NBC Orders Three More Episodes of 'Up All Night', Switches Show to Multi-Camera Format

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October 29th, 2012

NBC has ordered threee more episodes of low rated comedy Up All Night, bringing its total for its second season to 16, and, in a most unusual move, is switching the show from a single camera format to a multi-camera sitcom, reports Entertainment Weekly. Multi-camera shows, which are taped in front of a live studio audience, typically have lower physical production costs than single camera comedies.

According to Deadline, episode 11, which films next week, will be the last in the single camera format.  The show will go on hiatus after the final single camera episode airs in December. The show will resume production in February. The multi-camera version of Up All Night will premiere in April or May.

This is yet another surprising development in a season that is perplexing our commenters and starving the Cancellation Bear.

  • Mark

    NBC has to ruin great shows. I hope I still like it after this change…

  • Rob R

    Before Happy Days, The Odd Couple aired as a single camera show in its first season (1970-71). It was multi-camera before a studio audience for its remaining five season (1971-75). However, this is probably the first time this has ever happened in the MIDDLE of a season.

  • Joseph

    I think this is a weird move but i won’t deny i’m intrigued to see if they’ll pull it off!
    i might start watching the show just to be there when they make the change.

  • jessica

    @ Brian J

    “At this point, though, you have to wonder if the better solution is to just keep the cast but create an entirely new show. Or just sign them all to holding deals or something.”

    Perhaps they will make the single-cam Up All Night one big dream sequence within this new show you are suggesting. ;)

  • miles mjoe@gmail.com

    happy days was single format show switched to multi camera.

  • Networkman

    Is NBC realizing that they are in need of more multi cam comedies? They may pair it with Whitney when it returns in the Spring. I feel Guy with Kids will have completed its order by then. If the 5 episodes get similar decent numbers to Whitney that will justify renewing it for a third season. They don’t want to let Christina Applegate go. I feel she is the type of actress that does better with the multicam format. Now if only they can change her husband on the show as well.

  • Networkman

    @s0303, I do agree that NBC needs to be slashing comedies. They are the weak spots for the network for the moment. Not that the dramas are all that better. Anyways, for the 2013 season I would go with Go On paired with the new Micheal J. Fox comedy. Hopefully 1600 Penn with hit because a new comedy can be paired with that. And then try and make Whitney and Guys with Kids work. I feel 6 comedies is all that is needed for the network at the moment. All of the other comedies would be cancelled. That is why I feel NBC should just give Community enough of an episode order so that it can at least reach 88 and then call it quits. No matter how critically acclaim, people are just rejecting these older comedies on NBC. It is time to start over.

  • KevinY

    I give NBC credit for trying this. It’s an experiment, plain and simple. I don’t think they have any intention of giving it a third season. Applegate, Arnett, Rudolph, and Luka Jones are really talented…they’ll arguably be even better in this new format.

    The question now is what is the future of the single-cam sitcom at NBC? If Michael J. Fox’s new show is a hit, they’ll probably stick with a mix of both formats. If it flops, or is only a modest success, I think we could see NBC order all their pilots as multi-cams in 2014-2015.

  • Mike, DDS

    They did this with Happy Days, too. The first season was shot single camera with a more cinema-like feel.

  • Tommy Mickens

    Very strange….maybe it has something to do with syndication?

    Like, as it is, the ratings are too low to renew but the execs for some reason really want this to get to syndication. So in a last ditch effort, they’re retooling it to the (cheaper?) multi-cam format to see if they can justify keeping it a few more seasons.

    Still strange though, because though it could work, it just seems like even worse ratings waiting to happen.

  • Tim

    Honestly we loved the show in season 1. The changes made from the start of S2 where they ditched the Ava show, added a brother out of no where and the downhill writing has just made it un-watchable. I doubt multi cam will help. They just need to say it was all a bad dream and restart season 2 where they left off with season 1.

  • Craig Olshlager

    It indeed HAS happened before…… in the 70’s the ODD COUPLE and HAPPY DAYS both abandoned single camera film format to live multi-camera….both were successful……….SCRUBS did it for one episode…and then resumed Single camera.

  • Mr Mumble

    CityTV are now reporting January 11th for Community in Canada. That kinda makes sense for Community in the US too. Skipping no Fridays that would be January 11th to April 5th so plenty of options to fill in for April/May (UAN, Betty White, an extended Community or GWK order).

  • Gary A

    Also Newhart ( the one set in the Vermont Inn ) also went from single cam to multi cam in its’ first season. It was to make it more compatible with other CBS shows I think. It was single cam when it followed MASH ( in its’ final season ) and went multi cam when shifted to Sundays for a few months with series like One Day at a Time, Alice and The Jeffersons.
    The Odd Couple did an experiment with a multi cam in its’ first season because producer Garry Marshall felt that the low ratings were due to that format and that with stars Tony Randall and Jack Klugman who were pros at live theater and tv worked better in the multi cam format.
    Happy Days changed from single cam to multi cam in its’ third season due to softer ratings in the second season and the buzz that was coming over the Fonz character.
    I think this is the behind the scenes story.
    Of note: Although All in the Family and later Archie Bunker’s Place were multi cams, star Carroll O’Connor preferred to tape without a studio audience present and half way in the AITFs’ run that happened.

  • JoeHamm

    Up All Night worked very well last year as a Single-Cam. I mean, it still does, but the quality in the storylines really took a dip so far this year. While I may be a bit alienated and disappointed, I am hoping this works out. It probably won’t.

  • blinkuldhc

    On a side note, does anyone wish that How I Met Your Mother would switch to a single-camera show?

    It already has some edits like a single-cam show.

  • Justin121

    (I’ve been saying for months that)

    NBC is moving away from the single-cam format to “broaden their audience”.

    (Though it doesn’t make sense why did they order Go On and The New Normal.)

    I expect Up All Night to remain on Thursdays and be joined by other multi-cams.

  • David

    I am actually kind of interested to see how this format change will change the show. I really like both single-camera and multi-camera comedies. Up All Night is a great show, regardless of the ratings. It’s really funny and you actually care about the characters. Hopefully this change helps to keep it alive… I’d hate to see it cancelled. With the format change, they should make one big comedy night with Up All Night/Whitney/Guys with Kids.

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