NBC Orders Three More Episodes of 'Up All Night', Switches Show to Multi-Camera Format

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October 29th, 2012

NBC has ordered threee more episodes of low rated comedy Up All Night, bringing its total for its second season to 16, and, in a most unusual move, is switching the show from a single camera format to a multi-camera sitcom, reports Entertainment Weekly. Multi-camera shows, which are taped in front of a live studio audience, typically have lower physical production costs than single camera comedies.

According to Deadline, episode 11, which films next week, will be the last in the single camera format.  The show will go on hiatus after the final single camera episode airs in December. The show will resume production in February. The multi-camera version of Up All Night will premiere in April or May.

This is yet another surprising development in a season that is perplexing our commenters and starving the Cancellation Bear.

  • jel

    So maybe Community will air the 13 eps January to April, i.e. A midseason timeslot share on thurs of Community and UAN?

  • Oliver

    @Brian J

    NBC’s ratings are up largely because of The Voice, a show developed under the previous management.

  • Dan S

    Really NBC? UAN is 1 of the few shows I’ve watched on their network & now they’re switching to the dreaded multi-cam. I refuse to watch shows with a laugh track so for what it’s worth I’m done with this show when it returns in the Spring. If NBC moves away from single cam I won’t be watching any of their comedies. Just don’t start messing with Parks & Rec.

  • Ali

    Oh NBC…. you had to cock it up didnt you……..

  • Ultima

    @Bill Gorman
    This is highly unlikely to change the show’s dinner date with the Cancellation Bear

    Up All Night is trying to be fashionably late. ;)

  • Rebecca

    Hmm…might be good, might suck. Some people here a while back said that Christina Applegate performs better with an audience, so if they’re getting one with the new format then maybe it’ll be alright. I still enjoy the show, it has its moments. But I wouldn’t mourn its loss once the bear gets it either. Really hoping Community returns sooner than later.

  • mayorofsmpleton

    It’s not like laugh tracks automatically make a show bad. Need I mention Cheers, Seinfeld, Frasier, Roseanne, etc.

    The writing is what matters. UAN may be able to transition well. We won’t know until it airs.

  • richard

    lol go on is highlighted

  • Dan

    Yessss 3 more episodes.

  • were123

    Could Up all Night become the unexpected new Fringe and Chuck for TVBTN as Revolution seems to be stable with ratings?

  • POI

    what the hell is NBC thinking.

  • Tom

    I’m pretty sure Lorne Michaels can kill an NBC page and they’d pick up his next show.

    I don’t see this changing UAN’s chances (it may get some spackle order based on the NBC bloodoath to Michaels, but not due to ratings), but it does seem like this change will lock UAN into the Wed live action block upon its return.

    The more interesting question is scheduling: What does NBC do on Thursdays? UAN’s last single-cam episode should be on Dec 6th, yet there will still be 4 or so 30 Rocks left. Unless they burn all four off on December 13th, there’s not even time to air them during this calendar year.

    So does NBC have some odd 30Rock/P&R/Office/30Rock schedule for early January, then launch Save Me and 1600 Penn at the same time? Or go 30Rock/P&R/Office/1600Penn for all of January and then swap in Save Me for 30 Rock? I haven’t a clue.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t know – how is a multi-cam cheaper than a single-cam? Doesn’t it cost more for the extra cameras and grips involved?

  • SJ

    I’m guessing their January schedule will look like this:

    30 Rock
    Parks and Rec
    The Office
    1600 Penn

    for the first two weeks

    30 Rock (1-hour finale, already announced)
    The Office
    1600 Penn

    for week 3

    Beginning of Feb sweeps:

    Parks and Rec
    The Office
    1600 Penn


    1600 Penn (if P&R airs without repeats, which I expect it to, it should be done by early April)
    The Office
    Up All Night 2.0

    Save Me likely gets paired up with Whitney after Guys with Kids wraps and Off Their Rockers will likely be airing back-to-back episodes in April and May Wednesdays at 8.

  • Oliver

    I can’t see NBC following Whitney with Save Me. That has huge tonal whiplash issues.

    I think they will move TNN. It’s not doing that well given the huge lead-in.

    I also think NBC should put TBL into Thursday 8pm. No comedy is going to succeed in that timeslot.

    It’s not necessary for Off Their Rockers to be on NBC’s schedule. It’s dirt cheap spackle programming, they can air it during Summer if they want, no great loss.

  • a p garcia

    I doubt it will help but it will make “The Bear” wait several weeks. If NBC wants UAN to suceed it will fire all the writers/producers and hire creative writers & producers that were on unemployment line.

  • Pete5125

    My Guess Off the Rockers or Biggest Losser takes over 8PM on Thur then you get Office/1600Penn/Parks And Rec/Community, Thur is not working even The Office is failing, at some point the 6 episode Dwight Schults Spin-Off will take The Offices spot for a few weeks.

    My guess is that Up All Night will be on Wed with Whitney or Guys with Kids

    I’m thinking that this change in UAN is a last minute change because NBC will be moving towards canceling all their single camera sitcoms except for Go On and New Normal, if Dwight Schults spin-off works then Park And Rec will get a finale season next year if not Park and rec is either over or will get a half season for a back-up show

  • Ben Gazzi


    Yes, both “Happy Days” and “The Odd Couple” began as single camera, and switched to multi-camera.

  • Gregg

    I remember when Happy Days did this between Seasons 1 and 2. It was a little jarring at first, but it worked out okay for them (They also made Fonzie a regular then, so that MAY have had something to do with their success!).

  • Brian J


    Well, sure, but NBC put “The Voice” after the Superbowl and decided to expand it this season, leading into new hits “Revolution,” “Go On,” and “The New Normal.”

    Now, where would they move “TNN”? And what is “TBL”?

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