Updated: Monday Night Ratings Delayed Due To Sandy

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October 30th, 2012


The Nielsen fast affiliate ratings for Monday night will be delayed until further notice. No word on why as yet.

Update: *Due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy, Nielsen has delayed the Fast Affiliate Ratings for Monday, October 29. Fast Affiliate Ratings are now scheduled to be released later today around 1:00PM ETZ.

Update 2: The Friday cable ratings still have not arrived from Nielsen at our regular source. We will post them when they do.

No word either on how long this delay may last, but composing haiku in the meantime can be quite calming.

Update 3: now posted.

Mob Doctor still on,
despite terrible ratings,
It's the accountants.

Go for it.

  • Thomas

    Sandy threatening the east coast and changing the schedules for most major networks at the last possible minute seem to be reasonable reasons for later ratings.

  • SPM

    So we’ll be spared seeing the CW fall to even lowers depths of pathetic.

    Can only be a good thing right?

  • Max Vrany

    Is is possible Nielsen got flooded?

  • Mike, DDS

    That haiku is nowhere near 5-7-5 format

  • Anon

    5-0 Pre-empted;
    West Coast fans threw a hissy;
    Mother Nature triumphs!

  • Jess

    @SPM CW aired repeats last night. Atleast we are spaired the flop comments for a day!

  • Max Vrany

    Here’s the previous question in haiku form:
    Ratings are delayed.
    Hurricane to blame for it?
    Nielsen flooded?

  • Daw Johnson

    “No word on why”


  • SPM

    @ Jess

    Even CW repeats hold no bounds on how LOW they can GO.

  • Hades


    that wont stop SPMflop

  • Ultima

    Couldn’t run the ball;
    End zone was not to be reached;
    Arizona sucks.

  • SG

    Curious about the X-Factor “repeat” that was never shown on the west coast.

  • Tom

    I suppose there are regions of the country that still had power when show X aired yet did not have power when it was time to tell the Nielsen mothership their data.

    I’ve forgotten your link, but it is truer now than it ever was: add “Bare minimum spackle ordered to save costs” and the ‘bizarre’ ratings decisions we’ve seen this Fall all make sense.

  • Anon

    CBS airs news
    Instead of it’s normal shows;
    Football wins the night!

  • dantas

    I bet NBBC won the night and didn’t even hit a 3.0…

  • hammard

    Revolution still on
    In spite of the fall blackouts
    This seems like irony

    (it’s the right syllables in my accent)

  • SPM

    @ Hades

    That was SO funny.


  • Anon

    Hurricane special
    preempts the usual shows
    Castle still won’t win

  • psychic

    Castle fans vs
    Hawaii 5-0 fans will
    As always, be fun.

  • ToXiX

    Revolution was great last night.

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