NBC Orders Three More Episodes of 'Up All Night', Switches Show to Multi-Camera Format

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October 29th, 2012

NBC has ordered threee more episodes of low rated comedy Up All Night, bringing its total for its second season to 16, and, in a most unusual move, is switching the show from a single camera format to a multi-camera sitcom, reports Entertainment Weekly. Multi-camera shows, which are taped in front of a live studio audience, typically have lower physical production costs than single camera comedies.

According to Deadline, episode 11, which films next week, will be the last in the single camera format.  The show will go on hiatus after the final single camera episode airs in December. The show will resume production in February. The multi-camera version of Up All Night will premiere in April or May.

This is yet another surprising development in a season that is perplexing our commenters and starving the Cancellation Bear.

  • Frost

    Wait, what? Has this ever happened before?

  • Tony JJ

    WHAT???? This is the most shocking news of the fall season. Switching the show to a multi-camera format!? Wow. Has a show ever changed from single to multi-cam or vice versa after already being on the air?

  • rob60990

    what a mess.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Wow. This is almost unheard of. Actually, I’ve NEVER heard of this happening before!

  • The Hafk

    Don’t watch the show, but that’s crazy, in both a ratings sense, and a creative direction sense.

    I can’t see this working out at all, but I’m curious. Maybe this move will generate enough curiosity to make people remember this show exists?

  • Tony JJ

    Deadline is reporting that all single cam episodes will air by December. and then they will start work on converting the set and stage to tape in front of a live audience with production beginning in February with multi-cam episodes beginning to air in April/May.

  • Ellen

    Creatively the show has run out of steam. They were doomed when the writers decided to cancel Ava’s show. You have to give NBC credit for trying though. Will be weird in a few years when people discover this on Netflix, and halfway into season 2 the format switches.

  • Danak

    These massive reboots never seem to work. I’m skeptical that it will work for UAN unless it comes back really, really funny. I love this show, but no.

  • 1313 SVU Lane

    According to the TV critics I follow on Twitter, Happy Days switched from a HIMYM type multi to a regular multi. And NBC Chasing (?) Ellie back in the 00’s went on a year long hiatus before switching from single to multi cams.

  • Danak

    And since these kinds of complete makeovers don’t seem to work (Flash Forward, The Event, L&O: Los Angeles; etc), I don’t understand why NBC thinks this will work this time. Networks should just save their money and cancel before they do complete makeovers.


    What about Mokingbird Lane?

  • Matt

    I’d rather just hear of it’s cancellation so Community can come back.

  • Anon

    Feed the Bear. FEED HIM!

  • Kyle7

    April Fools!

    Oh, wait, it’s October 29th. Now I’m just confused.

  • erwanfromfrance

    Come on NBC !! What the hell are you doing ? Up All Night ? Seriously ? Even you should pulls it from the air !

  • taylor

    3 episodes, not 5. total episode count is now 16, they ordered 13 previously.

  • Dan

    Fun Fact – Christina Applegates other sitcom was almost switched to multi camera format in its second season before being canceled. Why doesn’t NBC just cancel the show. The retooling didn’t work

  • AJ

    no!!!!!!!!!! I would rather Up All Night be cancelled than switch to Multi-Cam. This is awful.

    But this did happen once before….

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus had a sitcom right after Seinfeld ended called Watching Ellie.

    It started off single cam, but the ratings were low, but it switched to multi cam. It was a failed decision and it was cancelled.

    I found the show funny as a single cam but awful as multi-cam. There really is a difference in the style and pace of the humor.

  • danny94

    strange. this will probably make viewership even lower as the remaining fans may switch off due to the change in format

  • Tony JJ

    @taylor that is correct. Although five episodes will be shot in multi-cam with episode 11 being the last episode filmed in single cam which wraps production next week. So yeah it does look like they only added 3 more episodes.

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