'The Neighbors,' 'Scandal' Given Full Season Orders By ABC

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October 29th, 2012

Freshman sitcom The Neighbors and sophomore drama Scandal have both been given full season orders by ABC. Originally, both shows had 13 episode orders for this season, which is typical for a freshman show, but unusual for a sophomore show.

Both shows are currently predicted as "toss up" for renewal or cancellation by the Renew / Cancel Index and have attracted some notice from the cancellation bear, but he's patient, and can wait until May if they're ultimately heading for his dinner table.

To try and get in front of the comments, no news on Last Resort or 666 Park Avenue. Why should there be? They're doomed.

And Nashville has only aired three episodes (and is doing OK), any full season news will likely come before Thanksgiving.

  • Nick

    Over the moon for the fantastic news for Scandals.. It’s about “D” time!!! Also happy for all the other shows that got full season and will potentially get full Season.

  • Lulla

    Here is the schedule I’d like ABC to go all the way with past February :

    America’s Funniest Home Videos
    Once Upon A Time
    Red Widow / Mistresses (in April)

    Dancing With The Stars
    Dancing With The Stars

    Happy Endings / Don’t Trust The B
    Dancing With The Stars
    Zero Hour

    (with testing during DWTS hiatus the duet Family Tools / How To live at 8…)

    The Middle / The Neighbors
    Modern Family / Suburgatory

    Body Of Proof
    Grey’s Anatomy

    Last Man Standing / Malibu Country
    The Shark Tank

  • POI

    I want some other network to buy Last Resort cuz im not ready to let it go even if it got a full season order which is impossible.

  • Dan S

    Last Resort is 1 of those shows too good for broadcast. Assuming ABC pulls the plug hopefully a cable network like FX or AMC would save the show the way TNT rescued Southland after NBC cancelled it. I think Nashville will eventually get a back 9 order but 666 is definitely finished.

  • Cyrax86

    Great news for Scandal! But bad news for the midseason drama that will replace Last Resort in the 8 pm death slot, I’m assuming it’ll be Zero Hour.

    If Nashville keeps dropping next week and after, there’s a chance it’ll finish with 13 episodes and ABC will try the one of Mistresses/Red Widow there and one of the 3 will get the pity renewal.

  • Anna Clarkwood

    Sophomore Seasons SHOULD get a 13ep standing order. That is if they were more of a tossup for a 2nd season in the first place. This way it’s really easy to let it go. I may be assuming wrong here but it does cost more to order a full 2nd season and then in Oct the 2nd season ratings aren’t that good and you want to cancel it vs a 13ep order. No? Or does ordering mean little in the ways of expense, meaning the full 22-24 scripts aren’t written and not more than 13ep are filmed until after Oct anyways? I imagine if given a full season vs 13ep could mean bigger set/locations, better guest actors etc. Which would cost more.

  • danny94

    Its kinda obvious that abc would give a back nine to scandal, after cancelling Private Practice i’m sure abc dont wanna pee off shonda even more.

  • John A

    Not shocked about Scandal but am about The Neighbours.

  • SarahL

    As a huge Neighbors fan and kind of Scandal fan, I am surprised by ABC giving both shows more episodes this season. The Neighbors’s ratings are consistent, but it loses a lot of The Middle’s demo. ABC must not have an adequate replacement at the moment or maybe it is planning to reshuffle its comedies. I still have a little hope that word of mouth can help the show’s ratings improve.

    Yesterday, I read on IMDB that Shonda Rhimes is producing a scifi drama with a female lead for ABC. I wonder if this has something to do with ABC deciding to extend Scandal.

  • Bookworm

    @Dan S

    I’m with you. I think Last Resort would be great for Cable; like you said FX would be a good spot for it. I might even say SciFi (sort of) but either way, it’s really good show and I just started watching it over the past few days but I’m hooked! It sucks its not getting the ratings it should be.

  • KJ Styles

    The Nielsen system makes me sick! Garbage shows like Nashville, Neighbors, and Scandal get to survive but Last Resort…which is EASILY the best new show of the season on any network, is going to be cancelled. Damn this system to hell!

  • WalterIII

    Really?! The Neighbors is a yawning chasm of unfunny. Does not belong on any network schedule…ever.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “The Nielsen system makes me sick! Garbage shows like Nashville, Neighbors, and Scandal get to survive but Last Resort…which is EASILY the best new show of the season on any network, is going to be cancelled. Damn this system to hell!”

    I love the smell of Nielsen hate in the morning. Smells like pageviews!


    ABC Please move SCANDAL to Sunday!!!

  • storyteller

    Delighted for Scandal. The pilot was just about okay but it’s gone from strength to strength since then. It’s easily the best of Shonda’s three shows at the moment.

  • Tellybum

    #SCANDAL yes!!!! great show with great writers!!! #lastresort is good enough to get a full season!! ABC!! #tellybumdotcom

  • a p garcia

    The Neighbors has grown on me, I’ll watch Scandal if the TV is on to it, but I won’t go out of my way to see it.

  • Jared

    Scandal is so sharp and well written that it’s easily one of the best dramas on TV. So happy ABC decided to give it a full season order.

  • Paul 80

    Nice Robert. I like to give your site full credit for the data that helps predicts shows futures. The above the line folks came down to the stage twice in the last two weeks and announced we would get the word soon. I felt confident about the pickup based on the data on your site that I check each day.

  • cimmer

    The Neighbors? Really? Huh. I thought it was weird and kind of cute but I truly thought it was doomed. Good for it.

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