NBC Orders Three More Episodes of 'Up All Night', Switches Show to Multi-Camera Format

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October 29th, 2012

NBC has ordered threee more episodes of low rated comedy Up All Night, bringing its total for its second season to 16, and, in a most unusual move, is switching the show from a single camera format to a multi-camera sitcom, reports Entertainment Weekly. Multi-camera shows, which are taped in front of a live studio audience, typically have lower physical production costs than single camera comedies.

According to Deadline, episode 11, which films next week, will be the last in the single camera format.  The show will go on hiatus after the final single camera episode airs in December. The show will resume production in February. The multi-camera version of Up All Night will premiere in April or May.

This is yet another surprising development in a season that is perplexing our commenters and starving the Cancellation Bear.

  • SG

    The show continues to make me laugh. Whatever it takes to keep it on the air!

  • Ultima

    @Brian J
    And what is “TBL”?

    The Biggest Loser

  • Jimmy

    Applegate has no luck anymore for TV “/ Forever as Kelly Bundy i guess…

  • rob60990

    Rainn Wilson tweeted NBC is passing on the Office spinoff

  • k:Alex

    All the money from Up All Night to Mokingbird Lane!

  • Alanna

    And what is “TBL”?

    The Biggest Loser

    I thought we got past the days of abbreviating everything on this site.

    Or, should I say,


  • Ultima

    I thought we got past the days of abbreviating everything on this site.

    Yeah, we’ve moved on to darker days… instead of TBL it will be “The Biggest Flopper.” :(

  • ChipL

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned that “The Odd Couple” went from a single-cam format to muli-cam with studio audience after Season One just as “Happy Days” and “Ellie” did.

  • AJ

    Applegate has no luck anymore for TV “/ Forever as Kelly Bundy i guess…

    I really liked “Samantha Who”…I think it got shafted with its early cancellation. It was a pretty funny show and was my first introduction to Melissa McCarthy. It lasted 35 episodes and was single-cam.

    Before that she starred in “Jesse” an awful multi-cam but which lasted 42 episodes.

    We’ll see where Up All Nights stands in relation but it seems that crappy multi-cams will almost outlast good single cams.

  • Cory


    This has been my favorite sitcom in the fall season so far. I am seriously finding it absolutely hilarious. Devastating news, as I hate laugh tracks with a passion. I was all set just to let the 13 episodes play out, enjoy the hell out of them, and let it be swallowed by the bear. This is extremely confusing.

  • SJ

    My gut tells me that The Office spin-off won’t be making it to the air. Maybe that’s one of the reasons they’re extending/re-re-retooling Up All Night.

    Save Me and Whitney don’t fit together tonally, but then again, neither are strong contenders for 2013-2014. I doubt they’d want to risk moving The New Normal, which is holding on for dear life as it is.

  • SJ

    Oh wow. I swear I was still on page 4 and didn’t refresh before posting my comment. The Office spin-off has officially been passed on in the meantime. Called it a month ago!

  • kaseface8

    is there going to be a live studio audience now? I would rather they cancel it than have to deal with a laugh track, honestly. and I like the show. ava giggling into her hand like a geisha keeps me going some days. It’s not a bad show, but it will be terrible with a laugh track.

  • A.C.

    I remember two MULTI CAMERA switches and it didn’t save the shows…it made them worse. HARPER VALLEY PTA and PRIVATE BENJAMIN. To this day I was “what the hell” going from single camera film to multi camera videotape was jarring.

    This is desperation and it will fail like those examples.

  • Morgan Wick

    Here’s the other question: before this, was anyone other than CBS doing a multi-camera comedy? How about one with a laugh track/live studio audience?

  • Ultima

    @Morgan Wick
    Here’s the other question: before this, was anyone other than CBS doing a multi-camera comedy?

    On NBC, Whitney and Guys With Kids are multi-cam; on ABC, Last Man Standing and Malibu Country and are multi-cam.


    NBC is in a hole so deep, a change like this wouldn’t even matter. Also, they’re changing the show’s format as a cost cutting measure? It would be much cheaper to just cancel Up All Night and pick up a new multi-camera sitcom starring one C-list actor/actress and a few newcomers.

  • s0303

    someone has to be blackmailing/sleeping with someone over at nbc…this show never should have been renewed…and now they are ordering additional episodes???? nbc’s comedies are a lot of the problem with the network…they need less of them, not more…

  • jakkkeo

    This isn’t that bad of an idea. What have they got to lose really? May as well give it a go. I think Rudolph will really shine under a multi-camera format, and I have no doubt Applegate and Arnett will be awesome also. That’s the thing about this show – the cast is terrific, the writing just lets them down.

  • were123

    I can’t understand this decision, if you want Up all Night to become a hit put an special original after The Voice, move it back to Wensdays, they could even consider to pair it with Community in Fridays before Grimm (unless they want Mockingbird Lane), or switch it with Parks so it can grab some of The Office audience, but this?!?!?! NBC, you take the weirdest choices

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