow', 'Beauty and the Beast' & 'Vampire Diaries' Premieres Grow Double Digits

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October 29th, 2012

via press note:

With Live + 7 Day delayed viewing, the series premiere of ARROW on 10/10/12 averaged 5.02 million viewers, a 21% increase from its L+SD average (4.14M). ARROW saw a 33% increase in A18-34 (1.52 vs. 1.14), a 29% bump in A18-49 (1.71 vs. 1.33) and a 29% jump in W18-34 (29%).


The series premiere of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on 10/11/12 saw a 21% increase in total viewers versus its L+SD audience (3.37M vs. 2.78M), a 28% increase in A18-34 (1.36 vs. 1.08), a 25% increase in A18-49 (1.47 vs. 1.18) and a 29% jump in W18-34 (2.03 vs. 1.57).


The fourth season premiere of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on 10/11/12 had sizable DVR gains in L+7 compared to its L+SD ratings. It picked up 30% in total viewers (4.14M vs. 3.18M), 37% in A18-34 (2.32 vs. 1.73), 34% in A18-49 (2.14 vs. 1.6) and 34% in W18-34 (3.43 vs. 2.56).


Compared to last season’s premiere, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES had larger percentage increases in DVR viewing, and was up year to year in total viewers and all key demos in final L+7 ratings.

  • Michael

    Very good numbers!!!

  • Lambsilencer

    Looking forward to see how “Nikita” will be doing in Live+7, because pretty much no one seems to be watching it live this season…

  • Michael

    @Lambsilencer, Nikita usually only gain about 2 tenths when DVR is included.

  • david

    a really great start for all three shows. I really hope Arrow keeps the good ratings. I am sure TVD will keep them up. and Beauty and the Beas is all ready falling.

  • Brandy

    Good for Beauty & Beast, I really like it.Of Course,as always, Yay VD too!

  • Andy

    Nikita gains almost nothing. :(
    I wounder how does Nikita gain any profit.
    Elsewhere, Arrow and TVD did very well. 5 million viewers for Arrow and a 2.1 rating for TVD is quite awesome.

  • Moe

    Dang, I wish they had announced what Supernatural did their premiere week. That was the week of the first debates.

  • Percysowner

    I wonder what happened with Supernatural. It usually does well in the +7s, but if they didn’t mention it, it probably didn’t that week.

  • Jason Lawson

    Congrats Arrow well deserved and deserves to be the number 1 show on The CW!!!

  • Michael

    2.1 is crazy good for TVD!!

  • Val

    I think they’re not mentioning Supernatural because it wasn’t a premire week compared to the other three shows mentioned.

  • Mickey
  • Mickey

    Supernatural was rising to 1.2 with DVR +7 last year, so the fact it went up to 1.4 suggests there was an increase in audience size thanks to people catching up on Netflix, TNT etc., and the ratings increases aren’t entirely due to the switch to Wednesdays or having Arrow as a lead-in. (Though I’m sure they’re helping.)

  • david

    I am sure all the factors mentioned help Super Natural. The fact it has a really good lead in now, the fact the reruns are on TNT every week day morning from 9 to 11 am, and the it is on a better night. I myself started watching the show on TNT and now watch it on the CW and the older episodes on TNT. Like i watched some of the marathon over the past weekend. Oh and as i mentioned before i do lke all three shows mentioned here Arrow is great, TVD is good and Beauty and the Beast is a good show too.

  • Mark Wood

    Well thinks to the earlier press releases we know how SPN did with Live plus 3 (which is going to be the lby far the largest part of the live plus 7.

    SPN increase 26% in 3 days to 3.2 million. By comparison his is what the other three did in live plus 3 versus live plus 7
    Arrow + 16% to 4.8 million / 21% 5.01 million
    Vampire Dairies +23% to 3.9 million/ 30% 4.14 million
    Beauty & the Beast +17% to 3.25 million/ 21% 3.37 million

    So in Based on the increases here I would expect SPN still to have the largest percentage gain in total viewers (as it is, in 3 days they had larger gain then two of the three that had 7 days).

    I would expect based on past history of having adult 18-49 of at least 10% greater then the viewer increase means we would have hit a 1.4 (I am going to try and confirm).

    With adults 18-34 in three days SPN grew 32% to a 1.3%

    Versus the 3 day and 7 day results for the other three.
    Arrow 24% 1.4 / 33% to 1.52
    VD 26% 2.2 / 37% 2.32
    B&tB 23% 1.3 / 28% 1.36

    SPN probably had the 2nd largest percentage growth here, as I don’t think it would have passed the 37% growth of VD.

  • ally

    so does this mean that a full season pick up 4 Beauty And The Beast is likely?? I hope so.

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