NBC Officially Pre-empts 'Go On' & 'New Normal' for Hurricane Coverage; Bumps Thursday Comedies for 'The Voice' Rerun

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October 30th, 2012

Per NBC's publicity department, the network will pre-empt Go On and The New Normal  tonight for the news special Sandy's Fury  from 10-11p ET.

On Thursday, a repeat of Monday's episode of The Voice will replace the network's previously scheduled Thursday night comedies between 8-10p ET.

  • ToXiX


  • Johnny O

    So the election episode of 30 Rock will air after the election.

  • Baqinardo

    The Voice really hate XF, huh? Hahaha.

  • Oliver

    NBC are very badly run. They announce they’re pulling it, then they run promos through The Voice, before finally confirming they’re pulling it the next day. Ridiculous.

    It’s also annoying they’re preempting Thursday.

  • DW

    sounds right since monday voice was not seen in some major markets and a repeat will do better than new ep. of the sitcoms.

  • Jan


  • velouria00

    More time to watch X Factor I guess, though I’ll miss 30 Rock.

  • Samunto

    Simon Cowell just turned red!! The Voice Vs. X Factor again!! Lol

  • Dan S

    No Parks & Rec on Thur ? This storm is creating havoc on the networks schedule

  • Cyrax86

    And yet the already cancelled Animal Practice still gets to air this week.

  • John A

    Why is the voice replacing UAN and 30 Rock?

  • ijahq

    I guess Halloween episodes will happen after Halloween…lol. Will the episodes air on the next of the election or are we looking at a 2 week per-emption?

  • Ultima

    @John A
    Why is the voice replacing UAN and 30 Rock?

    It’s replacing the entire two hour comedy block on Thursday. The reason should be obvious – a huge secion of the population did not see Monday’s episode.

  • Jack S


    2 week pre-emption for the Tuesday night comedies.


    @ Ultima

    Even if a huge section DID see the Voice, an encore presentation would do better than UAN & 30 Rock.

  • John

    So that’s 6 hours of The Voice this week and next.

    Whatever works for you NBC.

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon


    2- week pre-emption….dont expect for good ratings when they come back too…

  • Ram510

    So will the Wednesday line up still air tomorrow?

  • Cait

    As someone who missed favorite shows yesterday, I very nearly told multiple people off for being upset about having to wait a week for a new episode of a television show while people on the East Coast were at risk of losing their homes, pets, belongings, and even lives. And I’m still not going to whine much about something this petty. BUT…

    On Monday several shows were preempted in the direct face of a national emergency. This Thursday, even though the storm should be over, well-written scripted shows- including at least one with an election-themed episode that will now air after the election- are being shafted so people who will be too focused on recovering their lives to watch TV anyway can watch a rerun of a generic reality program 3 days late on television screens rather than right now on computer screens. Real classy there, peacock network.

  • Buddy

    I’m confused by this. Didn’t The Voice and Revolution both perform above average last night? Why would they not choose to be on the air tonight, especially since the bulk of the storm has passed.

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