Updated: NBC Is Definitely Pre-Empting 'Go On' & 'The New Normal' Tuesday for Storm Coverage

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October 29th, 2012

Per NBC publicity, Go On will not air Tuesday due to continuing storm coverage The New Normal wll also be preempted. More details as they become available.

10/30 AM update:

We posted this yesterday because of something that appeared at the top of a press release concerning a planned conference call about today's Go On episode:

Unfortunately, we need to cancel and reschedule this conference call.
"Go On" is no longer airing tomorrow due to special news coverage of the storm.

But since, NBC aired promotions during primetime last night for both shows, that item in the press release may have been mistaken.

10/30 PM Update: NBC has indeed confirmed that the sitcoms are bumped tonight for the NBC News Special "Sandy's Fury" that will air from 10:01-11p.

  • Teaghan

    The Voice and Revolution are staying?

  • Oliver

    Missing an episode of The Voice/Revolution will majorly screw up their scheduling.

  • Josh

    Why is Go On and The New Normal on at that time anyway? Where is Parenthood?

  • r0ckmypants

    @Josh – Because The Voice was expanded to two hours tomorrow.

  • SherLOCKED

    Just as an FYI, just heard that NBC has cancelled “The Ofiice” spin-off, “The Farm”.

  • rob60990

    this was always a very stupid move airing the comedies at 10.

  • anas

    hope that they won’t push revolution

  • Adam

    does it mean these episodes will air next week then

  • r0ckmypants

    @rob – What’s stupid about it? They get the lead-in from The Voice, plus they’re not up against any other comedies, just a couple of really weak dramas. And both Go On and The New Normal were Halloween-themed episodes airing the night before Halloween… seemed like a pretty smart move to me.

  • Wendy

    I completely get and understand why they are being pulled as this is more important. Still, TV wise, a two-week break could really kill momentum (as election stuff is the following Tuesday).

    Oh, well. It is what it is. Hope all are safe from Sandy, most of all.

  • SJ

    OK, this is getting ridiculous! The endless debates, baseball, now they keep preempting regular programming for special news reports! No wonder the ratings are so depressed this season. Nothing can take off when it’s on for a couple of weeks, then off, then on again for a week, then off… when does it end?!

  • Scott

    Why will storm coverage be needed on Tues night? Seems most by then, if not directly affected would rather watch normal shows.

  • r0ckmypants

    It seems kind of silly to air Halloween episodes 2 weeks after the holiday, especially when it’ll screw up the whole schedule (and sweeps ratings)… so I’m kind of hoping Go On and The New Normal will air these episodes on Friday at 8:00 instead of repeats.

  • iggy

    Why will storm coverage be needed on Tues night?

    Aftermath, and the storm is projected to hover in Pennsylvania and New York until Thursday.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Despite being repeats or originals the important is the East Coast pass well the Hurricane,who cares about TV in this moment?

  • Joshua

    @ S.J

    I think that lives are more important than your favorite tv shows. Sorry if you are being inconvenienced by missing your TV shows.

  • Joe

    New York’s NBC afflicate just announced The Voice is being moved to Thursday at 8 and Revolution to Wednesday at 8. Not sure if this is for everyone or just the NYC area…

  • Oliver

    How are lives saved by replacing original episodes with repeats?

  • Greg

    Could the other networks will probably pre-empt its Tuesday schedule too? I hope not. Mindy Project has been off the air for two weeks now and it won’t air next week due to the elections, so if it doesn’t air tomorrow it would be off the air for an entire month!

    At least Go On and The New Normal have been airing for seven weeks in a row, so they can afford not airing for two weeks.

  • Potato


    Well that escalated quickly. How exactly do news reports repeating that it’s raining for an hour save lives?

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