ABC Preempts 'Private Practice' Tonight for '20/20: The Perfect Storm'

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October 30th, 2012

via press release:

ABC News Extreme Weather Team Coverage of THE AFTERMATH


ABC News to Broadcast Special One-Hour Edition of “World News with Diane Sawyer"


Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo to Anchor “A Special Edition of 20/20: The Perfect Storm”


“Nightline” to Broadcast a Special Edition Dedicated to Covering the Aftermath of Sandy


Throughout the day ABC News’ Extreme Weather Team will provide viewers with the whole picture of how the storm has impacted the East Coast and beyond. Over the past 24 hours, ABC News has deployed over two-dozen correspondents and anchors to cover Superstorm Sandy for its broadcasts, digital platforms, affiliates and radio newscasts.


Tonight, October 30, ABC News will air a special one-hour edition of “World News with Diane Sawyer” at 6:30 p.m., ET. The broadcast will have the latest on how the 50 million Americans caught in the storm’s path were effected, the potential economic impact, updates on transit shutdowns, as well as the implications for the upcoming election.


Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo will co-anchor “A Special Edition of 20/20: The Perfect Storm” tonight at 10:00 p.m., ET taking viewers inside the harrowing stories of determination by those caught in the storm’s path.


In addition, ABC will air a special edition of “Nightline” dedicated to covering the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy from 11:35 p.m.-12:00 a.m. Terry Moran will anchor from New Jersey with reporting from his co-anchors Cynthia McFadden in New York and Bill Weir on the front edge of the storm in Ohio. Plus, Juju Chang will report on the impact of Sandy on New York City.


ABC News will have anchors and correspondents reporting from across the impacted coastline throughout the day on Tuesday:


  • ABC News Weather Editor Sam Champion reports from New York City along with “20/20” co-anchor Chris Cuomo and “Nightline” correspondent Juju Chang
  • “World News” weekend anchor David Muir reports on the evacuation of New York University Langone Medical Center
  • “20/20” co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas reports from Breezy Point in Queens
  • Meteorologist Ginger Zee reports from the Jersey Shore where the storm made landfall
  • “Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran makes the journey up the Jersey coastline
  • “Nightline” co-anchor Bill Weir reports from front edge of the storm in Ohio
  • Alex Perez reports from New Jersey where rescues are underway
  • Michelle Charlesworth, of ABC’s owned station in New York WABC, reports from Staten Island
  • Matt Gutman reports from North Carolina
  • Ron Claiborne reports from Long Island
  • David Kerley reports from Delaware
  • Linsey Davis reports from Northern New Jersey
  • Lisa Stark reports from the West Virginia/Maryland area
  • Dan Harris reports on use of social media throughout the storm
  • Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper and Senior Political Correspondent Jonathan Karl have the latest on how the storm is impacting the election
  • Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila discusses the latest travel updates
  • Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser on concerns about drinking water


ABC News will have up-to-the-minute coverage across its digital and social platforms as well as on Yahoo!. For complete, continuing storm coverage from the ABC News Extreme Weather Team check out the Hurricane Sandy live blog and special landing page. will be producing live, multi-stream digital coverage throughout the day. ABC News Digital live coverage streams are available across all ABC digital platforms and apps as well as here:


ABC NewsOne, the affiliate news service of ABC News, will be providing live and taped reports to its domestic and international clients throughout the day from the following correspondents:


  • TJ Winick reporting from Cape May, NJ
  • Tahman Bradley reporting from Ocean City, MD
  • Brandi Hitt reporting from New York University Langone Medical Center


ABC News will be working closely with local stations and affiliates up and down the East Coast throughout the coming days as it covers the storm’s impact.


ABC News Radio is providing continuing coverage to stations with reporting from correspondents Steven Portnoy in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and Aaron Katersky in Battery Park City.

  • John A

    Ah crap i was looking forward to PP.

  • Ultima

    Anyone know if NBC is still going to preempt their 10pm hour for news?

  • Bee

    and since next week is the election, the next ep. is nov. 13. FANTASTIC! ugh.

  • PV

    So Vegas might be up this week.

  • Christina

    @John A

    As was I. This sucks. Won’t be back on for three weeks, either.

  • Walker

    A one-hour edition that many affiliates will not air because they want to air local news, which I will not watch.

  • ijahq

    Good! This episode should not air… a reality show.. really?!?! it is time for this show to end. All I could do was shake my head when they showed the previews last week.


    Caught Diane last night 7-8 and was impressed. Sandy will make a much stronger hour than Shondy.

  • John A

    Will it air in canada? If so we could download it.

  • Tyson

    I’ll guarantee there’s a clause in the contract that says Canada can’t air the episode before the U.S. does.

  • taylor

    ^ Canada airs episodes before the US all the time. They air Happy Endings three days before it airs in the US every week.

  • SJ


    The Americans’ obsession with hurricanes is really going too far. Hopefully Canada airs it at least. This is really getting ridiculous, half the regular programming this week has been preempted, in the middle of sweeps!!!

  • ABC sucks

    ABC can suck it. As if I give a crap what’s going on back east–thats why I live in California. As if this atory hasn’t been covered from 5,000 different angles at 50 different news stations over the past week. This blows. I hope ABC gets flooded.

  • Shocked

    Thousands of people have lost their homes, their businesses, and their lives are in the middle of chaos…. and you fellow posters are angry because the 1-hour program you were really looking forward to viewing while sitting on your overweight bottom was put on hold for a mere few weeks? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, you might be next. I hope you are.

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