Updated: NBC Is Definitely Pre-Empting 'Go On' & 'The New Normal' Tuesday for Storm Coverage

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October 29th, 2012

Per NBC publicity, Go On will not air Tuesday due to continuing storm coverage The New Normal wll also be preempted. More details as they become available.

10/30 AM update:

We posted this yesterday because of something that appeared at the top of a press release concerning a planned conference call about today's Go On episode:

Unfortunately, we need to cancel and reschedule this conference call.
"Go On" is no longer airing tomorrow due to special news coverage of the storm.

But since, NBC aired promotions during primetime last night for both shows, that item in the press release may have been mistaken.

10/30 PM Update: NBC has indeed confirmed that the sitcoms are bumped tonight for the NBC News Special "Sandy's Fury" that will air from 10:01-11p.

  • DC

    I’m from the east coast and this hurricane
    is rain showers showers and wind. I don’t understand all this preemption and repeats. Most of us who have been in all day would rather watch new episodes of our favorite series than continue to track this hurricane on every major network all night long.

  • Greg

    “Could the other networks pre-empt their Tuesday schedule too?” is what I was trying to say. Sorry, I’m exhausted.

  • MadMan Mark

    Preempted? Because there aren’t enough OTHER channels covering the storm. . . channels like “The Weather Channel”

  • Nick

    So The Voice is still airing 8-10pm on Tuesday everywhere except New York?

  • Dan C.

    Good! The New Normal would suffer at 10:30pm. Good to see it moved.

  • Mary

    The news reports have said that about 11 states are having some kind of power outage –over a million so far. I think the networks don’t want to bother showing new shows when the ratings will be way off anyways. (I don’t see people getting power back too soon). Also after the hurricane there’s supposed to be snow storms so that’ll give them something else to talk about.


    They could just air the episodes any time on Thurs–not like anyone’s really watching 30 Rock & UAN anyway

  • Ultima

    @MadMan Mark
    Preempted? Because there aren’t enough OTHER channels covering the storm.

    If you want dedicated entertainment programmming, I’m not sure why you’re going to broadcast networks for it – that’s what cable channels are for.

  • SJ


    Exaggerating much? Remember last year’s “hurricane” Irene? The one got downgraded to a tropical storm shortly after everybody realized they were making a big deal about nothing? I expect that to happen with this one within the next 48 hours.

  • Ultima

    So The Voice is still airing 8-10pm on Tuesday everywhere except New York?

    Obviously if your in ET/CT you already know this, but yes, NBC is running a new episode of The Voice tonight. I assume ABC/DWTS is new too; I have no way of telling, I don’t watch these shows…

  • Dude

    Why is it that all the shows I’m watching are being messed with? If people want storm coverage, they can watch CNN.

  • American

    Even though I know Go On and New Normal would do horribly 10-11, I’m still mad about all these stupid pre-emptions, and there’s another one next week for the election. When it does come back it won’t get as good as ratings.

  • SVU: Fringe Division


    Per NBC promo during Voice “All New Revolution, Next.” I know how it feels I couldn’t watch any of my shows (which was basically only GRIMM and BIG BROTHER) during Issac because of local preemptions and power outages.

  • Mark

    The voice is definitely new but on top of the storm for other people my directv service isn’t showing any hd channels in atlanta due to technical difficulties and it’s not so easy to find the non hd stuff so the ratings will be odd I think.

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    So either they changed their mind or the control room didn’t get the memo, but I just saw a promo for NBC comedy Tuesday. 0_o

  • Leondre

    I just saw a promo for new episodes of Go On and The New Normal for tomorrow night at 10/9c

  • Ryan

    In other news NBC makes a GREAQT move and rejects the The Offic spinoff


  • TVDude


    I personally believe that’s what The Weather Channel is for. I know that not everyone has The Weather Channel, but I call that “by choice”. haha

  • DraicKin

    If tomorrow’s Go On and The New Normal are preempted then why NBC is still heavily promoted them ?

  • Wendy

    So, ARE these on tomorrow or not? Apparently, NBC didn’t get the memo from the publicist!

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