NBC Replaces 'Animal Practice' With New '30 Rock' on Halloween Night

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October 30th, 2012

In what is shaping up to be the craziest week in recent television history, NBC is opting to replace the October 31 episode of Animal Practice with a new episode of 30 Rock that was originally scheduled to air this Thursday. NBC is airing a repeat of Monday's The Voice on Thursday instead of its regularly scheduled. The episode, "There's No I in America" centers around the upcoming election, so NBC in all likelihood thought it made more sense to air it prior to the election. Since Animal Practice has already been canceled, the Wednesday episode is certainly expendable.

  • Dan

    Not surprising no point in airing an election episode after the election. And Animal Practice only produced 8 eps so 2 will remain unaired

  • Ultima

    @Dan T
    Two better options … Knock Rock Center out of the way

    What can I say? NBC loves 30 Rock. They love The Voice and Brian Williams more! ;)

  • Emy

    Good move.

  • iggy


  • Dan T


    Meant to write some of the comedies

  • American

    What a nutty week.

  • Ram510

    It seems kind of late to make this kind if change, will any one not on these TV sites even know its on? And 30 Rock and GWK is an odd pair but its better than AP I guess.

  • Dan T

    Also worth noting, this was 30 Rock’s original timeslot in 2006

  • Steven

  • alejo

    30 Rock’s episode is some complicated thing about someone having the power of choosing between either Romney or Obama because that person controls a group of undecided people…so airing it after the elections would be dumb.

  • Jon23812

    @alejo, no, airing the episode before the election might influence the voting negatively or positively. It’s safer to air it after election day.

  • Ultima

    no, airing the episode before the election might influence the voting negatively or positively. It’s safer to air it after election day

    Wait, you actually think an episode of 30 Rock will influence the election? :roll:

  • Chris L

    The idea floated earlier in the comments of bumping ‘Rock Center’ is especially ludicrous, given that this week of all weeks, they will have some pretty big news to cover.

  • Obveeus

    Someone should tell zap2it about the change so that it is accurately reflected in the upper right corner of this web page.

  • Jon23812

    @Ultima, I never said “will” I said “might”. Might =/= Will.

  • Bobby

    Ummmmm just wondering….when will NBC air Go On and The New Normal Halloween episodes? They got postponed yesterday because of Sandy…so when are they going to air them?

  • Joseph

    @Bobby in their FB pages they didn’t say anything about when they will air the halloween eps, most likely next tuesday.

    It sucks they’ ll air 30 Rock, i was ready to watch a new animal practice. Just because it got cancelled doesn’t mean people stop watching!

  • Jon23812

    Okay, I saw the episode. It won’t influence voting.

  • Harvey Garciawicz

    I noticed Animal Practice was replaced by an episode of 30 Rock that clearly was a pro-Obama episode. I guess it’s NBC’s way of pushing the Marxist/Socialist agenda of a weak president who has border patrol agents as well as embassy staff murdered. Then he turns around and appeases the Mexican illegals as well as Muslim extemists. WAY TO GO NBC!!!

  • The Watcher

    @ Harvey
    They took a bunch of shots at Obama and the election process during that episode, and nobody-I mean NOBODY-cares what the 30 Rock writers think anyway. I’s just a freakin’ comedy.
    Please go back on your meds before you do or say something really stupid.

    Oops, too late…

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