NBC Orders Three More Episodes of 'Up All Night', Switches Show to Multi-Camera Format

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October 29th, 2012

NBC has ordered threee more episodes of low rated comedy Up All Night, bringing its total for its second season to 16, and, in a most unusual move, is switching the show from a single camera format to a multi-camera sitcom, reports Entertainment Weekly. Multi-camera shows, which are taped in front of a live studio audience, typically have lower physical production costs than single camera comedies.

According to Deadline, episode 11, which films next week, will be the last in the single camera format.  The show will go on hiatus after the final single camera episode airs in December. The show will resume production in February. The multi-camera version of Up All Night will premiere in April or May.

This is yet another surprising development in a season that is perplexing our commenters and starving the Cancellation Bear.

  • Oliver


    They also retooled/reshot UAN’s pilot. I’m beginning to think NBC’s new management doesn’t have a clue.

    I suspect they will double up 30 Rock’s final 4 episodes to clear 8pm Thursday by Christmas.

  • BJG

    Watching Ellie did the same thing during it’s second season before it was cancelled…so the Cancellation Bear may not starve for long.

  • silvit


    Women on tv are a disgrace (except for The Good Wife, where the best character is Kalinda though). Instead of being groundbreaking, they are just going backwards.

    It’s the same crap all over again: a workaholic woman that gasp! found the joy of motherhood (isn’t this what all women are born and destined to do? That’s their purpose on this world) and then decides that no, she was wrong, that she understood the real meaning of life and she’s the happiest person alive by just being a stay-at-home mom. That she doesn’t need to work. That as a woman, she can be satisfied by doing nothing but running behind a toddler/brat.

    Yes, very believable that a person like that is satisfied this way. A 180 turn around.

    Working women out there, you are doin’it wrong. :-)

  • Sam

    Well, I’m done with the show for sure now. It really wasn’t a bad show in Season 1. It was like Raising Hope with rich people instead of poor people (although Raising Hope is the superior of the two shows for sure). But this season’s ridiculous plot twists have basically ruined the show. And now they’re going multi-cam? It will get even worse. It’s too bad, because Christina Applegate and Will “GOB” Arnett really deserve a good show.

    At least Will might have more time to film the new Arrested Development episodes after the multi-cam format goes up in flames.

  • Craig

    To add to the list of shows that switched formats, the last season of The Drew Carey Show went the other way from multi camera to single camera for some episodes. I guess they wanted to try and rejuvinate the show by filming it in the style comedies were going at the time. It was horrible as the sets were not designed for single camera use, and the show seemed like it wasn’t itself. They went back to the old style after a few episodes, but since the season was aired entirely out of order, the time felt a lot longer.

  • Dude in Post

    Happy Days switched to multi-cam after season 1. And Richy’s older brother disappeared!

  • Mr Mumble

    Wonder if NBC have decided to kill “Guys With Kids” and need a multi-can to pair up with Whitney next year. “Guys With Kids” may be getting very similar ratings to “Up All Night” (1.4s) but its in the same hour as UAN was last year and it got 2.0s. UAN has far tougher competition on the Thursday too.

  • Brian

    They’re grasping at straws right now. Only thing I can come up with.

  • LMG

    I’m going to go with a theory that this really is an April Fool’s joke, just that NBC is going for the long-con route because someone at NBC thinks that is a good idea.

  • Brian J

    I read that the original version of the show–as in, the pilot that was filmed before Bridesmaids became a hit and Ava became a talk show host–was really good. I’m wondering if we will ever see that. I’d be interested in watching it, because it seems like there were so many missed opportunities with this show.

    Can this reboot work? Maybe it can. At this point, though, you have to wonder if the better solution is to just keep the cast but create an entirely new show. Or just sign them all to holding deals or something.

    Applegate is bound to find another successful show, even if it takes her another 15 tries. She’s kind of like a younger version of Christine Baranski in that regard. Perhaps she should have been cast as Michael J. Fox’s wife in his new show.

    @1313 SVU Lane:

    The bigger switch for “Watching Ellie” was the fact that, in the second season, the clock-dependent format was dropped.

  • Potato

    @SJ– Actually, it’s the FOURTH. Redone pilot, giving Ava and Reagan a new boss near the end of season 1, the Ava cancellation and now this

  • Brian J


    NBC’s new management has made some very good decisions, as seen by the ratings increases this season. But this…well, this just seems odd.

  • Mommyneedsmartini

    Really?! It is going to cost millions to build new sets on a multi-cam stage. They should just keep the show running as is. No one will commit to a show that is for only 5 episodes next season….including cast and crew. All will jump on a ship that has a longer schedule. So not only will UAN be a new format…it will have all new crew and likely some new cast. It won’t be the same show at all. I am SO OVER NBC and their stupid decisions.

  • Alanna

    As someone else said, Watching Ellie is the only known show to have tried this, with no luck.

    We’ll see…

  • Jason

    I guess NBC has come to the notion that single-camera sitcoms didn’t work as well as they used to.

    They’re trying to go back to the days of Empty Nest, Golden Girls, ALF, and Night Court.

  • Nick

    I don’t know . . . NBC has made some smart decisions this season, and it’s paid off. Maybe they do actually have a clue.

  • were123

    Is this a joke? One of the reasons that I love Up all Night is that it is a single camera comedy! This is the strangest things I’ve ever seen, I mean, has a show ever shifted from single to multi camera? That’s so… weird! I’ll be watching anyway, just to see how that develops…

  • Charles

    doesn’t anyone remember “Grounded For Life” ?? It started out single-cam with a laugh track, then switched networks, changed to multicam, and became SO much funnier. One of my favorite multicam sitcoms!

    This news however seems… idk, desperate?

  • Brian J


    As I said earlier, I am interested in seeing what the original pilot was like. I read it was great.

    I’m not sure if the ratings could have been much worse than they were last season, regardless of the moves. With that in mind, you have to wonder what was lost by the retooling. Given that NBC is in a much stronger position than it was a year ago, it could have had a much better chance at nurturing a big hit.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    This is highly unlikely to change the show’s dinner date with the cancellation bear.

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