'The Neighbors,' 'Scandal' Given Full Season Orders By ABC

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October 29th, 2012

Freshman sitcom The Neighbors and sophomore drama Scandal have both been given full season orders by ABC. Originally, both shows had 13 episode orders for this season, which is typical for a freshman show, but unusual for a sophomore show.

Both shows are currently predicted as "toss up" for renewal or cancellation by the Renew / Cancel Index and have attracted some notice from the cancellation bear, but he's patient, and can wait until May if they're ultimately heading for his dinner table.

To try and get in front of the comments, no news on Last Resort or 666 Park Avenue. Why should there be? They're doomed.

And Nashville has only aired three episodes (and is doing OK), any full season news will likely come before Thanksgiving.

  • Ram510

    @ Nerdbot

    If it were to stay at only 13 episodes it would probably get cancelled since it would only have 20 episodes after 2 seasons and it would take ABC forever to reach syndication which would mean ABC would be losing money and they don’t like that

  • Tim

    Very glad to see The Neighbors getting a full season. Hopefully ratings rise and it gets a second season (that’s all I’m asking for…after that, Ill be fine with a cancellation) but this is a great show. Very happy.

    I don’t care for Scandal, but congrats.

  • SarahL


    Right?! True we do not know what the future brings, but for goodness sake why do they feel compelled to spread doom and gloom? Let the fans of these two shows enjoy their moment of happiness.

  • Ram510

    @ Mike

    What are you talking about??? Scandal is one of the beat dramas currently on the air. Maybe you should try actually watching it

    @ SJ

    Mistresses the most promising mid season replacement??? I could’ve sworn it was half a step away from being on Lifetime before ABC made a last second decision to go ahead with it. I don’t know how much promise there is in that, but it might be a hit

  • eridapo

    So now we know what the New Normal is for ABC…

    3, 2, 1..

    Launch sarcastic comments….

  • Bookworm

    Oh @SJ
    You are so bitter. I mean do get off from the thoughts of Scandal getting axed? Have some money invested in another show that could take its spot? Right now, no one knows what will or will not get axed in May. In the end, I don’t think that far ahead but I want the best for this show. If you don’t, keep it too yourself. You are doing no one any favors by being negative.

    At the end of the day, No one cares what you would do. You don’t have the power to do it and therefore, what you would do is irrelevant.

    Just being honest.

    We got our 22 episodes and whatever happens in May happens; I will enjoy those we have now and when the time comes, hope we get some more!

  • Bobby

    I still really don’t like Scandal just kind of because the fact last year it was between it and GCB to be renewed and it was Scandal. :/

  • maria

    YEAH! I love Scandal.

  • Clarke

    I am THRILLED ABC gave The Neighbors a chance and I am loving the show’s quirky sense of humor. Sure, it isn’t for everybody but it reminds me of a TGIF type show from the 90’s that isn’t afraid to be silly and goofy. Every episode of the show improves in quality and I hope the show can survive at least one more season. :)

  • Randyaw

    Seriously tried Neighbors sveral times, can’t stomach it personally, but for those that can-Cheers!!
    Haven’t watched Scandel though my better half does,I’ll give her the good news

  • Darcy

    @Bobby Yes!! I think GCB would’ve done so well behind Revenge this season. It wasn’t given a chance because ABC is so far up Shonda’s ass.

  • MJDB

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    9:30-Mike and Molly


    9:00-NCIS: Los Angeles
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    The CW:


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  • Tony JJ

    This is good news. The Neighbors is the biggest surprise of the season. WIth one of the worst pilots, it became a pretty solid show that has improved episode over episode.

    Scandal is a great drama, I am behind on the episodes, but I will catch up soon. And anyone who says GCB should’ve been renewed instead of Scandal clearly doesn’t look at numbers. Numbers wise Scandal had better numbers last year including hitting a series high in the season finale. Scandal should be doing better this season, but it is still insanely consistent for ABC.

    Nashville will probably get a back order in a week or two. Last Resort or 666 will probably get a few additional episodes.

  • RS

    Yes for The Neighbors. I keep getting this Monty Python’s Flying Circus vibe off it. And I laugh aloud. I’m a Scandal hater. The idea that you can be rich enough to pay someone to keep your dirty little secrets from the Free Press is repulsive to me. But I’m an old lady, ex-hippie lawyer. So if you people like this concept – OK. It saddens me for our civilization, but OK. I guess if Olivia Pope had been around in the day, we wouldn’t have had Watergate and our American history books would reference King Richard I.

  • Jiji Moran

    Glad “The Neighbors” was given the full season. It’s an entertaining show, different from all the other sex-related comedies out there. It has novel stories, which is appreciated.

    I haven’t watched “Scandal”, but I’m sure its fans are thrilled for the news.

  • Networkman

    @Chris, I totally agree. Alot of these so called comedies nowadays are not even funny. The Neighbors is a breathe of fresh air. It is something that the whole family can sit down and watch together. It touches on the theme of family and community. The writing is strong and the actors/actresses actually make me laugh. Great news hearing that it has been picked up for a full season.

  • Annie

    Interesting. I have not seen either show, but ABC seems to be picking stuff up way quicker than they did last season, which is too bad because Pan Am might have gotten 22 episode.

    Castle got a full second season from almost the get go and that started as an mid season replacement.

    I would seriously hate to lose Last Resort for 10 weeks of Primerime: WWYD? That would seriously suck, but wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  • LisaNeedsBraces

    Why would ABC abandon Scandal? 666 and Last Resort are already certain to be cancelled and Nashville is iffy. Scandal has been rock steady in the demo and it also does amazingly well with women, plus ABC gets to keep Shonda Rimes happy.

    ABC would be stupid not to take advantage of the fact that Scandal has remained steady while its competition Elementary keeps dropping. They’re already tied for a 6 share in the demo and just .2 either way and ABC will have bragging rights for Scandal as the #1 Thursday 10 pm show.

  • Ali

    With Private practice now cancelled, Scandal will most likely be renewed for a third season. I dont think they will want to piss off Shonda Rhimes twice this year.

  • Metal Mickey

    So pleased for Neighbors, and at the risk of jinxing it, I really think it’s a format with potential to grow and gain viewers as it goes on. Even on these forums we’ve already seen plenty of people slowly warming to it, and it’s barely explored the world beyond the gated community yet, there’s so much more they can do… they should lose the occasional turning-back-into-aliens bit though, 3rd Rock was better for having no SFX, and Neighbors would do well to follow that example…

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