'The Neighbors,' 'Scandal' Given Full Season Orders By ABC

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October 29th, 2012

Freshman sitcom The Neighbors and sophomore drama Scandal have both been given full season orders by ABC. Originally, both shows had 13 episode orders for this season, which is typical for a freshman show, but unusual for a sophomore show.

Both shows are currently predicted as "toss up" for renewal or cancellation by the Renew / Cancel Index and have attracted some notice from the cancellation bear, but he's patient, and can wait until May if they're ultimately heading for his dinner table.

To try and get in front of the comments, no news on Last Resort or 666 Park Avenue. Why should there be? They're doomed.

And Nashville has only aired three episodes (and is doing OK), any full season news will likely come before Thanksgiving.


    We need to realize that ratings data (even the almighty 18-49 demo) will no longer determine what stays and what goes…the new format is social media…if it gets a lot of buzz or talk then its in. The problem with this type of system is that the only ones with a lot of time on their hands are kids and those in their 20s…the rest of us are usually to busy.

    With DVR penetration and on-line viewing Nielsen has been pushed out…yes they still give relevant information but with the big 3 averaging above 49 years (and FOX not to far behind) I see networks bypassing Nielsen and determining what is “hot” by the chatter on the web. This is a very narrow viewpoint but the TV industry is a business and the chatter on the web/web viewing etc….bring in some big bucks. How else can you justify a show getting 2.0 demos for early renewal? You can’t, just 2 years ago and that show would be out…today it has life.

    The cancelation bear, for all its gory glory will soon be irrelevant in this new world of technology (less it joins the new format).


    No surprise on either back order

    Is that Max doing cartwheels up and down Ventura Highway?

  • uofmguy423

    I love the neighbors! Glad we get a full season to enjoy it!

  • Alec

    @RayRay why would a Scandal fan want a move to Sunday? Grey’s Anatomy is the best possible lead in ABC could give any drama, especially a female-centered Shonda Rhimes show. A move to Sunday could be very bad for it.

  • Derrick

    i remember when The Neighbors premiered , everyone who liked it(like me) got called idiots.

    as for Scandal, the first season was only 7 episodes, so 13 to start off wasnt a big surprise to me. Im glad it got renewed, i really want to know what happened with the whole bombing cover up and how it affects the government.

  • Baaa!

    I thought The Neighbors pilot was terrible and turned it off after 15 minutes, maybe the last 15 got better. The second was decent and the third even better and its grown on me a bit. Its an okay show to watch after The Middle while waiting for MF. Suburgatory is one of my favorites now, but I really like it in its later timeslot the same way I like 30 Rock on later due to the humor at times.

  • Ram510

    The fact that Neighbors has never made it to the Top DVR list makes me start to this that the resin why it can still get a 1.9-2.0 is cause a good amount of people are just wait from when The Middle end and Modern Family to start. It’s not that a lot of people are actually going out of their way to watch the show

  • Ram510


    And you’ve just proved my theory to be correct

  • USAmerica1st

    Yaa for both shows! Great news.

  • Felix

    I’m so happy that Scandal got the “back nine” order. It’s a show that totally deserves it. And it’s doing pretty well for an ABC show at 10pm.
    If 666 Park Avenue is really done (I don’t hope so) it should be moved to Sunday 10/9c. It would be a good fit and would still pull the same, good ratings.

  • Joseph A

    I love The Neighbors ,, very happy it got a full order !

  • Conspiracy Brother

    OMG Just started watching Neighbors last night.


  • BlindSquirrel

    Pulling hard for The Neighbors…I don’t know if the premise has legs for a long run but I’ve loved every episode so far.

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