'The Neighbors,' 'Scandal' Given Full Season Orders By ABC

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October 29th, 2012

Freshman sitcom The Neighbors and sophomore drama Scandal have both been given full season orders by ABC. Originally, both shows had 13 episode orders for this season, which is typical for a freshman show, but unusual for a sophomore show.

Both shows are currently predicted as "toss up" for renewal or cancellation by the Renew / Cancel Index and have attracted some notice from the cancellation bear, but he's patient, and can wait until May if they're ultimately heading for his dinner table.

To try and get in front of the comments, no news on Last Resort or 666 Park Avenue. Why should there be? They're doomed.

And Nashville has only aired three episodes (and is doing OK), any full season news will likely come before Thanksgiving.

  • Amy

    Yay!! The Neighbors is the funniest show I’ve seen in a while. Much better than Modern Family.

  • Leon

    So happy for Scandal! It is clearly one of the most CONSISTENT shows on tv! and that’s why ABC is keeping it! WHEW!

  • rob60990

    Yuck, neither deserve full seasons but ABC is having such a bad season.

  • Brian

    WHOOHOOOO!!!!!!! Scandal got a full season. Love the show; season 3 will be coming :)

  • Just


    Trashonda must be happy

    well, let’s wait till may then

  • T.L.

    “Freshman sitcom The Neighbors and sophomore drama Scandal have both been given full season orders by ABC. Originally, both shows had 13 episode orders for this season, which is typical for a freshman show, but unusual for a sophomore show.”

    Is it that unusual? Don’t sophomore series that debut in midseason like “Scandal” did, usually get a 13-episode order when renewed for a second season, then get a full season order if it does well enough? I’ve heard of a few other midseason series that got 13-episode season two orders.

  • Kevin

    Hope The Neighbors gets one season tops. The worst new show of the year by far.

  • American

    Yay Neighbors!

  • Nerdbot

    I thought Scandal would remain as a show of 13 episodes per season as I read somewhere that Shonda liked this format, similar to cable series. I watched the first season and I found that a story arc consisting of few episodes worked fine for this show, because it left aside filler episodes. Still glad it got full season order, anyway.


    @rob60990 aaaaaa shut up your precious Revenge is in no danger so let us have our SCANDAL.

  • Ram510

    YES!!!! I’m so happy about Scandal I don’t know what to do!!!!

    6 seasons and a movie!!!

  • Alec

    The Neighbors has come a very long way…many people had it as first cancelled show of the season. It has actually grown into a pretty funny show and a very steady performer. Congratulations to The Neighbors!!


    Why would ABC Neighbors?? It got 2.0 it’s last ep, Suburgatory got high 3’s / high 2’s all season

  • Mike

    Unfortunately for the fans i Still think both shows will be cancelled in may, because most shows decrease a good bit in ratings come February and April, abd i see both shows dropping to the 1.4-6 range by May, i just hope abc isn’t stupid enough to change Scandal timeslot because I’m 85% sure Scandal is dependent on its timeslot( it has the best lead in, techniquely second best this week, on Abc and if they move it, I see scandal pulling a 1.5 immediately and a 1.2 by May) if this shows anything it mean ABC must be thrilled with the ratings of ONce,greys and Revenge!!

  • Bee

    YAYYYY SCANDAL! i hope the rest of the season continues the awesome cliffhangers and perfect plotting.

    and lol the neighbors. it really goes to show how unpredictable tv and ratings are. the neighbors was in the same place whitney was: awful trailor w. people hating on the show since may upfronts. and like whitney, it not only avoided being DOA, it’s getting a full season.

  • Mike

    Please don’t use the community slogan, on a show that is not even near the quality of Community, Scandal is still the worst drama on ABC.

  • Kavyn

    Hated The Neighbours when I first saw the trailer for it, but I tuned in a couple of weeks ago and was laughing a lot more than I do most comedies. I’m glad it got the full season and I hope to see it continuously improve.

  • Dan S

    With Family Tools & How to Live With Your Parents waiting in the wings ABC will likely expand their comedies to 2 hrs on Tues or Fri. I’m guessing the latter & the return of TGIF with Shark Tank moving most likely to Thur replacing Last Resort. I could see Scandal replacing 666 on Sun & Mistresses following GA on Thur. That just leaves Tues to tryout any other new series like Zero Hour.

  • Roco

    @Mike and Rob, go rain on someone else’s parade, you don’t like the show, big deal, why are you posting here. Go away!

  • SJ


    Yeah, see you in May when Scandal gets the axe. :D

    As for ABC’s mid-season schedule, I’d definitely move both shows; they’re only holding on by a thread thanks to their lead-ins/outs. I’d have The Neighbors headline the Tuesday comedy block, consisting of it, Family Tools, Happy Endings and Apartment 23, while Suburgatory reclaims its rightful Wed 8:30 time slot and How to Live with Your Parents moves in post-Modern Family.

    I’d move Scandal to Thursdays at 8, let it wither and die there. Give their most promising mid-season drama (Mistresses?) the GA lead-in, while Red Widow, which is tonally similar to Revenge, takes Sunday at 10. Body of Proof replaces Private Practice. Wife Swap and Primetime: WWYD wait until the summer, along with Wipeout. The only question mark is Zero Hour. I guess if the Friday comedy block tanks, they can burn it off there. Or if they have high hopes for it, they could cut DWTS to one hour and premiere it Mondays at 9. Nashville could still fail…

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