Updated: NBC Not Moving Ahead With 'The Office' Spin-off 'The Farm'

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October 29th, 2012

Dwight Schute will not be getting his own series after all. After filming the pilot for a spin-off of The Office focusing on Dwight titled The Farm, the network has opted not greenlight the project. Rainn Wilson tweeted, "NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show. Had a blast making the pilot - onwards & upwards! " Per Deadline, the pilot was slated to air as an episode of The Office. It is unclear whether it will still be shown.

Update: TV Guide's Michael Schneider has confirmed that the pilot will air as an episode of 'The Office' this season, perhaps in January.

  • iggy

    Maybe FOX will want it. (relax, it’s a Mindy reference.)

  • disney rocks

    Knew it; I guess the Office and anything related to the office will officially die May 2013

  • richard

    hmm, oh well, it could have been good, even if the office hasnt been good since season 6. (though i admit i do kind of like season 9). but, yeah this might have been good, but i cant say im that disappointed.

    btw, what is the deal with this nellie character, i didnt watch season 8, but i cant stand her. i like new jim and dwight jr, but she is just annoying, and they insist on giving her her own story every episode.

  • kill00

    NBC sucks i hate that they didnt go forward with Mockingbird Lane and now they do the same thing with The Farm

  • Oliver

    NBC will likely air The Farm’s pilot as an episode of The Office, since it’s a backdoor pilot.

  • omabin

    makes total sense

  • Carl

    As much as I love the Office and Rainn Wilson as a comedian, this had “Joey” written all over it.

  • Adam

    I was never a big fan of “The Farm” idea, most spin offs just don’t work but you have to wonder without the Farm and no Office and 30 Rock,what the future of NBC’s Thursday Night Comedy Block is. Parks and Rec. is most likely getting renewed but what else. Would they move Go On or The New Normal to Thursday? Do they have more faith in Up All Night, Guys with Kids, Community,or Whitney then they’ve shown? Could we see a 1 hour comedy block like a couple years back?

  • Travis

    Thank God!

  • Alex

    Good decision. Its hard to see who the audience was for an Office spin-off at this point.

    Speaking of the NBC comedy block though Deadline is reporting that Up All Night will switch from single camera to multi-camera format in the new year. Episode 11 will be its final single cam episode and it’ll switch to multi-cam (with a live studio audience) after that with 5 additional episodes ordered. That’s massively weird. Although cheaper.

    Michael J Fox is obviously the centre piece of the NBC comedy block next season so it’ll be interesting to see how they opt to build around that. It looks like they want to try and find a multi-cam block of some description though so maybe they’ll keep plugging away with a Wednesday block? Who knows what goes on Thursday though. Maybe they’ll give Fox the plum post-Voice slot currently given to Go On? Decisions, decisions.

  • richard

    well, that will bring us to 199 episodes.. now they HAVE to order 1 more to get to 200

  • Mark3


  • TVDude

    It’s kind of sad, but I think it’s all for the better. Dwight’s one of the greatest characters on TV, but I think it’s time for everything to come to an end, and that includes Dwight’s story.

    I too hope The Office gets to end on its 200th episode. I know the show’s not what it used to be, but that is such a great milestone to end on.

  • Tony JJ

    smart move NBC!

  • getmilk

    GOOD! Rainn Wilson is the most annoying and unfunny person on the planet.

  • Networkman

    I think this goes to show NBC knows they have to move away from the current Thursday lineup. They may even have to end Parks & Rec. These shows are just not garnering enough interest. It is time to go in a different direction.

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